This space is dedicated to random paper projects either for personal use or commissioned pieces for clients and friends. I also have the suspicion that they were in my computer because half the files, including the exe file used to open messenger were mysteriously missing. Posted by rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr on December 24, 2009 at 05:15 AM. Posted by 5oguds885fryn7ufr54gjwergijwerijegit4bhiuhuewrhgughtiwrigr54 on January 15, 2010 at 10:29 AM. I searched for all internet sites to create my own ID but not yet succeed,it is worst,rubbish Nso on.
MERE PYARY BHAIEO OR BEHNOON PANCH WAQAT KI NAMAZ ADA FARMAYA KAREEN OR MERE LEAY OR PORI UMMAT-E-MUSLIMA K LEY MAGFIRAT KI DUA FARMAYA KAREEN. I’m planning on sticking a larger crystal in each flower rather than glitter or little crystals. I started off by measuring the dimensions of the book insert to the exact since I didnt want to make a mistake the first time.
I started measuring a little more than a quarter inch off the bottom edge and left edge of the cardboard.
I laid down my piece of satin fabric on a flat area, (i ironed it beforehand so it was smooth). I started out with cutting the fabric that’s been tacked onto the boards so its about and inch to an inch and a half all around the board. After figuring out how i wanted to cut the corners of each fabric so it folds clean and not bulky i began! Next i squeeze some of the adhesive glue on the edge like so: (make sure u first glue the same side flaps first ex. I used the squeegee to spread the adhesive to the edges and spread them to the left evenly and thinly.
Working quickly, I would pull the fabric tightly with one hand and use my other hand to firmly smooth over the fabric from the edge inwards. Then I laid a piece of paper (printer paper) over it and stacked my heavy books over it to have it dry a bit flat.
So where I last left off, I managed to bind the 1st layer of fabric onto the cardboard in a clean manner where I don’t have excess fabric sticking out anywhere. And squeezed on the first front cover of the board, on the side where its covered in fabric, not the inner cover.
I then applied the fabric glue and spread thin and evenly on the spine and other side of the cover board.
I made sure not to cut the square right to the corner of the cardboard so that when I fold it, it doesn’t leave the corner exposed.
After finishing all the sides and laying books on top of the inner cover for several min so they dry flat, (i think at this point i let it go for an hour) It looks something like this! I laid the ribbons on the cover of the guestbook and experimented on what kind of design I would like.

I dont have every patch of the ribbon glued to the fabric underneath since I didnt want to spread the glue too far onto the white area where the ribbon wont be on, bc you would have this white solid-ish spot where the extra glue is at. After allowing it to dry a lil bit, I put a teensy bit of glue underneath where the scalloped edges. I gave it an hour or so to dry before doing the next step: Binding the book insert into the guestbook. I have the insert sandwiched in between stacked books; and the books are laying over the first page and last page of the insert, to ensure evenness.
Omg i keep forgetting to post the last few steps I took for the outer & inner cover etc!
I didn't want to go for the "traditional" guestbook, I made a wish box where guests will write their greeting and wishes for the celebrant and drop them in this box. Just check your mail inbox and you’ll see a mail from Yahoo asking you to verify your account.
If any person who like to chat with me so my ID is [email protected] take care all your self and your precious life keeps smiling. It's working slowly but we know that work done in slowly method doesn't have chance of mistake. I drew the lines in and made sure from those lines i measured the exact dimentions of the book insert. I squeezed the adhesive all over the back of the first piece of cardboard and used the squeegee to spread it thin and evenly, since the fabric will absorb the adhesive and leave marks.
I didn’t quite find what I was looking for online as far as a good efficient way to cut and fold the fabric in to the inner covers of the book and make sure it dries flat and not bulky due to the thick fabric itself. This is why i urge anyone to make their fabric into book paper before (unlike me) off of that vid i posted. I use the squeegee to smooth over the fabric glue nice and thin and even so there’s no seepage through the nice decorative fabric. I didnt apply glue on the spine or the other cover just so i have more control where the fabric is being applied onto.
While waiting for them to dry a bit i used my exacto knife to cut off some of the loose threads. It turned out I didn’t like the scripture flowers I made earlier, along with the decorative wood curls on the guestbook, only bc it feel like overkill. If not pearls, then crystal rhinestones Also, I won’t be glueing the frame just yet, since I have to wait on pictures of me and my FI. Like draw a line of glue where you would put the ribbon over, and use the squeegee to spread it thin, (up and down) but to the point where it feels like you’re scraping it more than spreading it.
I gauged it by opening the first and last page while holding the rest of the pages straight up. Now you can log onto your account by opening Yahoo Messenger and signing in with your ID and password.
I love how when you get started and figure out what you’re doing it all starts to flow better and faster (meaning i get closer to finishing one DIY project!!) Yaaayy!

I found some ribbons close to my color along with a lace ribbon to layer over my colored ribbons. I turned the board over And glued the extra ribbon pieces on the top and bottom onto the inner cover, smoothing it from the edge in to ensure flat tight drying. I carefully applied it over the ribbon and used my fingers to lightly tap the edge to stick to the ribbon. After seeing where I should apply the glue (so i dont overglue), I take the superglue, apply it to the spine to where i remember the edge of the book insert touched.
And i looked up their website unfortunately you cant do purchases on their site BUT…. If you already have an email address, and another one would just be too much, uncheck this option and press the next button.
I didnt care if the glue seeped through for the inner cover, since it will be covered anyway.
I carefully take the book insert and stick it onto the spine, open first and last pages so its laying flat on the inner cover of the guestbook cover, move the book insert up or down (holding the book perpendicular and flat against the spine of the cover) depending on how even it looks on the cover, then with the first and last page on the inner cover. Made from toilet paper tubes, a button and jute string.The theme for the party was Italy, travel, red+gold+ecru. After its evenly coated with glue I took the fabric, laid it flat on a flat surface with the wrong side of the fabric facing upwards, then carefully lowered the cover board onto the fabric. It makes it slightly difficult for the ribbon to grab onto the cover fabric and glue, but after attaching the ribbon I layered a lot of books over it and let it sit there for about 15 min, then took them off to check that it stuck to the fabric.
After 10 min i took the weight off and turned it over to glue the lace onto the inner cover like I did with the ribbons. I decided i’m gonna have to layer the patterned fabric with fabric glue over it so it covers the glue marks from the satin layer.
Trying to find ready made things online in a cool creative style that suits me, is pretty hard to find and not cheap to come by either. I did that so the glue doesnt dry up too fast and its also easier to control where the fabric sticks to. Be careful to apply the glue to the right side, then turning it over so that the glue is facing the surface youre sticking it to!
Making sure i covered every inch and edge of the cardboard otherwise you’ll get bubbles. Also I used a #2 pencil to measure the little gaps in between the middle binding and the 2 flaps.

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