Carefully structured step-by-step tutorials cover every stage of the process, so no specialist knowledge is needed. Alannah Moore is committed to enabling small business owners and individuals get themselves online using WordPress as a platform.
Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend demonstrates how anyone can create a website that looks professional, while being entirely tailored to their needs and preferences. With beautiful website examples and tips throughout for inspiration, every reader will be able to get themself or their business online in just a couple of days.

A web designer since 2001, she now runs WordPress workshops in London and Paris, and specialises in advising small-scale entrepreneurs on website solutions. I’m going to use this wonderful new book of ours, Create Your Own Website Using WordPress in a Weekend, to build a website using WordPress…er…in a weekend. The Photographer's Eye, now on iPad Boudoir Photography - a sneak peek Alan Moore: Storyteller signing! We've exploded with an iPad App-fest Photographer's i Issue 3 out now Just who is a creative blogger, anyway?

Create HTML 5 website layout From Scratch 8. How to create a One-Page Website Template 9.

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