Two trends I’ve noticed for some time on social media give cause for well-needed hope for society.
One is a great and growing kindness towards the entire animal kingdom, and the second is unphotoshopped evidence of incredibly precocious children who exhibit skills far beyond their years.
What it tells us is that all over the world older souls are returning.  This is good news because, in addition to talent, older souls always bring greater wisdom just by virtue of having learned lessons in earth school many times over. Nick Savage is the founder and CEO of The League Inc., and the Executive Director of The League of Extraordinary Athletes, a non-profit that focuses on delivering concierge services to student-athletes and artists to achieve a life beyond sports, and the arts. What advice do you have for student-athletes and their families trying to get scholarships? This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings of the NYC based National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR that specializes in providing book marketing strategies to self-published and traditionally published authors.
The post Change Others Unsuccessfuly to Stay in Your Box..Or Burst Free into Evolutionary Warmth! How we can open to the Divine Map of complete fullness, prosperity, love, and wellness instead of aiming to alter others?
One of the deepest lessons in trusting life came to me from Sheila, a dear friend who suffered from addictions.
Sometimes, when a person is convinced that others are responsible for their happiness, those others fall into guilt.
SEO might not be hard, but it takes doing actions which should be dedicated in your schedule every week. This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings, of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR and the creator of JenningsWire online magazine.
Listen Here: Michelle Gielan, national CBS News anchor turned positive psychology researcher, is the bestselling author of Broadcasting Happiness. Do you think it’s harder than ever to be positive in what some say is a very negative, fear-based world? This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings of the National PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR located in the NYC area. Hundreds of podcasters have enjoyed professional, promotional interviews with one of the top interviewers in the country who does an amazing job for you. It’s promotional and pure power.  Podcast is designed to showcase your best advice and insight throughout the podcast and the wraps up includes all of your promotional info including your website, book, services and more! Annie Jennings PR is known thoughout the industry as a high quality name brand publicity leader. Listen Here: Frank Bucaro has spent his speaking career training leaders and their employees on the value, necessity, commitment and practical applications needed to create an ethical culture, and decided to put those findings, experiences, and wisdom learned into a fast paced, practical read on how to do this from a leadership perspective. The Trust Puzzle: How to Keep Your Company on the Ethical High Road is a book of short chapters with tools, techniques, stories, experiences, and lessons learned which is designed to help readers pick and choose what to read when to read and to use this as a reference.
If you’d like to grow revenue or just make more money, what’s the first thing you should do? Aren’t you known for bestselling business books like “The Social Media Bible” and “The Fusion Marketing Bible”?
In your book, you identify nine derailers of an executive’s career.  Which 3 or 4 were most often mentioned by the CEOs you interviewed?
You also identified four characteristics of an effective Leader With Courage.  Can you briefly describe them? I saw that you offered a self-assessment as part of the book.  Can you tell me more about it? This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings, of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR that specializes in providing book marketing strategies to self-published and traditionally published authors. When did you realize that you had toxic relationships that negatively impacted on your life. This podcast is presented by Annie Jennings, of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings PR that specializes in providing book promotion services to self-published and traditionally published authors. You can be a guest on the morning show or an expert the TV station has on the air to comment on a breaking news story.
Annie Jennings is the creator of the online sensation, JenningsWire magazine and the creator of the famous pay for play TV booking campaign.

Listen Here: Marilyn Suttle is a relationship-strengthening customer experience expert, international speaker, and business owner for over 20 years.
What are the three things busy professionals can do to have breakthrough success with customers? You say that “making mistakes” is the best thing that you, and the people you work, with can do.
Marilyn’s new book, Taming Gladys: The Busy Leader’s Guide to Creating Fierce Customer Loyalty is available now. Find out from this real client what it’s like to work with the famous Annie Jennings PR.
In this podcast, A’Mera Frieman, author of Breaking the Line: Victoria’s Beginning, reveals how she was able to leverage her radio campaign – which included appearances on CBS and ABC Radio Shows across the country – into new opportunities! When I decided to move forward with my media campaign, I did quite a bit of research for a reputable PR firm that works with first time authors. Once I filled out the questionnaire, the team focused on my background, personal life, and what my books were about to create an interesting and very correct title for me as a race relations advocate. Because of the radio team’s excellent promotion and my media training, I landed an extra interview at the end of my campaign with a major market in Cincinnati. Annie Jennings PR opened the door to an increased message platform for me by focusing on me as an author and as a Black woman of multicultural heritage. Howard Sambol is the founder of the Life Crafting Program where he empowers professional men and women to craft an ideal business based on their purpose, passion and greatest gifts so they can make money doing what they love.
The post Podcast: 3 Secrets To Make Money Doing What You Love appeared first on JenningsWire. In today’s podcast, you’ll learn 3 essential secrets which when applied, make this outcome achievable. What is an Effective Support System and why is it a critical part of anyone’s success strategy? No matter where you’re at in your life, career or business now, I can assure you that you can craft a business in which you make money doing what you LOVE. Annie Jennings PR books authors, speakers and experts on major high impact radio talk interview shows, on local, regionally syndicated and national TV shows and on influential online media outlets and in prestigious print magazines and newspapers across the country. He’s discussing how to stand out and be “xtraordinary” in the world of academic and athletic achievement. Annie Jennings PR books authors, speakers and experts on major top city radio talk shows that broadcast to the heart of the market, on local, regionally syndicated and national TV shows and on influential online media and in prestigious print magazines and newspapers. Sheila was loyal, kind, thoughtful, and caring, However, her attachment to her addictions took her in spirals of broken promises and lies.
As I emptied myself into neutral vast clearness in following days, new closeness with a variety of people came in.
Nenad first started working on SEO to grow his own projects, and with continued success, he has transitioned to using this knowledge in both an agency and in house setting. We’ve mentioned some of the tools out there to help businesses get ahead, but it will take a little bit of manual work to get the full benefits of it. JenningsWire is capturing the heart of America with its rich community of talented, insightful and relevant bloggers and podcasters!
Michelle is also the Founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research and is partnered with Arianna Huffington to study how transformative stories fuel success. She is an Executive Producer of “The Happiness Advantage” Special on PBS and a featured professor in Oprah’s Happiness course.
Annie Jennings PR is a book marketing and book promotion firm helping authors achieve their highest levels of success in their area of expertise. You will sound terrific and get a marketable asset you can use on your social media, website, media page and more. You get a broadcast quality podcast interview you will be proud to share with all of your social media and post on your site. All of the JenningsWire podcasters and bloggers agree not only to share their own post, but to share the podcasts and posts of others they find meaningful to them. Anyone associated with Annie is ahead of the game and taken very seriously by not only the media but with clients as well.
Tell Annie using the link below that you want to be a guest on the JenningsWire podcast series.

Annie Jennings PR specializes in marketing books for getting authors booked on radio talk show interviews, TV shows in major online and in high circulation magazines and newspapers. Want to get on TV without spending a ton of money?  Annie books TV without asking you for a monthly retainer so she can “try” to get you booked. She’s a bestselling author, and her new book Taming Gladys: The Busy Leaders Guide to Fierce Customer Loyalty has just been released. Annie Jennings PR was the first name on the Google list with proven results and testimonies.
The interview requests were precisely timed with events that were happening in the media and matched perfectly to my advocacy. I use the race relations title to promote my motivational speaking and book related events. The reputation behind the name made it easy for me to be booked as a guest on radio shows that had never heard my name. What if rejection, unexpected reactions, or changes of trusted plans are designed to send us into deeper union with ourselves? Might we miss these if we are focused on rearranging others’ ways of participating with us? But please know, if you feel guilty for another’s need for you to be someone other than you are, you will do yourself and them good by letting that go.
The easier option is to have an agency that can provide you with a great website and take care of the SEO legwork, this is where ThoughtLab comes in. Working with our PR firm can help authors get booked on major radio talk shows, TV shows, in online media and in print media.
Annie also works with speakers and experts to build up powerful platforms of credibility and influence.
Marilyn specializes in the “Suttle” Shifts that produce breakthrough success in business and in life. Of course, I looked at other agencies as well, but none had the stats of Annie Jennings PR.
They stayed in constant contact by email or phone to keep me updated on what was happening with my campaign.
As more people became aware of my name in search engines, I am able to use the interview clips increase awareness of my social platform. The reason why I was recruited to host my own radio show is because of the credibility of the radio shows where I was a guest.
The peace I had sought by changing Sheila came by releasing Sheila to be on her own learning curve. Annie’s top level radio campaign offers authors bookings on the biggest talk shows that broadcast to the top cities in the USA. Outstanding social media exposure and lots of new visitors to JenningsWire eager to discover your voice.
The media training that Jason gave me was excellent and prepared me for easy and difficult interviews. The radio talk show campaigns comes with unlimited media training, professional publicists with mega experience and the famous guarantee of performance.
I’m also excited because my experience as a creditable guest on several major market radio show, I was approached to be a host of my own internet radio show with the Fishbowl Radio Network. I’m more than pleased at the pivotal role that Annie Jennings PR played in my upcoming status as an author and radio show host. Our clients report outstanding results such as new business, book deals, big speaking events, keynote presentations, distribution deals and lots more. One day, it dawned on me that Sheila’s mixture of care, kindness, and loved mixed up with betraying ways was in my life to liberate me. As I let myself tumble through the emotional waves of disappointment and sadness, I fell into a vastly expanding neutral.

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