To create a confession page you need first you need a Facebook page and an account in Google Drive (Gmail). After clicking the create page button you had to select the type of page you are going to create. Now change “Question type” to ‘Paragraph’ so that one can confess long stories and click on “Done”. Before completing the form you had to set your response destination .Click on “Choose response destination“ which is at the top of the page. Writing a post after long time due to exams, Recently on Facebook i saw lots of Confession pages being created, Confession pages are becoming a viral on facebook.

Many ask How this pages are created, as you would have seen it on facebook, its not a page similar to other pages,confession page where people can confess things in front of everyone or may dedicate to someone without revealing their identity. Step 5: Next you have to update your page cover pic and page profile pic of Your Desire that suits your Confession page. Step 7 : Now click on Choose response Destination and Select new Spreadsheet, Name it and then save it. Step 8 : Now paste the Url on the facebook and ask People to Click on the link and confess. Whenever someone will fill the form you will get a message, All you have to do is just copy the confession from the spreadsheet and paste it on your facebook page with the confession number.

Can you please guide me what exactly do I need to do after logging into my google account ?? This brought a craze for such pages and people started expressing themselves which they cannot share in person. These confession pages are different from normal pages on Facebook but can be created easily.

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