The new ad is part of the next phase of the Sport15 campaign, which Adidas launched in February with former agency 180 L.A. The adidas Create Your Own Game ad was developed at 72andSunny by chief creative officer Glenn Cole, executive creative director Jason Norcross, group creative director Gui Borchert, senior writer Jack Jensen, designer Gerardo Oritz, executive producer Sam Baerwald, senior producers Laura Ferguson and Chris Kyriakos, junior producer Michael Quinones, group brand director James Stephens, brand director Matt Rohmer, senior brand manager Ryan Warner and brand coordinator Megan Russell, working with adidas Global Football VP, Global Communications Ryan Morlan, senior director of global communications Lia Vakoutis, senior producer Kristin Mellqvist, director of brand communications Flo Alt and senior producer Penny Pijnenburg. What is The Inspiration Room?A global effort designed to influence, affect and involve creative communities in the development of a world standard for inspiration, particularly in the fields of advertising, design and film. In my last article, I explained why text adventure games are some of the most Steampunk computer games out there.
How Hard Is It Really?Before I get into the specifics, let me give you an idea of the difficulty.I learned enough about interactive fiction coding in five days to write the game that I linked to in the last post. Choosing the Right CompilerThe very first thing you need to do is get your hands on a compiler. Breaking Down What Just HappenedLet me break down the code one part at a time so that you understand what's going on here. Using the "If" MechanicIn the following example, I'll introduce another room, and the 'if' mechanic. What to Do with Your GamesAs I mentioned earlier, there's a thriving interactive fiction community out there.
I found an online text-adventure editor called quest, where you don't even need to know any coding at all.
Personally, I prefer ZTAB for writing text games, since you can design while you are playing, and you can visualize graphically all the interactions.
This how-to isn’t trying to teach you how to make a complete Gnome Shell theme but it will help you to make some cool tricks in minutes. The post is called Marvel-ize your Gnome Shell Theme, so lets create some Marvel Superheroes first.. I don’t know what engine Gnome uses to render the CSS but it seems that it cannot draw some complicated CSS gradients and other stuff.

There was no reason for Gnome to choose the standard CSS for theming as it is one of the worst technologies on Web. That’s all, next time I’ll show you how you can easily modify the whole shell interface through its JavaScript core files, and make your very own custom Gnome-Shell! While everyone else is content with simply idolizing their sport heroes, the next wave of creators are busy creating their own game. I even shared a free Steampunk text adventure game that I'd made myself!Now, I grew up playing text-based games (which are now known as interactive fiction) such as Zork, Lurking Horror, and Starcross. Likewise, I can code in HTML and BASIC, but when it comes to real code, my eyes glaze over and I suddenly find something else to do.So if you like video games but don't have the ability to bring a fully-realized 2D or 3D game to life, you should consider text games! I started from having absolutely no knowledge and went to being somewhat proficient in only five days.
They're free on the internet, like most interactive fiction resources.The one that I used is called Inform 7, and it's the easiest one to learn because it's all written in plain English. The compiler is divided into a split screen so that you can see the code at the same time as the game, or the documentation, or whatever else you'd like. The code can get pretty complicated later, but to write a very simple game, I really only need to show you two examples.
If you just want to share the game with your friends, you can host it somewhere and then use Parchment to let people play it online.
In terms of coding, it's about on par with Inform with the sole exception that its visual interface may provide a more intuitive environment for new users.
It has a beautiful interface, and requires no code, and has so many features that inform 7 is just crap!
Also I can make different wallpapers for each workspaces but I’ll make this on another how to. There are some robust CSS engines (like Stylus and others) that enable rapid CSS OO development and already are well established on enterprise development; I just hope Gnome to move there.

My experience with them has been pretty fun and fulfilling, and I can only hope that others find the same!
That's what I did.However, there's a full Interactive Fiction Database where you can have your game listed. Also my Superwoman makes reading the menus hard, but we can easily fix that by changing the opacity of the image.
However, it is very difficult, and there were certainly times when I wanted to bang my head against a wall.So while it's not the hardest thing in the world, don't expect it to be a walk in the park! In many ways, learning Inform 7 was like playing a text game, in that you have to figure out what words it wants you to say to accomplish different tasks. Much like the "instead of eating article" that I included before, this time I provided a circumstance in which the player could continue to the East. The game played on streets, pitches and parks across the world is about making your own impact, about seeing what you want and taking it.
This is all really simple stuff, and pretty much all examples of the same principle: displaying 'things', be they rooms, articles, or people.
If the player inputs a command, you can subvert that command by saying that instead of doing it, to do something else. In this case, rather than actually eating the article, you're cleverly rebuffed.This leads to my last example for now.

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