Writing as a harbour, a curse, a passion, a vocation, a blessing, revenge, pilgrimage, love, hatred, intuition, calculation, craft, good behaviour, misdemeanour, poverty inducing, money making, thrilling and enervating way of life. Whether you’re looking to create your own photo book to sell or looking to make a book to remember the special occasion like a wedding, you can find what you need using Lulu’s photo book service. They even let you upload your photos from sites like flickr, photobucket and facebook, so you don’t even have to dig around your hard drive looking for photographs.
You can also add your book to the market place, so other people can buy it while you get a commission for every book sold.
Instead I've just received its index to review.Reading an index is an intriguing way to review one's own book.

The alphabet clearly gives it an order, but otherwise an index smashes through all the carefully impanted narrative sense and chronology (perhaps much as a reader's memory might do).
The index-writer (I must find out the professional term for such a being) has done well in sifting through the family relationships that can be blurred by similarity of name.
I finished my first read in an admiring mode.Then one of my new colleagues at Plymouth University set me to thinking. He mentioned the challenge of going into one's own index to discover material you know to be in the book, to see if the index directs you successfully.
You've guessed it.The trick in academia, a Plymouth historian informed me, was to do your own index.

Especially so since my contract stipulated, in what I thought was a particularly sad clause, that I should pay half the costs of such an index but Simon & Schuster have come through to pay the whole whack.

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