As many Knoxville internet marketing experts know, e-mail marketing is an incredibly effective way for businesses to increase their conversion rates.
As a digital marketing company with years of experience in the online advertising sector, the professional techies of Greenlight know the type of email marketing copy writing Knoxville business owners want and need.
Because of our customer-centered philosophy, our content development process involves conferring with you to learn exactly how you want your products and services represented.
After we write award-worthy content for your company, we’ll format it according to common rules and regulations. If you are a Knoxville business owner who is serious about experiencing continual growth and expansion, you should know that increased conversion rates can help you accomplish this objective.
It’s not only critical that you get their attention, but that you get your ENGAGEMENT.
The problem with most offers, or at least the marketing message to the offer, is that nobody gives a shit. We live in a world of excessive offers and infinite media; there is no POSSIBLE way everyone can care about everything they see, read, or hear.
A Cal Tech study scanned volunteers’ brains while they read trivia questions designed to create a mixture of high and low curiosity.
To use this strategy in headlines, “prime the pump” with some intriguing but incomplete information.
If you do copywriting, make sure to focus on the end result of using your product or service for your customer. A study on the psychology of waiting in line found that when we don’t know how long something is going to take, we experience that time differently. Numbers can help by providing that expectation management for us, so we know exactly what we’re getting into. We are conditioned to think to accept things as the norm, and of course, everyday experts and gurus like the electrician, gym trainers, and dermatologists are no exception. If someone stood up and challenged a doctor, wouldn’t YOU at least hear what he has to say? Make sure to test out your different ideas and get your OWN facts & numbers before you decide what works for your specific marketing funnel, product, or service.
As an added bonus, I'll send you an ebook that shares my secrets on how I boosted my customers sales lead generation activity by 2400% percent. TaeWoo is a part time entrepreneur-in', growth-hackin', online marketin', and dog lovin' dude who happens to be full time awesome.
As a performance marketer, he's helped solar, insurance and online dating companies increase revenue several fold. Why A Writer, English Major, Technical Writer, Editor And Other Writers Should NEVER Be Allowed To Critique Your Copywriting!

Why A Writer, English Major, Technical Writer, Editor And Other Writers Should NEVER Be Allowed To Critique Your Copywriting! It was 2006 and I was sitting in a class conducted by one of the best copywriters of our generation, Herschell Gordon Lewis. To write words that sell we must be master story tellers, and we must master the art of persuasion.
One mistake I see in small business owners, especially the people who are in the list that Herschell gave, is they confuse persuasion with manipuation.
This article is in no way an attack on writers, english majors, technical writers or the list that Herschell gave. When faithful customers or prospective clients are continually receiving information regarding the great products and services you offer, they are much more likely to make a purchase.
By familiarizing ourselves with your brand, we’ll incorporate the tone and style that is most fitting to your company. Being able to catch and keep the attention of your audience is a gift, and winning their intrigue with excellent wording and relevant images can help you build the type of loyal customer base that takes your conversion levels to new heights.
The key to increased conversion rates is maximizing returns from each marketing sector, including the internet. When subjects were interested in a question, the researchers saw more activity in the caudate region—a part of the brain known to be involved in anticipating rewards. Tell the reader enough to pique curiosity but not enough to give the whole story away—like this famous ad by John Caples does. If a patient in a waiting room is told that the doctor is running 30 minutes late, he might be annoyed at first but he’ll eventually relax into the wait.
Those might be some of the reasons that a Conductor study found that audiences prefer number headlines to almost any other type.
For a limited time, I'm sharing this ebook for those who sign up for my awesome newsletter. He's helped tons of numerous companies achieve 6-7 digit revenue with his growth hacking magic (i.e.
He's also helped non-profit dog rescue organizations raise thousands of dollars in couple of weeks by content marketing and making videos go viral on YouTube. When I started my first store online I just wrote what I would say to people in a store, if I owned a brick and mortar business.
It's imperative that we get into their head, hear the thoughts they have, and bring that into our writing. The best copywriters I've ever worked with are the people who can write just like they talk, naturally and with emotion. If you are a writer, english major, technical writer, editor or any of the things Herschell listed, there is hope, but I will warn you, it will be hard.

Despite knowing this, many employees do not possess the skills necessary to develop the type of high quality e-mail marketing copy writing Knoxville business owners are looking for.
In recognizing this principle, our experts have become exceptionally efficient in drafting and finalizing email marketing copy that conforms to the aforementioned standards. Self-discovery gets people to persuade themselves, and research shows this self-discovery approach to be most effective. But if the patient is told the doctor will be free soon, he spends the whole time nervous and unable to settle down because his expectations are being managed poorly. You have only two choices: hire someone who can write words that sell or learn how to do it yourself. You can start taking your company to the next level of excellence now, so don’t wait any longer. Questions provide a perfect way to gently introduce yourself and tie what you do directly to what matters most to your client. They give you an opportunity to show your wisdom, expertise and experience without pontificating or running off at the mouth. You, as the copywriter, must know your client and customers better than they even know themselves. Leave might out the door and know them so well that you KNOW what they WILL say, will feel and will do.
Call us today and let one of our friendly customer service representatives schedule your consultation. You can predict their next move, their next thought and while they might argue with you, you can probably predict their struggles, challenges and even their next words.
This will give you confidence in your writing, your work and more importantly, your ability to write words that sell. Most likely, you're exceptional in other skills like graphics, design, programming and the like. I nearly died laughing when he said, "There is a reason that bean counters count the beans we copywriters create!
If you want to be very successful in business and you are going to write your own sales pages, social media posts, emails, mail campaigns and more, you will need to get THICK SKIN. But know this, words that sell speak to the heart, not to systems of writing that make sense in a text book.

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