YouTube has propelled internet video into the spotlight and their upload interface is great. You will need to check your e-mail for a confirmation link and all the usual registration stuff.
Next, name your video, give it a concise description and tag it with keywords (for search).
Creative CommonsReuse and remix any portion of this site; please link back to us and share alike. Google has put all its services together so they can be all used under the same account, meaning that if you have an account on any of their other services (such as Gmail) you can log in with just that data.

Once this questionnaire has been completed, you will be granted with a new Google account and you will be able to use all its benefits.
Portals create a youtube account, create account youtube, login youtube, register youtube, sign up youtube, to register on YouTube, youtube account.
That said, YouTube isn't the only game in town — and we must admit that we're fans of diversity and decentralization on the web. YouTube is the largest website featuring videos and it gives you the option to upload and share your own unique clips. You will be able to name the video, add a description and labels, which will help people find your video while using the search bar.

This publication can be public, private (only those with the link will be able to see it) or personal (only you will be able to see the video). Knight Foundation, supporting citizen journalism and the building of community through the use of digital media at You just need to press the button that says “Create Account” and fill in the questionnaire that you will be provided with.

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