123Trainings believes in giving the most effective standards of employment that is constantly updated and made-to-order to the changing international state of affairs. To thrive throughout this dynamic atmosphere, rising new man-power ought to learn new skills. With our pioneering company employment programs we offer our shoppers custom employment solutions to satisfy their specific business needs. With choices like active professional person crystal rectifier and on-line employment, Post employment support, convenient batch timings, custom trainings, complete data 123Trainings Technologies is among the foremost sought-after out for company trainings. Corporate Training - Learning never ends NTTF – an educational foundation established in 1963 – is the living symbol of Indo-Swiss cooperation, with the objective being to establish a venture aimed at promoting purposeful technical education for the youth of India. We are also working with a few private and government institutions in setting up “Skill Development Centres”, providing various vocational training courses, for the benefit of rural youth; thereby serving society in bringing up or rehabilitating children from rural and lower-class families. Leveraging its many training centres across India, NTTF also conducts customised short-term and long-term “Corporate Training” programs for the employees of companies in the automotive and non-automotive verticals.
NTTF - an educational foundation established in the year 1963 - is the living symbol of Indo-Swiss co-operation; aimed at promoting purposeful Technical Education for the youth of India. The Corporate Training program at VSPS are developed on the basis of the requirements of the organisations.
The retention of talent has been one of the biggest challenges for companies and there is significant demand of skilled employees in IT industry along with required skills set as per the job requirement.
Corporate Training Services to companies through which employees can get training on various subjects to increase their employability and performance.

The Corporate training vertical of CIR organized a one day managerial skills development programme for the members of the Coimbatore Custom House and Steamer Agents’ Association, senior and middle level managers on 19th October 2013.
The employment demand is fixed the enterprise keeps pace with the changes but maintaining its distinct identity.
We, today, operate over 30 training centres pan India, employs over six hundred faculty members, and has delivered core training programs to over 20,000 students who are readily employable and well qualified trainees. Such programs will be a good solution for any company or institution looking to meet its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives. For the past five decades of service, NTTF has gained strength in training manpower in soft-skills, functional skills and technical skills as defined by the industries. The training and development has become an integral part of the HR process in companies as it helps employees to improve their skills and performance.
The training is provided by the experienced trainers according to the industry standards and robust infrastructure. The modules have been structured by our highly experienced faculty who have implemented all their experience into one package and created the quality course structure for you. The programme was conducted at the CIR Coimbatore facility and was attended by 18 managers from the member organisations. All the courses and related curricula are updated and revamped by a council of eminent personalities representing academia and industry. NTTF runs programs for companies such as MRF, Nokia, Maruti Suzuki, Welspun, and Suzlon, to name a few.

These trainings are fully customized so that we can meet the needs of the particular organisations.
We are here to provide you a platform with the deep understanding of the software that is required for the corporate industry through personal experience. The programme addressed three main areas of managerial skills, namely communication, working in teams and managing people for performance.
Parameswaran, Director CIR inaugurated the session in the morning and addressed the participants. Our company programs facilitate folks to develop their potential, providing important opportunities to form analytical, cooperative, and leadership skills.
The sessions primarily focused on skills building and knowledge sharing using various team games, role plays, problem solving activities and psychometric tools. He also gave away the certificates of participation to the delegates at the end of the training programme.

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