Construction project management software is used to ensure that a particular project, of any type, is finished on time and within budget constraints. One of the most important phases in any project management is the design and planning phase. It is possible for people to stick to constraints and timelines when proper management is in place. Sub-contractors: They aim to maximize the performance of the construction workers while reducing the liability. Independent construction managers: These users need document control, budgeting, and other advanced functionality. General contractors: The first thing that they look for in a software is reliability and robustness. Building owners: They maintain tabs on costs and project schedules, to see if the project is going along at the desired pace and within budget limits.
Once you have figured out which type of end user you are, then it becomes easier to pick a product that is best suited to your specific needs. One of the issues faced by companies is that their employees aren’t adept at working with the new software. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Our ProductsPMP Online exam preparation courseSelf-study PMP® Online exam preparation course 35 contact hours. Tight project control in a building & construction environment requires more than generic project management software. Take control of the project from initial conception, and manage the information flow throughout construction planning, estimating, procurement, contract negotiations, through to project analysis and warranty. Track common project documents, such as RFIs, meeting minutes, submittals, and transmittals.
Manage your variation process automatically, logging the initial request, automatically attaching new drawings, correspondence and request information. From a single location, call up all documents, emails, contact logs and financial information that has been sent internally or externally from your organisation. A centralised source of information is your assurance of having a complete and current picture of any project.
Synergy have implemented Financial and Management Solutions into over four hundred building and construction organisations throughout Australia.

Synergy have been supplying management solutions to the Construction & Building Industry for over twenty years. That’s why we've combined award-winning solutions and unprecedented industry knowledge with proven integration capabilities and Australia wide operations, so that no matter the size of your organisation, we have the Solution and Implementation capabilities to suit you. So when assessing a software solution for Your Organisation don't risk going to organisations that dabble in your industry, come to the industries leading integrators - Synergy Group. Many contractors and subcontractors have found the software solutions available online today are far more complex than what is actually needed to get things done. You no longer need to juggle a collection of yellow pads, sticky notes, Word and Excel files, and other software. Create change orders within minutes online, and send them to your customers for electronic signature.
Use the online calendar to view task and vendor schedules all in one place from any device.
Free Live Expert SupportChat live with an expert with a single click right inside the application.
Try It Free For 30 Days!See for yourself how easy your life can be and how much more you can get done with with the right tools for the job. It is also used to check that a project does everything that is required of it and sticks to all the constraints.
The capital involved in such projects is huge and it is not humanly possible to take care of all of it.
It involves breaking down the work into functionally independent modules, as far as possible. This can be achieved by automating the processes involved and then having construction project management software as an overlord for all of the activities. This requires that the correct group of people be working on the correct job at the correct time. This is important since they handle huge projects and a system crash would cause huge losses. Some of the most well-known construction project management software are Procore, Primavera, HeadsUp and Paskr. The inherent cross platform connectivity of present systems allows the different groups to work together. It is important that the companies provide sufficient training to its employees so that they understand the exact working of the construction project management software. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof.

Effective construction project management software can integrate all facets of your construction project by bringing together documentation, communication, contract control, scheduling, purchasing and accounting into a single centralised engine. Take a look at which RFIs haven't yet been approved and understand the potential impact of outstanding requests on a project's cost and schedule.
Budgets and reports will be automatically adjusted saving many many hours of administration.
The software is straight-forward and easy to learn because electronic documents mirror the many paper documents still used today. For example, with the Job Overview inquiry or report you can instantly see the status of contracts, profit, billings, costs, cash, RFIs, and submittals all at once. That's why when you deal with Synergy, your talking with people who understand your lingo. Pi Software solves this problem by providing a much more streamlined approach to project management. Construction project management software is generally used because human errors are almost unavoidable when the figures involved are very large.
After it has been thus divided, the most efficient method needs to be found to carry out the tasks required of the team members. There is a lot of construction project management software available in the market which can fulfill your need, but before you can go ahead and pick up one of them, you need to decide what sort of constructor you are. Also, when a budget and a finance control module is in place, it allows the project manager much greater insight than what would have been possible with a manual management program.
Professional instructor, Online 200 questions simulation exam ,Smart learning platform , Immediate access to the course after your purchase. Whether your organisation be Residential, Commercial, Labour or Sub Contract centric, Owners or Developers, Designer Builders or a combination of the above we can design an integrated Accounting and Project Management Solution for Your Organisation!
Professionals who understand the slight variables in your workflow processes that can save thousands of hours per year in data entry and processing. From the way we handle tasks and subtasks more flexibly than anywhere else, to the speed of managing change orders, and the ability to complete more projects faster and with higher profits, Pi Software supports the way you actually work. Qualified Professionals, able to consult, educate and integrate an easy to use solution, into a complex environment where managing communication and costs are critical. Project information is always current and there's no limit to what information can be shared — costs, budget revisions, variations, forecasts, contracts, whatever you like.

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