Interviews are one of my favorite ways to create content, but good interviews don’t just happen. As a former news producer, I’ve spent years asking questions and learning how to glean as much information as possible from an interview.
Here are a few of my top tricks that can help content marketers get the most out of their interviews.
Every conversation resulted in an engaging piece of content, the chance to showcase the internal talent, and frankly, really enjoyable conversations between myself and the designers.
People can cite a statistics while giving their opinion, but they may give the wrong qualifying information, swap numbers around or simply misspeak, we’re all human.
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Diskpart is a command line utility in Microsoft windows operating system and it is use for performing different disk related tasks like creating, formatting, deleting a partition. You can run the diskpart utility by typing the diskpart in command prompt, please note you need to open the command prompt as administrator and also keep in mind that some of diskpart commands are case sensitive for example if you use “list partition” instead of “list PARTITION” then it will not work for you.
You can use the list command for determining the disks information that are connected to you system.
List volume will show all the drive attached to your system including flash drive and DVD drive.
First select a disk where you want to create a partition and use the command create partition primary or create partition extended for creating primary or extended partition.

Following are the all command available commands of Diskpart, you can explore them yourself, most of them are self explanatory. In this article I will show you how to perform the basic disk tasks using Diskpart. The great thing with diskpart is that you can take help typing “?” at any part of command, for example you want to know the options available with list command then you need to type the “list ?” in diskpart-command line  and it will show you all available option with list command.
Attempts recovery on disks in the invalid pack, and resynchronizes mirrored volumes and RAID5 volumes that have stale plex or parity data.

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