I am sure that you would have come across an image like the one that I have posted it over here.They are all over facebook,twitter,blogposts,forums and other social networking sites. Most of us think that these kind of images are actually real and the conversation sounds very funny.But you tell me, do you seriously think that all these conversations have actually taken place?
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If you are not a hardline Angry Birds or Temple Run player, chances are that the two iPhone apps you use the most are Contacts and Calendar.
You can quickly whiz from day- to month- to year- view by tapping the top left corner of each section. The iOS 7 Contacts adopts the minimalistic look present throughout Apple’s latest mobile OS. When creating a new contact on the iPhone, you’ll notice that the contact photos are not square as in iOS 6 but are now round. As with iOS 6, the Contacts app in iOS 7 offers a myriad of detail fields which can be added to the contact.
Those of you who use lots of custom labels, will be unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the list of previously-created labels does not appear in alphabetical order like it used to in iOS 6. Go to a contact entry and you can instantly call, message, or FaceTime by tapping on the respective symbols. If you are on a Windows PC, you can transfer and back up the iPhone address book to Windows Contacts. Ever wondered how to delete contact entries from the auto-complete when composing emails or typing text messages? The new iOS Calendar and Contacts apps are as useful and practical as ever and with streamlined look. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market.
Hi, I have the same problem but the solution above did not help because my iCloud button was already on green (on). I would like to have my phone numbers format as follows 1-516-555-1212 but by default I get 1 (516)-555-1212 I can’t seem to change it.
You can change the way the contact numbers appear by configuring your Regional iPhone settings. Looks like you used to sync your contacts with iCloud or another online service (Gmail, Yahoo). If I link two contact records, for example one from my Gmail account and another from Exchange, then later make a change on the iPhone to the linked record, in which source account does the change appear?
For newly-created contacts, it depends on which of the accounts is set as the default on your iPhone. The pat which comes from Exchange, once modified will be saved to Exchange, the part which came through Gmail, once modified will be saved to Gmail.

Yes, it adds to both, unless you drill down after pressing Edit and add it specifically to one or the other. I did learn that making the changes on the phone syncs pretty quickly to the source accounts.
Thanks – I had been tentative about using the link feature out of concern that it would booger up my email accounts, but now that I understand how to manage them better, I can clean up the display on the phone. Hello, I’m very sorry if this is the wrong place for this request but I can’t find any way to contact the CopyTrans people and this is my last-ditch effort! My question is when an app asks to access the contact list, does it get all the fields including notes? Thanks a lot for sharing this useful info.I have a question : why every time i add a number to a contact the IOS does not allow me to choose a label i want ?
Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I keep this little VBScript handy for any time I use a msgBox and can't think of the responses of the top of my head. Edit the file to see what button syntax you or looking for, or double-click the VBS to see how each of them work.
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What should I do if my advisor is forcing me to vote on a specific candidate in IEEE elections?
Why is the word for a baby bottle's nipple the same word as that for a male's nipple? When modeling a sequence diagram, there will be times that an object will need to send a message to itself.
The only exception is that you can now set the starting day of the week (default is Sunday).
Flipping through the contacts app one finds it contains lots of text labels and few icons which are quickly deciphered.
You can quickly fill out information about the contact’s address, birthday and other important dates, related people and so on. If you have a Mac computer and are using Mavericks, the latest Mac OS X, you can unfortunately not keep iPhone contacts offline on the Mac. These are simply numbers or email addresses you have contacted in the past via a text message or email. Apple this time made sure to include long requested features such as contact block and deleting contact entries from auto-complete.
He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography. If so, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and make sure to set up the contacts account with which you used to sync your iPhone address book before the restore. I never thought I would see this from Apple, but the Calendar, Contacts and iOS 7 in general are an example of fixing something that wasn’t broken. But they DID introduce something new… they removed the ability to set a second alert.

I seriously doubt that Apple will revert to the previous non-streamlined look and restore the missing features, but hopefully they will learn from this lesson that they need to make changes GRADUALLY. Whichever account you set as the default, that’s where all the new contacts you make on the iPhone go.
It’s a linked contact, so part of it came from Exchange and part of it came from Gmail. Any idea how to stop emails from auto-loading street addresses in the iPhone maps (OS8.1.3)? What we know so far and how to fixPhase Nonapp on iTunes 12.2 update may ruin your existing library. Read on and find out how easy it is to block contacts, delete nagging contact suggestions from popping up or to zip through time with the new iPhone Calendar app.
Once you open the Calendar app, you are taken to the default Day view where today’s events are displayed. To set up a new contact entry from within the Recent-calls list simply tap on the “i” symbol, next select “Create New Contact” or “Add to Existing Contact”. This makes selecting a custom label from the list time consuming especially if you’ve got a couple of dozen label entries. If you added a street address, you can tap on it to look up the location via the native Maps app.
Microsoft loves to move features around with every new release of Word, and now Apple has done the same thing.
It keeps the contact book organized and avoids duplicate-looking contact entries but linking is temporary. This is the screen where you can access previous drafts, templates, sent messages and other message-related files and documents.Seriously. Many users have voiced complaints over the nuisance and some have even found workarounds until a fix is issued.
The option is only available if you access the contact entry via the Phone or Messages app. To access the iPhone contact sync settings, navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars. The next time you update your iOS, or restore the iPhone for whatever reason, the meticulously linked contacts are restored back to their separate state. Like the iPhone but managing contacts & calendars was much better on my old BlackBerry. I don’t play with music a lot at all and just require contact, calendar, TXT and email management. The website options and bundles confuse me so can you please advise the best thing for me, value-wise, to buy for my purposes.

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