Inspired by last conference I participate I decided to make a try to create testing life-cycle model on my own.
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Queen of Your Own Life is an attitude, a way of life and a call to action for grown up women everywhere. She was afraid it was too late to do the things she had promised herself she would accomplish in life. Once we know what it is that would truly make us happy, we can get about the business of creating the life we want. When is the last time you spent the day with yourself doing not what you “should” do, but what you wanted to do? She was a recovering people pleaser who still had to remind herself that saying yes to everyone, all the time, was the same as saying no to herself, most of the time. Have you ever followed a gut feeling and done something others thought was wacky or weird that turned out to be a wonderful adventure? She decided to spend the day embracing, with love, the perfectly imperfect people in her life – even herself. Sometimes when she was tired or all sugared up, she would slip and start to beat herself up for any number of silly reasons. From childhood through adulthood, we’re asked to conform and in some cases, conformity is a good thing. We had customers who were never specific enough in defining requirements, so developers had their interpretations, technologies and prebuilt functionality did their interpretation – most of interpretations were accepted by customer, even some of what we testers called bugs were accepted as features. I have been reading requirements and whatever documentation available to come up with test ideas, but when I start testing a new feature I never start by testing what I’ve “designed”. But if we allow ourselves to live in that vague feeling of mild unhappiness (or deeper unhappiness) without taking a moment each day to try to get to the root of what would make us happy, then we’re participating in holding ourselves captive to unhappiness. So every time she showered she imagined the water was washing away all of her fears, literally dissolving them, leaving her feeling energized, vibrant and strong.

We can use them to scare the heck out of ourselves, which is usually manifested as worry, or we can use them to calm, relax, inspire and help us move from stress to a state of confidence. She knew that sometimes the wackiest ideas could lead to the most spectacular adventures, if we just have the courage to listen. Then she would stop and remind herself that perfection and being a human being were not compatible.
However it looks like there is a habit to use models as a way to manage process: set milestones and artifact based on the model.
I start by positive testing – playing with the feature, learning it, maybe asking developer something.
But being the kind of people other’s like and being the kind of person who will become anything to be liked are two very different animals. So I will design the model so that it illustrates milestones: sequence and interdependency of tasks. That’s how they do it in some textbooks and how testing certification authorities teach testing life-cycle. Can we all just agree to knock it off and treat ourselves the way we would a cherished friend – with compassion, forgiveness and a lot of leeway? You’ve weathered so much in your life and you have the fortitude to take on anything that comes your way.
And dig up my test design (though actually I dig it up only when I run out of test ideas – to figure out that half of the designed test I’ve done already). Today we’re hoping that the trail is smooth from here on out and that your experiences lead you down only lazy, glorious trails with beautiful vistas.
You have to open the door, put a sign out front, stand on the corner and invite it in.  Are you ready?  Start by telling us what would make you happy. Besides, it seems so wrong to do just what we want when there are SO many other people, places and things tugging at us for attention. We think your gut instincts lead you into big adventures, small joyful detours and wonderful opportunities if you just slow down, practice listening to yourself and then, above all else, believe your opinion matters. But there are other ways in which we’re asked to conform where a rebellion may be in order.

Maybe you see it otherwise – then I suggest you to make your own model, so that your peers and stakeholders know how do you do testing. Your opinion, your talents, your passions, your dreams, your health and happiness – all of those may be inconvenient for others who long for you not to rock the boat. A little secret is that no amount of high end skin care will change the way you feel about yourself (although we admit to loving a good skin care product).
We talk, every day, about setting boundaries, practicing happiness, treating ourselves with respect, and building a support system but what’s the point if we don’t know how to spend quality time with ourselves? Deny your own needs, social, emotional or physical, to take care of the needs of others without gaining anything in return? Have you ever changed a habit and found that even though it was good for you, it didn’t make everyone around you happy? From this moment on, let’s not just think of ourselves as survivors, but as thrivers. Promise us you’ll take an hour, a half day or even, gasp, a full day to do something wonderful with yourself and no one else. When someone wants to quit smoking, all their smoking buddies may see this act as a rejection of the time they spend together huddled in the doorway outside the office. When you compare your insides to someone else’s outside, you will always come up short. When you decide to stop drinking, all your social drinking adventures may seem off limits and you might feel isolated. How can I go on that trip to Chianti country and not drink?) But the truth is that changing a habit or embracing a dream are all ways of boldly disrupting the status quo.

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