Blog — sascha breuer, Strong and shiny take on as true a red as you can get within the ‘natural hair begin creating a regular three-strand two very different but. Hailing as a pop art portraitist and art designer, "Ash the Painter" has been working endlessly out of her home pumping out high-quality hand painted art to meet an ever increasing demand, especially the art she creates that focuses on natural hair. Her work certainly speaks volumes and displays vibrant, bold and colorful hues of pop artists, women rocking natural hair, the overall genre of present-day pop culture, ethnic and cultural style portraits.
Ash has had provided clients with self portraits, original artwork, business signs, logos, t-shirts, and other custom art designs with her talented hands. On Sunday, October 6th, Ash's dreams will come true as she opens the doors of her studio to the public. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
The more natural your extensions look the better you will feel about them and the more confident you will be as you wear them for an extended period of time.A bad weave is easy to spot, it looks as if it is separated from your own natural hair, the tracks show, and the quality of the hair is immediately diminished because we can’t get over how the install appears.
You should take the time to learn your hair and which products and product mixes work best for you.
You may not see the benefit in the beginning but sticking to your regimen will be worth it in the end. Kinks, curls, coils and Afros have all been created on her canvases by the stroke of her brushes.

Her dream is to one day open her own art studio as a haven for where she could define and create her own vision of beauty, which is "sometimes nappy, sometimes classy, sometimes stylish and all in between." Ash's creative and unique eye has taken her to heights I'm sure she's never dreamed she would quite reach. If you live in the area (2 hours from Seattle), show some love and stop by the Grand Opening Art Show and Concert at 707 N. Here are four simple tips you can use that will keep your hair looking as natural as possible fooling everyone around you including the person in the mirror!GET BANGS: The hardest part of a full head of weave to hide is the hairline and rocking bangs would certainly do the trick when effectively hiding the hairline.
Your hair regimen is a process where you perform basic steps on a regular basis to keep your hair healthy and thriving. I don’t necessarily use an entire product line on my hair, but I know what works well together and works best for my hair.
Straight out of Wichita, Ash began drawing at the age of 7, painting at the age of 19 and freelancing, and selling art by the age of 23. Bangs come in a variety of styles and picking the right one depends on the shape of your face and what you like. Your regimen doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming either, you can keep it really simple. If you like to apply a lot of heat to your hair, then you may need to deep condition once a week.
Just make sure after a few months that you evaluate your regimen to determine if it is working for your hair.

The benefit I see from this is that my hair gets a break from frequent styling. I am able to retain length by practicing this. I make sure to focus on my scalp massaging in a circular motion to help lift product buildup from my hair. Keep a journal of things that you think worked for your hair and things that need improvement. A partial weave essentially means that your start your weave from the middle or back of the head leaving your entire crown area untouched.The benefits include having your own hairline and not worrying about how to match it, having enough hair out to make side parts or bangs that flatter your face.
Using fewer extensions almost guarantees that your hair will look more natural especially if you are able to match the extension hair perfectly in the back to your leave out in the front.Written by The Hair StationThe Hair Station by Anirah is a women oriented brand creating an experience that projects value in all that a woman desires. Utilizing innovative technology, visual documentaries, and blogging we strive to create a virtual playground focusing on the untold stories that you want to hear about in a variety of cultural markets.

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