As your trusted business partner, we look forward to working in collaboration to identify and create innovative Leadership and Management training solutions for Executives, Directors and Senior Managers. The innovative and bespoke training and delopment programmes created, will enhance high level coprorate business and operational skills supporting both organisational and personal development.
Understanding Corporate Strategy - Designed for Senior Managers who now wish to develop a greater understanding of Corporate Strategy. 1 Day Strategist - This course is designed for Managers who wish to develop an early understanding of the role of strategy management as part of their career development.
Bringing About Organisational Cultural Change - Delegates attending this course will be equipped with the required knowledge and tools to be able to understand, interpret and appreciate the difficulties within organisational cultures. Managing Structural Change - This course will provide delegates with an insight of the change process and how this is applied at a strategic level. Effective Change Management - Designed for both Middle and Senior Managers who are responsible for delivering strategic change within hero organisational context. Becoming an Agent for Change - This course is designed for Supervisors and Managers who are responsible for delivering elements of strategic change through staff.
Understanding Competition in Your Industry - This course is designed for Senior Managers who may have responsibility for assessing the competitive industry environment.
Introduction to Management Research - Delegates attending this course will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to undertake elementary research to support their organisational needs. Advanced Project Management - Candidates attending this course will be equipped with an advanced understanding of the project management process. Contact us today to find out more on how we can support you in achieving your objectives and develop you or your organisation further.

Project Professional 2013 Microsoft office software to open and edit Project management institute process. Currently we have more than 425+ Presentation Designs and Project Management templates ready to download, and more new templates will be added periodically! The IRO provides bespoke training packages both at a tailor-made company level and as open access courses. This course is designed for those who are new to the subject as well as those who wish to further their career development and expertise in this field by setting their knowledge in a wider context. The flexibility offered by IRO Learn means that Ops180 courses can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of an organisation. As well as the taught courses above, IRO Learn offers a variety of online courses that can be studied anytime, anywhere.
This interactive course is divided into nine manageable sections and provides people who are new to rail with a basic overview of each aspect of the industry.
Further to the introductory course, the Ops90 course modules are designed to mirror the basis of all of the Institution’s learning framework (Professional Operators Development – POD). The course is structured so that each segment covers the neccessary theory, as well as demonstrations and practical exercises. As well as this, IRO Learn (the Institution’s learning website) offers a variety of online and taught courses that provide an alternative to our academic distance learning courses in Railway Operations Management. Topics covered in this course include: The Market for Rail Transport, Track and Train – the Basics, Signalling, Operational Standards and Interfaces and Organising the Railway. We will introduce the specific tasks of operational planning, and set out to show how the timetable is fundamental to a railway business, generating revenue and influencing costs.

Each course aims to help broaden your outlook, fill gaps in knowledge and provide tangible means of advancement though recorded continuous professional development and self-learning. There are simple to follow explanations, videos and diagrams along with supporting text in each section, finalised by a simple short quiz at the end of each section to qualify understanding. Each taking around 90 minutes to complete (hence the name!), they provide valuable railway operations understanding, in most cases extending beyond the boundaries of your specific job role. All our courses put a strong emphasis on procedural learning: rather than lecturing, short introductions are given to each segment, followed by extensive practical work in pairs or threes.
You will explore and experience rather than 'learn' the foundations and essence of coaching. Each link below will take you to the IRO Learn website where you can find more about course content and difficulty.
He currently provides class room and online courses on Performance Management, Leadership in Healthcare, Customer Experience Management, Coaching Skills, Managing High Performance Multidisciplinary Teams, Personal Effectiveness, Stress Management, Patient Safety Time Management and Advanced Training Skills for Clinic Trainers.
Over the last twenty years, Dermot has provided training and consultancy services on a full-time and consultancy basis to a range of global companies, in Ireland, Europe Middle East and Africa.

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