The evolution of the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) has gone beyond the concept stage and is being implemented by many companies in the aerospace and automotive industries as well as others. The post Origin’s CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS Embraces the Model-Based Enterprise appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog. With SOLIDWORKS 3D Model-Based Definition (MBD), the Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) is embedded directly into the solid model as annotations for GD&T along with other relevant specifications to formalize the design intent.
Origin’s CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS suite of dimensional metrology software continues that digital thread with applications geared to inspection and manufacturing engineering disciplines, re-using and repurposing the data within models and ensuring traceability of process information to the design intent.
Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) are still the workhorse of most metrology labs when it comes to inspecting parts of high precision. CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS automatically extracts the GD&T from the annotated model as well as feature information from the geometry to automate the CMM programming process. The CMM program is automatically generated, graphically represented and verified on the model. With enhancements in the technology, the use of Laser Scanning equipment in the dimensional metrology field has become much more prevalent.
With CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS, a soft gauge is generated from the MBD in the model and used to extract substitute features from the point cloud. To the right is the CheckMate Reporting Browser indicating the deviation and percentage of tolerance band used by each feature. The evolution of the Model-Based Enterprise as characterized by how companies convey product design intent throughout their own company and to their supplier and customer base will bring significant advantages over the processes they now have in place.
The integration of SOLIDWORKS MBD in CheckMate for SOLIDWORKS is a prime example of how Origin has moved the product manufacturing information in the model into the inspection and manufacturing engineering environment to further enhance the Model-Based Enterprise for SOLIDWORKS users. Author informationDavid SchlittDavid Schlitt manages business development at Origin International Inc. When companies choose which software tools to use, the technology and architecture that is used in the applications is often lost to cost, features and functionality.
The post SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Why Software Architecture Matters appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.
There are several technological differentiators that separate SOLIDWORKS Electrical from others electrical design systems on the market.
SOLIDWORKS Electrical employs MS SQL as its database backbone as does SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard and Professional.
If you collaborate with users of other systems and they don’t want to switch to SOLIDWORKS Electrical, this shouldn’t pose many issues. From the beginning, SOLIDWORKS mechanical CAD provided an API with every license sold so users and even our competition could build seamless custom applications. Electrical 2D Schematics is a standalone package and when you are ready to make the leap to integrating your electrical design teams with your mechanical teams, it’s ready to go by ordering SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D. Having to be accurate and precise within a limited amount of time is an everyday reality for designers and engineers.
The post Recorded Webinar Spotlight: The Goldilocks Design Principle appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.
The post SOLIDWORKS on Song For Premium Hi-Fi Manufacturer Bowers and Wilkins appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog. Image 1 – Bowers and Wilkins prides itself on the beauty of its products, sound quality, and user guides. Here’s the thing; As a customer, high-quality audio equipment is worthless unless you know how to use it and that’s where a clear, concise user guide comes in. SOLIDWORKS Composer allows you to re-purpose 3D CAD data to create high-quality illustrations and photorealistic images. Image 2 – With the help of SOLIDWORKS, Bowers and Wilkins’ user guides are much easier to follow.
Watch the video and learn how you can identify and correct plastic part design problems before they happen. The post Put an End to Plastic Part Problems by Answering Three Questions appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.
Watch the below video to learn how you can identify and correct plastic part design problems before they happen with SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
Whether you’re a designer, manufacturer or moldmaker, SOLIDWORKS Plastics can help you solve injection molding challenges. Author informationBrian ZiasSenior Territory Technical Manager at Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKSBrian is a 10-year, expert SOLIDWORKS CAD, FEA, and CFD user and community advocate. How often do you find yourself manually entering in peripheral information, such as cable references, symbol marks, wire numbers, or even manufacturer part information?
Adding information on manufacturer parts can be a painstaking task because there can potentially be a lot of data associated to each part, such as part number, description, vendor, voltage, current, frequency, and even detailed circuit or pin out information. SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides an online portal on which you can search and download an exorbitant amount of information.
The Electrical Content Portal is a simple, user-in-mind website that allows you to gather project information more efficiently. With over 500 manufacturers who have their parts listed within the site, the Electrical Content Portal allows you to quickly find the parts you are looking for, download them, and add them directly into your SOLIDWORKS Electrical database. Still can’t find what you are looking for? Without a doubt, the Electrical Content Portal is a valuable piece of the puzzle that helps you save time, reduce errors, and simplify your operations so that you and your team can become even more productive.
Author informationJP EmanueleJP is a Territory Technical Manager, SOLIDWORKS Electrical, North America.The post Are You Still Manually Entering Data to Your Electrical Designs?
Let’s continue the discussion after understanding two important concepts: Graphical PMI and Semantic PMI covered in Part 1 of this blog. Product portfolio manager of SOLIDWORKS MBD, passionate about smart manufacturing opportunities, Keen listener to customer challenges, Sharp problem solver with 20 years of experiences in engineering, Sleepless father trying best to take care of a baby daughter.
The post MBD Implementation DOs and 10 DONT’s – Don’t Stop at Graphical PMI (Part 2) appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog. In this first image you can see Tolerance-Based Machining by CAMWorks fully integrated into SOLIDWORKS MBD 2016.
There are more areas to automate by reusing semantic 3D PMI such as Tolerance Analysis, Computer Aided Process Planning (CAPP), and Work Instructions.
After a two-year pilot program from 2013 to 2015, Rolls-Royce concluded: PMI creation in the correct way is crucial for enabling true Model-Based Enterprise. In summary, it may be acceptable to start MBD projects with graphical 3D PMI at the beginning of an MBD implementation, enough for human interpretation, just like 2D drawings. Next we will discuss the importance of templates and how to customize and standardize them.
Learn how you can increase your ability to pass the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate exam by taking advantage of preparation materials available on MySolidWorks.
The post Greatly Increase Your Ability to Become SOLIDWORKS Certified with MySolidWorks appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.
If the thought of exams and studying sends shivers down your spine remember this: since introducing the CSWA program on MySolidWorks, users who completed the preparation course have experienced a 20% greater success rate of passing the exam on their first try than those who have not reviewed the preparation materials. What are you waiting for?  Start preparing to be a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate now or enhance your SOLIDWORKS skills with online product tutorial videos.  Simply click here and log in or join.

Most people run in Lycra… Some run in fancy dress… Dean Ovel runs in a human hamster wheel, sealed inside a cage, in the middle of a busy high street in Southend. The post Dean Ovel: SOLIDWORKS and 24 Hours in a Human Hamster Wheel appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.
Watching Ovel take himself for a spin will be thousands of shoppers and Saturday night revellers. Designing in SOLIDWORKS meant that Ovel could test all the load-bearing elements and moving parts before he got anywhere near the build stage. Consumer product developers often face challenges of moving designs from concept to detail design to manufacturing due to the disparate tools. The post SOLIDWORKS is Your Bridge Over the Consumer Product Design Gap appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog. Download this white paper and you will learn how SOLIDWORKS software provides a complete modeling and social environment for taking designs from concept to manufacturing. To create the best product, it is important to be able to rapidly develop multiple concept designs and gain feedback from your design stakeholders in a short amount of time. The detail design process can start with a concept model directly from SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer into SOLIDWORKS Premium. The SOLIDWORKS solution provides all necessary tools to create a precise part definition with the same user interface and same geometrical file format used for conceptual design.
The post MBD Implementation 10 DOs and DON’Ts – Don’t Stop at Graphical PMI (Part 1) appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog. Graphical PMI: this type of 3D annotations is readable to human eyes, but NOT consumable by machines or software. Semantic PMI: simply put, this kind of PMI is not only human-readable, but also machine-readable. The post Get Connected at the Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog. During the event, SOLIDWORKS and Dassault Systemes experts will be onsite to discuss how aerospace and defense organizations have used our design software to bring their products from concept to launch – quite literally in this case.
Also don't forget to visit our completely unofficial Lasgo page with song samples of all the remixes!
DJ Philip - resident DJ at the Illusion club and also known as producer of Zippora's Lotus Eater - will bring out a new Tales of DJ Philip II with the beautiful voice of Marsha. The original techno-galaxy will be completely isolated for the true, booming Kozzmozz-sound and from the tribunes the public will be able to watch their friends freak & dance.
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Will I, the successor of Castles in the sky will presumably released on November 12th, 2001 !
UK: Positiva is planning remixes and promotion to start off at the end of 2001 and a release in the beginning of next year. We ditched the old menu because it was slow on some computers and not really browser-compatible.
DJ Tiesto, well known from the danceremix of Delirium's Silence and his own Flight 643 is coming to Belgium ! On November 17th (hey that's two days before my birthday ;-)) DJ Tiesto will be DJ-ing at club La Rocca in Lier from 23h till 5 in the morning !
The full album will probably released on November 15th, 2001 as already reported here on dancevibes.
This year we have seen the release of The Legacy and in February 2002 we may expect Push next single Tranzy State of Mind. In the near future we will make it possible for you to add your own reviews and ratings too!
The highlight was offcourse Faithless who won 3 awards !: Best international single with We come 1, best international live act and best international danceact ! The belgian Hooverphonic (a personal favourite) also won 3 awards: best national live act, best national album and best national female singer! Belgian dance artists also won a few prizes: Best national dance Act - Milk Inc, best national single - Something by Lasgo, best national videoclip - Milc Inc. The advantages of doing so are many, not the least of which is the time savings of eliminating 2D drawings and the positive effect of improved collaboration among the many stakeholders involved in bringing a product to the market.
This creates a digital thread of all the necessary information to manufacture and manage the product throughout the product life cycle. However, the programming process can be time-consuming and interpretation of GD&T contained in 2D prints can be error-prone. A time savings of as much as 85 percent can be achieved, and interpretation errors from using 2D drawings are eliminated. Color deviation maps provide an instantaneous picture of potential problem areas and non compliancy, but that is often not enough to meet stringent inspection requirements or provide the detailed information to evaluate any corrective action, if needed.
In this example, the point cloud was automatically aligned to the solid model and the detailed inspection report generated. Fully integrated within SOLIDWORKS, valuable process information is accessible throughout the enterprise.
Are the components used to build the application widely used or is there antiquated code that worked years ago but is no longer updated lurking in the application? In this post, we’ll take a look under the hood of SOLIDWORKS Electrical to see four ways its architecture positively affects your design workflow.
This is a stable, widely used database technology that facilitates collaboration, the automation of BOMs, wire lists and reporting. This has ensured SOLIDWORKS users had a choice of the best applications available for their particular need and specialty.
But what if you had methods to quickly and easily validate your designs without having to compromise on anything, resulting in a manufactured product that was “just right”? Elite hi-fi manufacturers Bowers and Wilkins needed a simple way to add product imagery and illustrations to its user guides.
From the control room of Abbey Road Studios to the homes of the most discerning audiophiles, its equipment is the trusted choice of music connoisseurs. Its guides are produced 80 percent faster than before, workflows are more streamlined and the business is working more efficiently and economically. READ THIS WHITEPAPER to learn how simulating the mold injection process give you a competitive advantage. Personally, there have been times where I have spent hours – if not days – entering in all of the necessary information into my project. SOLIDWORKS Electrical is providing a better way – a faster way – a smarter way to accomplish this time-consuming task. And when I say exorbitant, I mean over 13 million parts, symbols and footprints for you to choose from. The Electrical Content Portal also provides a way for users – such as yourselves – to collaborate and share what YOU have created and allow other user to download symbol designs, 2D footprints, or those older manually entered parts.

Although graphical PMI is human-readable, it comes with many gaps: lack of associativity to models and no automatic update upon design changes.
The truly magnificent symphony is orchestrated in manufacturing, inspection, process planning, tolerance analysis and many more by machine-readable 3D PMI.
It reads semantic 3D tolerances and surface finishes defined in SOLIDWORKS MBD to automate NC programming including strategies, tools, speeds, and feeds. However, the real power of MBD is to enable downstream automation by reusing machine-readable 3D PMI.
The promotion included open access to preparation materials and quizzes associated with preparing for the CSWA exam.  Typically the CSWA exam has a pass rate of around 65%, but thanks to last year’s special offer providing access to the preparation materials on MySolidWorks last year the exam pass rate increased to nearly 85%. He regularly runs ultra-marathons in excess of 100 miles, and in 2014 he completed ten marathons in eight days.
SOLIDWORKS solutions bridge the gap between industrial design and engineering by providing powerful conceptual sketching tools, robust and easy-to-use surfacing capabilities, easy transition from concept to detail design, and the industry’s top mechanical engineering environment— all rolled into one software vendor solution. SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer adds new and unique conceptual design capabilities to the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, specifically for industrial designers. For manufacturing and ongoing part maintenance, you can drive design changes by simply entering values in a table. Using SOLIDWORKS can also help you avoid costly mistakes by ensuring that changes made anywhere in the process automatically update all product documentation, including parts, assemblies, and drawings. Throughout the consumer design workflow, SOLIDWORKS provides rendering solutions to ensure you can create the product visualization at any given time. Let’s examine the true meanings of 3D PMI by looking into two key concepts: Graphical PMI and Semantic PMI, or some may call them human-readable PMI for presentation and Machine-readable PMI for representation. It represents the true meaning of design intention beyond presentation, so can be reused by manufacturing automation, such as Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs). There are more aspects of machine-readable PMI, such as syntax, structure, and interpretation algorithm to be discussed in the future.
Chances are the experts attending this year’s Aerospace Electrical Systems Expo in Pasadena, CA, from May 24-26 will be talking about what’s next for flight and the final frontier. Stop by booth 4019 to meet with our technical team to learn more about industry-specific solutions and see how electrical and mechanical design can work in concert with SOLIDWORKS Electrical. Check out the biography of the group and listen to their hit-single Teach me how on the official Whyzer site ! Also released on that day is a new version of their full-album Chances and this version will include special remixes, acoustic versions and video clips ! It's not the regular performance because this time the whole international press will be present, most probably also including people from the USA and Canada ! You can now search through the news and you can also display the news about a certain category only (eg. The measurement results in the report reconcile the manufactured part to the design intent. Model-Based Definition as implemented by SOLIDWORKS is the first step in this evolution, incorporating the design intent in the 3D solid model forming the digital thread on which applications of multi-disciplines re-use and re-purpose that data. Meetings about reconciling BOM & wire lists will be less frequent and possibly eliminated altogether. If you are a DraftSight user, we’ve just released a new symbols library with thousands of Electrical symbols that you can also import into SOLIDWORKS Electrical. SolidWorks products are easy to learn and use, and work together to help you design products better, faster, and more cost-effectively.
Product imagery can go a long way to creating user guides that actually improve customer experience. Within a matter of clicks you can choose the perfect angle, create exploded views of your product or work up photorealistic images that bring an end to waiting around for real-world prototypes. It’s now easier than ever before for Bowers and Wilkins to create user guides that look as good as its products sound. Those who design plastic parts must answer these questions three, or they might not like the part they see.
Then CMM sample points or 3D scanned first article point of cloud can be compared with the nominal CAD model. For his next challenge, the 39-year-old design engineer is attempting to raise a small fortune for Southend Hospital Charity’s Dimentia Appeal.
There will be live music and entertainment as well as spin bikes for those who want to ‘cycle-a-mile’ alongside Ovel.
It has to survive some 25,000 revolutions and bear the weight of an increasingly leaden-legged runner galloping away inside for 24 hours.
While the miniature Lego prototypes brought some added fun to proceedings, it was the detailed 3D drawings that SOLIDWORKS generated that allowed Ovel to share his idea and obtain permission for his event. To read more about Dean’s story and how the challenge came about, check out the Cadtek post here. SOLIDWORKS has simplified detail designing with easy-to-use tools that provide user guidance and assistance when needed.
This intelligent information reuse from design all the way down to production and sustainment is the number-one benefit of MBD and a cornerstone of 21st century smart manufacturing.The images below from Rolls-Royce shows another difference between Graphical PMI (Left) and Semantic PMI (Right). Next up is Part 2 of this topic on practical applications: how machine-readable 3D PMI is automating downstream production, which is the real power of MBD in my opinion. The SolidWorks focus on ease-of-use allows more engineers, designers and other technology professionals than ever before to take advantage of 3D in bringing their designs to life. The SolidWorks focus on ease-of-use allows more engineers, designers and other technology professionals than ever before to take advantage of 3D in bringing their designs to life.The post SOLIDWORKS on Song For Premium Hi-Fi Manufacturer Bowers and Wilkins appeared first on The SOLIDWORKS Blog.
Try to gradually define semantic PMI to set up the stage for downstream intelligent manufacturing applications. For example in Figure 1, we can read the handwritten lines and curves as a diameter dimension of 20 plus and minute 0.05 using our interpretation, but is this readable to an NC machine?
The annotation looks identical to our eyes, which means they are at the same presentation level, but the semantic PMI on the right not only says there are 16 holes, but also associates and highlights all the correct instances, which drive CAM to machine all of them as a pattern. Bowers and Wilkins guides are produced 80 percent faster and its graphic design team can take a breather. So busy that adding imagery to user manuals was disrupting workflows and holding up the business.
Similarly, the 3D PMI in Figure 2 is just a group of sketch lines and curves instead of real numbers or symbols, which require some serious guesswork by our eyes and brains. We can probably guess it’s really specifying all 16 holes, but it’s extremely difficult for software to tell and associate all the correct features, which consequently curbs automation. In fact, this interpretation is so tricky that it differentiates human intelligence and machine intelligence, at least today, which is why capcha works: software recognition capability is still far behind human recognition, so capcha can prevent malicious automatic online registrations and approve real human attempts.
On the flip side, massive manufacturing activities call for streamlined automations to avoid duplicate effort, reduce human errors, save time, and ensure quality.Graphical PMI relies on human interpretations, which blocks automations.

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