Because I manage a Christian bookstore by day, I touch more books in a week than most people see in the course a year. On the TV game show Let’s Make a Deal, contestants are shown doors which hide different prizes. An added benefit of giving a book a short title is that it allows you to create a shorter domain name for your book’s website.
The exception to this would be if your book’s title is a hook – something which creates enough curiosity that the reader will want to pick it up and turn it over.
I recommend hiring a separate graphic artist (outside of your publisher) to design your cover. 5) Visit your local bookstore and take notes on what techniques are utilized by the top-selling books. 6) Once you have a cover you like, take it to your local store and ask the associates for their honest opinion. Your book’s title and cover art serve as gatekeepers determining whether or not your content gets read.

Turn your photos into a beautifully bound coffee table book that will have everyone talking. Not only do I see every new arrival that comes in, I also constantly pull titles which aren’t selling well (perhaps not selling at all!) to return to publishers. I used this approach with my first book when I titled it, God is NOT a God of Second Chances. Too often, stock photos and cheesy designs get thrown together in an attempt to appease the author. There will be plenty in your city, and chances are, you’ve got friends who do this part-time. If you use an image, keep it simple, custom (no stock art!), and clearly tied in with the theme of the book. Even among books traditionally published and professionally designed, there are those which build no traction and sink like stones.
At the time of this writing, 44 of the top 50 best selling Christian books have titles made up of four or less words.

As a professional book retailer I can identify a self-published book a mile away just by the lack-luster cover design.
Make sure you aren’t blindly trusting your publisher to get this important component right.
Because the game is designed so that contestants don’t know which door hides the best prize, many people end up toasting in the kitchen instead of basking in the sun.
No, your book’s title and cover art must be designed in such a way to insist the casual book browser stop what they’re doing and pick it up.

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