One thing to note is that not all course authoring tools have the same feature set and many fall short.
Once you?ve created the course, it can be published and published for delivery through a Learning Management System or LMS. You can use the LMS software in conjunction with a ecommerce software to get your courses into the right hands. As a trainer, you?ll need to be able to use the LMS in order to view reports, track learner progress, and package individual courses together as a larger class. What does it take to develop highly effective online courses that capture the imagination of your learners?
It is very easy to get distracted from learning due to more pressing engagements that he may be working on, at that point of time. According to Clark and Mayer, there are two pitfalls in online learning environments that prevent the creation of memorable learning experiences. The first is the failure to implement the learning process effectively, which may increase cognitive load on the learner, resulting in disengagement. The second mistake is that the eLearning designers fail to contextualize the learning activities. So, how can you make sure that you create an interesting eLearning course that will ‘pin’ your learners to it? Well, I would like to share some simple and useful tricks that help the learner remain engrossed throughout the course.
A learner gets diverted only when he loses his attention or when he gets bored of the same actions that get repeated in courses.
Click and learn: Learner can simply click and get relevant information about any particular topic. Rollovers: The learner moves the mouse over a particular area of image to get more information. Flash cards: In Flash cards,one side has a question and other side has the answer to that question, so the learner flips and learns. Drag and Drop: Drag and drops are designed for assessments to test the learner’s knowledge.
Drop Down: Learners are required to select the correct choice from the list of choices provided in the drop-down list.

Learners can also be motivated through rewards such as ranks, badges, virtual gifts or points. Online courses that are engaging help in making organizational training initiatives a success. However, if you’re new to the world of online training then it might be difficult to know the first step to take and where to go from there.
You can either adapt existing content like a textbook or manual or start new if the content has never been used in another medium. The tool can either come as a separate component or as part of a larger online training platform. Make sure you conduct thorough research before committing yourself to a tool that may cause headaches in the future. The LMS is the software that stores the course you?ve created and makes it available to the learners. However, getting an online shopping cart to work with your LMS requires either a higher technical knowledge or getting a third-party to help you put the pieces together.
In the event that the amount of learners exceeds the amount of time that you can dedicate to manage the LMS, you can assign administrators to take care of management tasks. Due to this, learners may not find the content relevant to their needs and lose their attention.
A learner has to drag and drop the answer at the correct location; this makes assessment more challenging. When these animated characters are made to interact with learners, it gives the impression that they are directly interacting with a person. The games can be designed in such a way that they achieve learning objectives that have been the outline for the course. As long as the given reward is meaningful, and it is deemed to be of some purpose to the learners, they will invest their time to pursue and complete the course. They not only enable employees to acquire knowledge and skills, but also add value to your organization through improved performance and business results. It?s a good idea to map the objectives and have a clear gameplan for each section before you dive into the creation itself because having an outline before you start is one of the best guarantees that your learners will complete the course.
It can also allow to you to add quizzes and tests, graphics, meaningful feedback, audio and video, and for the ambitious the ability to create rich, non-linear, scenario-driven courses.

The course needs to be able to communicate with the LMS in order to transfer information about learner progress and score. Well, here are 4 tips that go a long way in designing excellent eLearning courses that leave your audiences spellbound. As he sits down to complete the course, there are innumerable distractions that he can encounter – put off answering a phone call, an email or the urgent report that needs to be sent. This creates a better learning environment and learners are likely to be well connected to the course. For example, if a learner is studying about a machine, the activity can be focused on identifying a particular area of the machine and its features or function.
Therefore, it is important to provide a similar opportunity even in a technology based learning platform.
To help speed things along a course authoring tool will be able to import Powerpoint and Word files and any multimedia (audio and video) assets you already have. This is done through the common language they speak called SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model). An all-in-one online training platform works more closely with the LMS and has features that complement it.
Various options can be provided on the screen, and the learner can be urged to click on the correct option.
Features such as chat functionalities, discussion rooms, and social media buttons can be added to the LMS interface for each course. The term SCORM-compliant is thrown around when discussing either course authoring tools or learning management systems. So, when a learner clicks on a particular area of a machine the information related to that particular area appears. It enables learners to participate actively and connect with peers and share his experiences.

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