Did you ever wondered how those neat looking professional videos with loads of typography or cool design graphics are produced ? Apart from the video maker, Make Web Video offers hosting for your created video and you can easily embed your video on your website. If you are not satisfied with the result, your payment will be refunded or you can try to make another video. In each scene you can change the text just by editing a text field or change the colors of the characters or objects in the scene with a color picker. We are lucky to have a community of ScreenFlow users who love our product and like to share their tips and expertise.

Matthieu creates very complex and professional videos using ScreenFlow and a just a few other tools. Check out the in-depth tutorial he created about how he constructed a recent promotional trailer for a company called Arengi. The download will be a watermark free MP4 and WEBM file that you can upload to Youtube, Facebook and your website. We count French podcaster and screencaster Matthieu Blanco as one of our most loyal and valued ScreenFlow friends- and he’s got some mad ScreenFlow skills that we can all learn from!
I always though they were made in Flash and it seemed incredibly hard to animate them so well.

Creating a promotional business video for your company, website or an upcoming event has never been easier. The templates are organized ins categories, such as “Explainer Videos”, “Cartoon Videos”, “Text-only Videos”, “Corporate Videos” and much more. It was and, well, it still is a special production software that’s actually available online and is not all that hard as I thought before.

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