MindView Business lets you instantly create a professional-looking Mind Map with a few quick clicks of your mouse. To create a Mind Map, simply enter a central topic and then brainstorm sub-ideas to create Mind Map sub-branches.
MindView Businessa€™ new interface is based on the Microsoft Office 2007 Fluenta„? interface (also referred to as the Ribbon).
As one of the most effective professional Mind Mapping software applications, MindView Business enables you to quickly add notes to any branch of your Mind Map. MindView Business provides 6 different views in which to display your ideas: Mind Map, top down, left-right, outline, timeline, and Gantt chart.
MindView Business lets you change the overall appearance of your Mind Map by applying shapes, colors and other coordinated attributes to your Mind Map branches in just a few easy steps. The effectiveness of any Mind Mapping software depends largely on its integration with MS Office.
Graphic Design Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Graphic Design professionals, students, and enthusiasts. OpenGeoFiction might be of interest - it uses the tools behind Open Street Map for fictional maps. Start out with a number of screencaps from Google Maps to have as reference for building and street shapes.
If you'd rather start from scratch, you're talking about cartography with the difficult fact-finding and accuracy stuff cut out. Then, start drawing your map, using paths, polygons and text using the above palette and nothing else. For a fictional map, build the town in a logical way: start with key main streets, main buildings, districts, features, then think how the town or city might have evolved. Everything in a map signifies a type (and usually also, subtype) of thing, and everything about a town or city has a reason for being where it is. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged adobe-illustrator inkscape information-graphics cartography maps or ask your own question.
How to create an outlined drawing of a map or easily turn a Google Maps screenshot into one? What should I do if my advisor is forcing me to vote on a specific candidate in IEEE elections? What is a fast command line way to switch between multiple directories for system administration? Why does the Salvation Army not administer the sacraments of baptism and the Lord's Supper?
The slide is a holdover from when existing companies launched products into crowded markets. We need a different way to represent the competitive landscape when you are creating a business that never existed or taking share away from incumbents by resegmenting an existing market. In this example the startup is creating a new category –  a lifelong learning network for entrepreneurs.
Then they filled in the market spaces with the names of the companies that are representative players in each of the adjacent markets.
Then they annotated the private companies with the amount of private capital they had raised. Finally, you could show the current and projected market sizes of the adjacent markets which allows the startups to have a ”how big can our new market be?” conversation with investors.
Seriously, I would run away fast from a potential investor who doesn’t or can’t understand that visualizing the data doesn’t increase or decrease the likelihood of success. More than 350 UC Berkeley scholars share their perspectives on local, national and global issues. College football allegiances, particularly in the Southeast, have very specific boundaries.

Once youa€™ve added all of your ideas and sub-ideas to your Mind Map, your Mind Mapa€™s branches can easily be reorganized by simply dragging and dropping them anywhere on your Mind Map.
This intuitive and visual interface helps you find exactly what you need to effectively create Mind Maps - fast. Simply open the ribbona€™s text editor and click to insert text to elaborate on your ideas. You can work in any Mind Map view and transfer ideas from one view to another with a simple click of your mouse. MindView supports all standard picture formats, so you can use your own images or add pictures from our multimedia catalogue using the easy keyword search.
I'm fairly good in using Illustrator and Inkscape but I'm unsure what an optimal workflow would be.
Seems to be just one collaborative map though, rather than allowing lots of individual maps.
Then click 'export' and download the map as pdf (Map will be vector) which you can open in Illustrator and modify it to match your needs. Go through your list above, and pick out the ones which you want to be things that can have labels.
These could be, marking unique or important things, or illustrations and embellishments like the fantasy monsters on medieval maps. Maps look daunting to create, but when you pare it down to a palette appropriate for the detail you want to focus on, and when you progressively build up the town from a logical starting point, it's not that daunting. Most of the time this graph is inappropriate for startups or existing companies creating new markets.
To indicate where their customers for this new market would come from they drew the 5 adjacent market segments: corporate, higher education, startup ecosystem, institutions, and adult learning skills that they believed their future customers were in today. This lets potential investors understand that other investors were interested in the space and thought it was important enough to invest.
Like, very specific — travel too far south in Florida wearing Gator blue, and you might find yourself surrounded by Hurricanes fans. It kind of makes you feel for those teeny, tiny outposts lost in the middle of Texas Longhorn country, doesn’t it? You can even attach files (PDF Excel, Word, video, sound files, picture files and more) and insert hyperlinks on any of your Mind Mapa€™s branches.
Simply hover over the contents of the gallery of your choice to preview the effect of any option on your Mind Map and then click on your choice to apply it.
You won't label everything of that type, but you need to fix before you start which types of labels can exist. In illustrator, the most straightforward way is to create a graphic style or brush for each trait, and a paragraph style or character style for each type of label, and a symbol (these can be simple placeholders for now) for each pictogram or icon.
What if the basis of competition in market creation is really the intersection of multiple existing markets?  Or what if the markets may not exist and you are creating one?
So to illustrate this they drew these adjacent markets as a cloud surrounding their company. We eat this food because it provides us with the energy we need to do what we do throughout the day. Build it up until it feels like a plausible town and has the right level of detail and completeness. Likewise, our resource lists provide us with the nourishment we need to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals and objectives.Developing your own life resource list could very well be the start of a remarkable journey of transformation.
Yes, America takes its football allegiances, and the domains of those allegiances, very seriously.
It will be reduced to a blurry 5pts in the frontspiece of the book and will lose all legibility. They also supply you with everything you need to overcome obstacles, challenges and problems as they arise.Resources can be classified as being external (outside of you), or internal (inside of you).

External resources may include books, blogs, journals, software programs, gadgets, support from others, etc.
Acquired resources are the resources that you currently have at your disposal to help you achieve your goals or overcome the obstacles standing in your way. And in fact, this is the hurdle that stops many people in their tracks — dreams never become goals, and goals never become reality.If I don’t know what to do, where to begin or how to achieve this particular goal, then how in the world am I going to get it started in the first place? This is where a life resource list comes into play.Over several years now I have kept a life resource list of things that could potentially assist me to achieve my goals. Any new skills that I have developed, new information I have acquired, techniques I have learned or productivity tools I have gained access to, I simply add to my life resource list, which keeps growing over time.Now comes the time to launch a new venture and achieve a new goal that I am rather unfamiliar with.
I must therefore effectively overcome these roadblocks in order to achieve the goal I want in my life. For some people it might be money, while for others it could be something completely different. The key is to identify what you currently have on hand that can assist you.What possessions do I have that could be useful to help me accomplish my goals?InformationBeing able to find the relevant information you need to accomplish your goals is absolutely critical to your success. You can gather this information from books, blogs, journals, newspapers, podcasts, magazines, etc.
To do this you must follow the ILPA formula (Identify, List, Pinpoint and Ask):Identify Your GoalsYour first objective is to identify the goals you are wanting to achieve. Clarifying these will help you identify the potential resources you may need to acquire to overcome these obstacles.The second factor includes all the tasks and projects you will need to complete to overcome these obstacles. This involves purchasing a ring bound folder with dividers that allow you to insert random pages between the dividers.
Each divider can be labelled with a resource category, and you can add resources and pages to the folder as you piece your life resource list together.The second method involves using a mind mapping software application such as NovaMind to help you organize all your life resources in an easy to reference program. This is the method that I currently use, and the method that I would highly recommend.Simply, begin by creating your main mind map branches listing all the life resource categories presented earlier in the post. The more entries you have the greater your chances of success, however unless you cash-in your winning ticket, you will never reap the benefits.
If so, then you might like to download the accompanying mind map reference poster to your iPad, tablet or computer. It’s taken a while to piece together, update and restructure the chart with many new additions and changes, however it has been well worth the effort. I just starting following the first steps in the Matrix, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing to see the culmination of years of life coaching experience — along with dozens of personal development books — all on a single mind map! As for me, I can’t even imagine the work involved in making all these pieces fit together in a single framework.
Reading the MasterMind Matrix is like navigating a Google Earth for the brain – I kept smiling as I discovered more and more and more.
As I was looking around the Matrix it felt like someone had put a balloon in my brain and was pumping it up…what I mean by that is, it encompasses all of the many hundreds of books I have read on my own personal journey and it feels like this is a Master Plan that brings everything together; that makes the connections. I feel this is a wonderful overview and guide to self-improvement and it will enable readers to quickly identify where they are in their own personal development, and where they need to concentrate their attention and efforts to make further progress.” ~ Paul Foreman“This MasterMind Matrix is jam-packed with content and concepts. The imagery in it consists of high-quality creations that make the map much more visual than the vast majority of mind maps that have been released. The map is simply packed full of helpful concepts, outlines, and reveals a lot about oneself when you really take some time to keep exploring it. It’s certainly impressed me and I know I can always find new ideas and topics to ask myself questions of as I continue to access it in for some time. Thanks for the map Adam, it’s been a joy to use it!” ~ Mike King“Looking at the chart as a whole is like seeing the map of a city.

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