NOTE: Please make sure you choose a rating scale that makes sense in the context of the question. NOTE: If you accessed this page via the ADD QUESTIONS TO GROUP page, click the Save and Add to Question Group button. From the QUESTIONS page (accessed from the QUESTION MANAGEMENT tab at top of page) or from the ADD QUESTIONS TO GROUP page (accessed when editing question group details) click the Create button. Usually phrased as a statement, Likert question text describes something specific that requires a rating on a numeric scale.

Click on the dropdown box and select the rating scale that is appropriate for your question.
If you would like to see an example of a Likert (Rating) Scale question before creating one, click the corresponding see example link. If you work in more than one department select the correct department from the dropdown list.
Avoid numbering the question, since if you re-use the question in future terms on a different survey, the numbering may change.

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