We should all seek out diverse relationships that offer a wide variety of skills, stories, experiences and knowledge. You think you are in the know and in-touch with technology but guess what, odds are you’re not. Technology will keep evolving whether you like it or not, so being in denial and rigid to it is only damaging yourself. Partnering the technically challenged employees with more savvy employees increases productivity, security and sharing. This is a highly interactive one-day course which provides paediatricians with the core skills and knowledge to be an effective mentor.
What if you could move pass frustration, feeling unappreciated, or getting stuck to create the results you desire?
Learn how you can achieve consistent results quickly and easily by signing up for a complimentary Consistent Action Consultation HERE. Are you looking for an easy strategy that allows you to have consistent, reliable, and repeatable results? Consistent Action ConsultationAre you setting goals but struggling to achieve them consistently? Norman Wright - Founder of Christian Marriage EnrichmentThe Parrotts are national pioneers of the new field of marriage mentoring.Michael J.

No person is an island, no one makes it alone and if we all reach out to help others the world wouldn’t seem so cruel. It’s exactly what it sounds like, it’s the process of allowing “younger” workers (you know the young know it-alls) to mentor and show “older” employees the ropes and teach them about new technology.
They say 75% of Ipad users only use the technology to play games and watch media – movies and television programs. You could do your job better if would you let go of that inner control freak and distrust of technology. Especially if you are in your 30’s and 40’s , you’ve still got decades of work to do and unless you want to do some form of manual labor you might as well learn some new tricks.
Often times when the younger employee is showing the older employee news of using technology the older worker can then rely on their previous experiences and apply these new techniques. It will allow delegates to have effective learning conversations with their mentees and by extension with colleagues, patients and parents and carers. The Institute’s Consistent Action mentors co-create action plans that are customized to each member and train members to identify and provide the information and structure that is missing in order to take the appropriate action towards the desired result. So you have the Iphone and you love making Suri, the voice response technology, curse and say naughty things. Hoarding work, because you think it increases your value to your employer and reduces your chances of being terminated or laid off is just poor strategic planning.

We are working longer and more because we have debt, the kids have moved back home, the parents need help because their money is running out too.
You can even evaluate the process and use the data to set goals and map out effective performance improvement plans. Our staff then supports you in staying accountable to your plan in order to achieve your goals. One of our consultants will work with you one-on-one to co-create the action plan you need to start achieving your goals now! If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions then you are not going to like the next sentence. The recession has forced retirees to return to the workforce and cause others to work longer so the organization has plenty of workers old, young and everything in between. Many of you can’t wrap your mind around the concept of using mobile technology to handle many of your day to day job functions thus enabling you to spend time more efficiently or even shortening your work week. Yep, that’s right, you shouldn’t be the oldest, wisest and most knowledgeable person that you know.

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