This is a nice way to personalize the Apple Watch a bit, and you can easily create a custom photo watch face in just a few moments. At the moment that is not possible with Apple Watch, the only custom photo face available is with a digital clock rather than hands.
Celestial builds on DualBoot Games' animations and design capabilities to create one of most impressive and intricate watch faces I have seen on Wear so far.
Their live wallpaper "Ocean HD" has been my default wallpaper on all my devices for over 2yrs. Are you seriously considering all the wasted space by fitting a circle in a square as a legitimate thing?

I personally think it looks fine, even with the "wasted space." The visuals are really nice. Google Glass Team Says Facial Recognition Apps Will Not Be Approved, But Can They Stop Anyone From Using One?
This way every time you activate the Apple Watch to glance at the time, you’ll see the picture of your choice with a date and clock atop the image.
Put a picture of your favorite person, people, animal, pets, landscapes, cities, whatever you want, they will look great on the Apple Watch face as a clock.
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It follows the sun and moon's motions in your specific geolocation and changes its colors throughout the day with shades of blue, purple, yellow, and red. Tron-blue hues punctuate the hourly marks and the hands, with lighter blue concentric circles for the background and thinner lines for the dial. And the LG G Watch R doesn't have the flat tire, so it's not unreasonable for them to show it for that.

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