Hands-On Editing is (More or Less) as Intuitive as it Looks: It felt so good to look at a sim's face, say "the bridge of her nose isn't quite right" and then be able to reach out and tug it this way and that until it was, rather than wasting time sifting through reams of sliders for the precise ones needed. We Don't Know How Much Content Will Be Available at Launch: This is a limited demo, meaning that players can only make young adult sims, and we can't be sure how much content is present in the demo relative to the full game. If you're hungry for more details, I streamed my very first hands-on experience with The Sims 4's CAS Demo yesterday, and I've since posted the archive on YouTube. Actually, the developers have stated that sims can have even more traits than in TS3, but they're unlocked as you play. Maxis did turn its back on the modding community with The Sims Online, and that was half the reason the title folded. I watched your video, and had a question, apparently there is a supposed ability to "unlock" all items for each category, ie stuff is not really sleepwear, what you see when you click sleepwear is just the stuff tagged that way, but if in the text box under the categories you delete the word sleepwear it removes the filter and your sim can wear anything in the game to bed?
My first Udemy course is called How To Create Bestselling Kindle Ebook Covers.¬†This is a course that was born out of necessity. Along with the templates, there are about 2 hours of video training where I explain in detail how to get the most out of every template. Currently, the templates are downloaded as a Photoshop Actions file which are installed right into Photoshop. Udemy has near perfect features for anyone wanting to create video courses on a budget because it doesn’t cost a dime to get started! If you check out the landing page, you can watch the intro video I created in After Effects and a few of the actual course videos I’ve left unlocked. You can also receive 50% from your referrals that lead to sales of How To Create Bestselling Kindle Ebook Covers by joining the Udemy affiliate program. When you enter the coupon code, the price of the course and templates drops to $12 (regularly $47). The link is totally legitimate and these free applications have been well publicized on the internet.
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Students use a time line template to put important events in their life in chronological order. Students place important events of their life on the time line such as when they were born, a birthday, when they got their first pet, their first day at school, class field trips, vacation trips, learned to ride a bike, learned to swim, when their younger siblings were born, or other special events. Students can move the boxes or arrows by clicking and dragging on a border line or arrow line.
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There were lots of things I loved, a few things I hated, and a couple things I can't wait to learn more about as we approach The Sims 4's launch date. Many fans want Sims that look more realistic -- as realistic as possible -- while developers lean more and more into a polished and very animated CG style instead.

The system isn't perfect, and some alterations (like nose angle) seem arbitrarily placed and hard to find, but the way the cursor changes to indicate what kind of adjustment you're making to an area (scale, position, rotation and so on) is tremendously helpful and makes navigating all the different changeable areas that much easier. Hats are finally an accessory that goes over your hair by default, without needing mods or custom accessories. Many outfits were locked to specific categories, and without mods or cheats you were sort of stuck with them that way. I'll admit that I was disappointed to see some of my favorite traits from The Sims 3 missing, but choosing three instead of five didn't really ruffle my feathers. It was cool, but also a bit overwhelming and likely part of why the game was such an agonizing chore to load up. As in The Sims 3, players can select one of several voices for their sim and adjust the pitch accordingly. I was incredibly underwhelmed with the formal dress options for example, but it's possible the items in the demo account for only a fraction of what will be actually available. It takes some getting used to, and some of the limitations seems a little arbitrary -- I had difficulty modeling a female athlete who looked like an athlete. That was an amazing advance in The Sims 3, and ditching it would be a huge step backwards for the franchise. This year, I plan on publishing more Kindle books and I wanted a way to quickly build professional looking covers.
Actions are a computer script which contain a recording of every click I performed while making the templates. When I was using Clickbank, I had to pay $49.99 initially just to get my course into their system.
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Personally I don't think that realism is the height of game graphics, and stylized looking characters, objects, and environments will always have their place. It might seem like that's still the case, but players are now able to remove category filters themselves and wear exactly what they want, when they want. Sims will also get a fourth trait based on their aspiration, which works well for most sims by giving them a complimentary ability to help them along. These voices used to just be numbered, but now they've been assigned super gender normative names instead.
It took months for modders to get into the guts of The Sims 3, and early modding efforts were slow and clumsy. I'm hoping it was excluded from the initial Character Creator release just to streamline the package. And it's unlikely to be incorporated later, despite persistent player feedback to include it. I had taken a few classes myself and soon realized that Udemy is the platform for me to launch my own instructional courses! I know there are lots of people that are doing the same so I decided to offer my templates to other Kindle authors and graphic designers. All the templates are based on bestselling books on Amazon but are completely customizable so that they don’t look like the original.
It’s almost like having me on your computer creating the template in front of your eyes but faster.

Then if I wanted streaming video, I’d have to host my videos on Amazon S3 (I used private YouTube videos).
After you start making sales, Udemy will deposit your commissions right into your Paypal account. The good news is that you can get Photoshop CS2 for free if you don’t own any version of Photoshop. I'm not an expert at this but I am building a business where I choose to work only on projects that interest me. Submit your article contributions and participate in the world's largest independent online news community today! Sims are animated and expressive in a way that isn't always easily translated to a realistic style without veering dangerously towards the uncanny valley in my experience.
It remains to be seen if there will be any in-game consequences for any sims caught wearing a slightly-too-informal dress to a formal event, but I hope there will be some flexibility there. But if you're like me, every now and then you like to play a character whose traits work against them -- maybe a sim who wants to be a total heartbreaker but who's hopelessly inept when it comes to love, or a lazy slob who dreams of leading a nation.
With Create-a-Style gone we're limited to preset colors, which makes adjusting my sim's makeup and clothing exceptionally frustrating.
If you're making a male sim, you can opt for a Clear, Warm or Brash voice, while female sims can be Sweet, Melodic, or Lilted. While they won't be doing anything to actively hinder modders, it remains to be seen what kinds of alterations and additions will be possible. Overall I'm very happy with the degree of polish that's been put on the next generation of sims without sacrificing their signature look.
These kinds of characters are entertaining and challenging, but there's a very real risk that the new complimentary traits will put a damper on this kind of play. I struggled to find the right shade of lipstick (made even harder by inaccurate swatches) when I just wanted to pull up a color-wheel and choose it for myself.
I think in the future, I may upload the layered Photoshop files for those who are intimidated by Photoshop Actions. Likewise I often use a sheer layer of white blush to enhance a sim's cheeks, but that's also no longer possible; no color tweaking, no opacity slider.
When it came to clothes, I tried to pair a white top with a white skirt, only to realize that they were different shades of white, one a little yellowish and one a bit more blue. They're just different, making these descriptors unnecessary and frankly kind of offensive. And that’s the great thing about Udemy,¬†they allow you to upload supplemental files like PDF, MP3, PSD, etc.
In The Sims 3 I would be able to pop into Create-a-Style and do some color-correction myself, but that's no longer on the table, and that made it vastly harder for me to find an outfit I was happy with. Another unnecessary change between The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 is that tattoos have been gendered as well. However, there are some quirky things about that WordPress theme that causes me stress everytime I set it up.

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