TargetWoman is an informative portal dedicated to Women - This section looks at different aspects of the work - Career opportunities for Women, Working from Home and general resources for work. In an informal on-the-job training session, there are no specific goals or objectives, trainers need not have any formal qualification and the training schedule is not carefully prepared. On-the-job training adopts four techniques - coaching, mentoring, job rotation and job instruction techniques.
Online job training is sourced by corporates in the intensely competitive global business environment.
Online training is made available in areas of marketing, sales negotiation, project management, finance and communication. Sales trainers conduct programs in sales to impart fundamentals of selling, opening a sale, handling customer objections, understanding and buying and selling process and buying signals as well as eliminating doubts, proposing a solution and closing a sale. There are companies that expect corporate trainers to focus on cultivating in-house training experts. The growing trend is for corporate trainers to conduct training programs for solo entrepreneurs and job seekers, smaller business owners and self employed individuals who would like to set themselves apart. A professional corporate trainer must have the ability to create an environment adept for learning. A new form of training called 'experiential learning' is emerging these days in which the trainer facilitates learning by simply drawing analogies from the workplace and relates them to outbound activities such as raft building and orienteering and business simulation games. The future preference should be for 'blended learning' which, as its very name suggests, is a blend of traditional instructor-led classroom training and learning online.
We are a rapidly expanding company and we are always looking for high calibre trainers to be a part of our associate network.
We are interested in a range of skills from soft skills like leadership, project management and human resources but right now we are particularly keen in finding excellent finance and economics trainers. A2Z Computex Created a common platform for all the corporate trainers and companies bridging the gap of training needs. Today's highly competitive market place has put great emphasis on important elements like the effective use of resources, increased productivity, faster product development and time to market to beat the competition and succeed. We at A2Z Computex Technologies have delivered training programs for more than 50 batches of corporate work force.

The needs of the growing industry are varied as they depend largely on the customer requirements.
Training also becomes essential for maintaining and upgrading the skills throughout one's working tenure, as part of the professional development.
Here, the more experienced and knowledgeable employees such as supervisors, managers and officers impart the training to new and untrained employees. The trainers possess superior technical knowledge and are good at communication with effective one-to-one interaction skills.
While coaching is considered a corrective method for inadequate performance, mentoring provides guidance and clear understanding on the organization's mission and vision. Creating improved employee efficiency and streamlining processes are some of the reasons for such training programs. Advanced selling skills and sales management training as well as business presentation skills are imparted by online job training programs. Sales training also covers presentation skills, public speaking and negotiation techniques.
This job entails the incumbent to design, develop and implement comprehensive training plans for supporting sales of an organization. A known example would be Jack Welch, the former General Electric's CEO who is reputed for investing sizable amounts of time and money on their Six Sigma Program. Corporate trainers train staff members on specific job performances as well as expose them to broader principles of workplace performances.
If you have experience in delivering training to corporate executives, please send your CV through the application form below. If you would like to be added to our talent pool please attach a current cv with a cover letter via the form below. It's been designed in a very simpler form where clients can post training requirements and corporate trainers can apply for training requirements. These programs range from Induction level programs for the fresh recruits to customized project specific programs to the team leads and project managers. Leveraging our experience in corporate training for last 2 years, we have formulated content for some of the frequently conducted programs as mentioned below.

The American Society for Training has estimated the spending on training programs to be in the range of 2 -2.5% of the company turnover on employee skill development programs. The trainer covers the fundamentals in sales and motivational training with the right mixture of common sense. Effective communication strategies, customer satisfaction, handling complaints, motivation and goal setting are also covered under sales training program.
Monitoring the effectiveness of such training techniques is also the responsibility of a sales training manager.
While traditionally corporate trainers were consultants providing targeted expertise in critical areas only, popular corporate trainers like Tom Peters and David Allen synthesize teaching techniques to enable the apprentice replicate the live experiences at considerably lower costs. Corporate trainers enjoy great demand both inside and outside large companies and business houses.
Corporate trainers offer classes through conference calls and tele-classes are also conducted these days. This section helps all the corporate trainers, training companies to grow and to enhance their profit levels ensuring growth to all small and medium enterprises and also the making it easier for the clients to fulfill their corporate training requirements.
With this the individual trainers and the training companies can fulfill the training needs of the industry through out India, and also his plat form would reduce the cost of marketing for the training companies and individuals and this platform would also enhance profits of training companies and individuals resulting in a huge growth not only as an individual trainer or training company but also gives a privilege to be the part of the growth of the growing economy.
The work force should be trained on these complexities to meet the goal of the organization. Video chats and online discussion boards have made corporate training easier and accessible, enabling the trainer to reach far off locations as well. This has necessitated the corporate training model where the companies utilize the expertise of experienced trainers for their project specific customized training needs. These training programs are also organized for skill development and retention of the existing workforce.

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