These courses are aimed at mature professionals, who are retired or, simply, people over 50 who want. The daily timetable of classes is flexible enough to allow you to dedicate the time you choose to other activities outside the classroom; this can be individually, if you prefer, or in the company of your teachers or your fellow students at Delta Language School within the programme of activities. When the senior pupil has a basic level of Spanish, our objective is to help them achieve an effective communicative ability to quickly adapt to different situations in daily life in Spain. It is for this reason that in these Spanish courses for mature people, the teacher in the classroom places more emphasis on oral communication - understand and speak -- without neglecting reading and writing if their level of Spanish is higher. St Johna€™s School Leatherhead will come to us again in July 2016 for the eighth consecutive year with a mixed group of 4th and Lower 5th pupils (Year 9 and 10).
Pupils take part in The John Muir Discovery Award, an environmental award scheme focused on wild places. I just discovered this from one of my husband’s clients, and thought this was a pretty interesting frugal find!

Under provisions of the Virginia Senior Citizens Higher Education Act, a person who is sixty years of age with legal domicile in Virginia for one year before the beginning of a semester may enroll in a state institution of higher learning at no cost (tuition and required fees) provided all tuition-paying students are given first priority for class spaces. No limit is placed on the number of semesters in which a senior citizen may register for tuition-free courses. To apply for waiver of tuition and fees, senior citizens must be admitted to the college and complete wavier forms each semester in which classes are taken. If you are a 60+ year-old Virginia resident, you can apply to take FREE college courses at various universities in the state of Virginia. Senior citizens who have completed 75% or more of their degree requirements may be allowed to enroll in courses at the same time as tuition-paying students. The law places no restriction on the number of courses that may be taken for credit in any semester. Waivers must be approved by the Director of Admission and Records and forms are available in the admissions office.

If the senior citizen had a federal taxable income of not more than $15,000 in the preceding year, the individual may take a course for academic credit without paying tuition. Audit or credit courses or noncredit courses cannot exceed three courses per semester. You can read more about this act on the Virginia Department of Aging web page for Elder Education here. If the person’s taxable income exceeded $15,000, the individual may only audit the course for free.

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