If you follow these laws for making citations you will be fine in avoiding plagarism and having a correct paper. Law Four If you asked ten people and only one or two even new what you were talking about then this is not common knowledge, cite it.
Law Five If you are not certain whether you should cite something or not, cite it, but remember, this paper is suppose to be your ideas and interpretation of the information so citing everything is very bad.
Now that I have all of the information I need I am going to go to KnightCite to fill in the information.

Access NoodleBib from the link on the UT Libraries page so that you'll be prompted for your EID.
You can search for a book by author or title (or scan the ISBN) to generate a perfectly-formatted citation. Anytime you are referencing another person's work or using a quote from some other person's work you have to create a work cited page for the references and make citations. The following tutorial gives you the best information about making in- text citations and working with papers that require some sort of quotes or information form sources that have provided you with additional information for your paper.

After adding an annotation (or notes), the citation can then be routed directly into your NoodleTool project.

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