Then from the “Insert Menu” click the “Text Box” tab to type in your main theme or main topic inside the circle.
If you want to have a sample mind map template for word all you need to do is browse online and you will have a number of templates to choose from. Now that you’ve seen how simple and easy it is to make a mind map in word it’s about time you actually make one yourself! Just follow the simple steps discussed above or make use of a mind map template to make your mind mapping activity much easier. You know you can get serious things done when you have a useful mind mapping tool with you.
Arjen ter Hoeve trains people how to get more personal time and get your work done in time by making better use of your mind. Once you have downloaded the free spreadsheet template, you should open it with Excel from Microsoft Office. Normally, in a real-life business setting, you would probably have access to some marketing research data that would provide the input data for a perceptual map.
If you want the some circles to be larger (for larger firms or brands with strong equity) and some to be smaller (for smaller brands), then you can input 3 for larger and 1 for smaller. If you are not happy with your perceptual map, then simply change the product attributes or fine-tune the attribute scores.
When you download the spreadsheet file, it already has three firms listed (in order to give you an example of how to create your map). Perceptual mapping is a technique that essentially visualizes the core marketing activity of segmentation, targeting and positioning (which is often referred to as the STP process). A wormhole is a theoretical 'tunnel' or shortcut, predicted by Einstein's theory of relativity, that links two places in space-time - visualised above as the contours of a 3-D map, where negative energy pulls space and time into the mouth of a tunnel, emerging in another universe. Around and around they'd go, experiencing just half the time of everyone far away from the black hole.
Sony's Playstation VR will go head to head with Facebook's Oculus Rift and HTC's Vive next year. The Halo series of games has won more than 750 media and industry awards in the last 14 years and has generated over US$4.6 billion in worldwide sales to date. This year's eagerly-anticipated offering from EA Sports - available to buy now - received over 500,000 pre-orders in the UK alone, and it's frighteningly good.
Microsoft has revealed detailed of its new Halo 5 game, and has revealed Xbox One owners will be able to play Xbox 360 games for the first time this year. As you may very well know Microsoft Word is equipped with creation and drawing tools that are easy to use and navigate. Sprinkle it with a little bit of imagination and you will see how easy and fun mind mapping really is! Go to the “Insert” tab and select “Shapes” then click on a line to represent the relationship among the different branches of your main topic. You can actually create a mind map as simple as the first one or as complicated as the other one below. By entering a number in this column you can make the circles that show in the perceptual map larger or smaller. You will probably need to play around with the map for a little while in order to produce a perceptual map that is reflective of the target market’s view of the competing products and brands. I've thought up a simple experiment that could reveal if human time travel through a wormhole is possible now, or even in the future. With stellar design, beautiful aesthetics and the best multiplayer to date, Halo 5 simply cannot be missed.
It really depends on how much related ideas or branches of thought you were able to gather.
In these steps you are simply giving the perceptual map a suitable title and labeling the two axes.
Then, in step 5, you need to score both of the product attributes that you have decided to use for your map.

However, in many cases you will need to use your own judgment in determining the attribute scores. Obviously, as you enter your data and labels, the map (chart) will be automatically updated. Please keep in mind that you are trying to map how the target market perceives each brand or product, not your own personal view of the brand. You can view some examples of the perceptual maps created by this spreadsheet to get a sense of what your map should look like. Down at the smallest of scales, smaller even than molecules, smaller than atoms, we get to a place called the quantum foam.
This kind of time machine would violate a fundamental rule that governs the entire universe - that causes happen before effects, and never the other way around. Tiny tunnels or shortcuts through space and time constantly form, disappear, and reform within this quantum world. If they could then there'd be nothing to stop the whole universe from descending into chaos.
Unfortunately, these real-life time tunnels are just a billion-trillion-trillionths of a centimetre across. Somehow there must be a reason why our scientist will never find himself in a situation where he could shoot himself. If I had a time machine I'd visit Marilyn Monroe in her prime or drop in on Galileo as he turned his telescope to the heavens. Way too small for a human to pass through - but here's where the notion of wormhole time machines is leading. Perhaps I'd even travel to the end of the universe to find out how our whole cosmic story ends. Some scientists think it may be possible to capture a wormhole and enlarge it many trillions of times to make it big enough for a human or even a spaceship to enter. To see how this might be possible, we need to look at time as physicists do - at the fourth dimension. Given enough power and advanced technology, perhaps a giant wormhole could even be constructed in space. Every attentive schoolchild knows that all physical objects, even me in my chair, exist in three dimensions. If both ends were in the same place, and separated by time instead of distance, a ship could fly in and come out still near Earth, but in the distant past. While a human may survive for 80 years, the stones at Stonehenge, for instance, have stood around for thousands of years. It's transmitted along the wires, made louder by the amplifier, and comes out at the speakers.
But if too much of the sound from the speakers goes back into the mic it goes around and around in a loop getting louder each time.
We're going to use this imaginary train to get as close as possible to the speed of light and see how it becomes a time machine. So although tiny wormholes do exist, and it may be possible to inflate one some day, it won't last long enough to be of use as a time machine. Drive up or down a twisty mountain road and that adds height, so that's travelling in all three dimensions. Any kind of time travel to the past through wormholes or any other method is probably impossible, otherwise paradoxes would occur.
But no matter how much power the train has, it can never quite reach the speed of light, since the laws of physics forbid it. Time starts flowing slowly on board relative to the rest of the world, just like near the black hole, only more so.
A time traveller, a brave, perhaps foolhardy individual, prepared for who knows what, steps into the time tunnel and emerges who knows when. The concept may be far-fetched, and the reality may be very different from this, but the idea itself is not so crazy.

Physicists have been thinking about tunnels in time too, but we come at it from a different angle. Time flows like a river and it seems as if each of us is carried relentlessly along by time's current. We wonder if portals to the past or the future could ever be possible within the laws of nature. Her forward speed is added to the speed of the train, so couldn't she break the speed limit simply by accident? It flows at different speeds in different places and that is the key to travelling into the future. He realised that there should be places where time slows down, and others where time speeds up.
It circles Earth over and over again for 100 years before finally coming to a halt on New Year's Day, 2150.
The passengers will have only lived one week because time is slowed down that much inside the train.
But despite being so accurate, they all gain around a third of a billionth of a second every day.
But we have built something very like the train at the world's largest particle accelerator at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.
The system has to correct for the drift, otherwise that tiny difference would upset the whole system, causing every GPS device on Earth to go out by about six miles a day. Deep underground, in a circular tunnel 16 miles long, is a stream of trillions of tiny particles.
When the power is turned on they accelerate from zero to 60,000mph in a fraction of a second.
Increase the power and the particles go faster and faster, until they're whizzing around the tunnel 11,000 times a second, which is almost the speed of light. Einstein realised that matter drags on time and slows it down like the slow part of a river.
And this startling reality is what opens the door to the possibility of time travel to the future. Right in the centre of the Milky Way, 26,000 light years from us, lies the heaviest object in the galaxy.
It is a supermassive black hole containing the mass of four million suns crushed down into a single point by its own gravity. A black hole like this one has a dramatic effect on time, slowing it down far more than anything else in the galaxy.
I like to imagine how a spaceship might be able to take advantage of this phenomenon, by orbiting it. If a space agency were controlling the mission from Earth they'd observe that each full orbit took 16 minutes. But for the brave people on board, close to this massive object, time would be slowed down. The ship would have to be big enough to carry a huge amount of fuel, enough to accelerate it to nearly the speed of light. Getting to just beneath the cosmic speed limit would require six whole years at full power.
Around 30 trillion miles away from Earth, and four years after launch, the ship would begin to travel in time.
After another two years of full thrust the ship would reach its top speed, 99 per cent of the speed of light.

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