An annotated bibliography is often required in written assignments; however, many people are not familiar with the formatting required. I have included a complete example of an Annotated Bibliography PDF Annotated Bibliography Example for your reference. My personal preference is to write content before formatting, so I’ll explain the formatting in that manner.
Highlight the MLA Citation for your first source, and then right click inside the highlighted area and click Paragraph. I recommend using a service like Oslis’s citation maker, EasyBib, or any other citation maker, to create the actual citations. I'm a lifestyle journalist and I've been writing about office productivity software for a long time. In the following sections, we will explain everything again – in much much more detail. When you start Docear for the first time, you will be asked whether you want to register, log-in, or use Docear as a local user. If you have already some data on your hard drive that you want to use with Docear, you need to select the second radio button. If you have been using another reference manager, read how to use Zotero and Docear or Mendeley and Docear at the same time, or how to migrate from Mendeley to Docear.
The Reference database, which contains the bibliographic data of your PDFs and other documents. Alternatively to moving nodes via the menu or keyboard shortcuts, you may also move nodes via drag&drop.
When PDFs contain lots of information, and you create lots of comments, or highlight many text passages, you get easily lost when trying to find a certain annotation (screenshot, left). In this screencast and tutorial, I demonstrate the steps required to create an annotated bibliography in proper MLA format using Microsoft Word.

To set this up, click the Insert tab, click on Page Number in the Header & Footer section, hover over Top of Page and choose Plain Number 3.
Type your last name in and double click below the header section of your document to stop editing the header.
Clair is a tech guru studying Computer Science at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. You then must type in your annotation, then format the document as this tutorial describes.
The comments and forum posts are property of their posters, all the rest ® 2003-2015 by QD Ideas, LLC. Here you'll find handy hints, tips, tricks, techniques and tutorials on using software as diverse as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Publisher from Microsoft and other applications that I love.
We highly recommend to watch it, as it gives a pretty good overview of Docears’ main ideas.
You create categories reflecting your research interests, and sort your PDFs and annotations into these categories.
To run a software written in Java, you need to install the free Java Runtime Environment (Java JRE). If you are more curious and want the very latest version with the latest features, try out our experimental versions. We highly suggest to register, because it will give you many free benefits such as literature recommendations, metadata retrieval, and backup of your data. This allows you to choose a project name, your project home and the folder(s) in which you store your PDFs and BibTeX files. In this window, you will organize your literature, draft your own papers, and receive recommendations.
Click on a node, hold the mouse button pressed, and then move the selected node over any node you like.

When he's not tinkering with new gadgets, modding systems, or slaving away at the mercy of the Tech-Recipe overlords, you can find him exploring the high country.
This means, after downloading a PDF, you read it with your favorite PDF viewer and annotate anything you consider important and that you might want to look-up or cite later. If you want to look up some information, you click the annotation and the PDF opens at the page you created the annotation. From your previously created literature mind map you can copy all the PDFs and annotations you need.
However, registration requires to provide us with your email address, and under some circumstances (e.g. We highly recommend to have your PDFs and BibTeX files in a sub-folder of your project home.
You can also press the TAB key on your keyboard, and all components will vanish. A double click on a ribbon will hide all entries in the ribbons but not the ribbons themselves.
In the picture below, elements A, B, C, and D are all nodes (and all the other elements you see, are nodes as well). This function will import all PDFs and all annotations that are stored in your literature repository but not yet in any of the library mind maps. Depending on where exactly you release the mouse button, the node will be added as sibling or child node. Release the mouse button over the top of a node, and the moved node will be added as sibling (left part of the below screenshot). The project home is the folder that shall contain all your data including PDFs, images, Excel sheets,etc.
Release the mouse at the right corner of a node, and the node will be added as child node (right part of the screenshot).

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