Common Core Connections: Language Arts is the perfect tool for helping third grade students master Common Core English Language Arts skills. The leading provider of supplemental educational products for educators and parents for over 35 years. Add $25 to your cart, register and sign into your account to get free standard shipping on your order.
The Common Core Standards for English Language Arts in third grade focus on many areas including: reading stories and poems aloud fluently, writing in various styles, and following rules of punctuation and grammar.

This resource provides focused practice pages for targeting and reinforcing these and other third grade language arts skills while helping students connect comprehension with knowledge and application. Connecting the standards to content has never been easier with the Common Core Connections series for Language Arts.The Common Core Connections series provides teachers with the skill assessments to help determine individualized instruction needs. Focused, comprehensive practice pages and self-assessments guide students to reflection and exploration for deeper learning!
Each 96-page book includes an assessment test, test analysis, Common Core State Standards Alignment Matrix, and answer key.

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