1.Unity - High performing workplaces are unified and have every-one working together as a team.
By ensuring a tidy work environment and operational equipment, leaders ensure that subtle messages are given that only productive and safe behaviours are tolerated.
Other more intrinsic signs are that staff a€™s personal needs are considered important and that they are listened to, if they have any concerns. Unity messages that working at the company is a team effort, that group goals are achievable and that looking out for teammates is required, while being responsible for your own safety.
Compassionate messages that the company wants the best for staff, that staff contributions are welcomed and that safety is a priority.
Communication is also open at all levels and staff can offer feedback that is actioned rather than ignored. By ensuring that these three factors are in balance, organisations ensure that there workplace is highly functional and cohesive, with trust being the centrepiece of how the organisations operates. Tijdens de Sportvasten Groeps-Challenge starten we met een kleine groep, onder begeleiding van Sportvasten Coach Tamara Brank, de Sportvastenkuur tegelijkertijd.
When we establish trust, we are able to let our guard down and feel comfortable with the other person. If each person in the relationship considers and attends to the other person, both people will feel respected and cared for. People are often afraid to show the world their truest selves because they fear what others will think of them. Successful couples have learned how to repair the situation before an argument gets out of control.

This means that all communication uses the terms a€?wea€? and us" and that clear goals are set. Er wordt elke dag een training aangeboden en er is een groepsforum waar iedereen zijn ervaringen op kan delen en vragen op kan stellen. When you think in terms of "WE" rather than "I" you build the relationship and develop trust within your partnership.
Make sure your tone of voice, body language and facial expressions all convey the same thing.
Remember that being trustworthy is an ongoing process of making an effort to sustain connection and repair disconnection. Boundaries create trust and emotional health and are created by people who are emotionally healthy. John Gottman said accepting influence from each other is a critical element in a successful intimate relationship. Repairing the situation before an argument gets completely out of control (using humor, making a caring remark, saying "I am sorry," validating your partner's feelings or offering signs of appreciation) is important.
John Gottman, couples in a happy marriage, make at least five times as many positive statements to and about each other as negative ones. Developing and fostering trust within your relationship will help you thrive and grow together. Het blijft een individuele kuur maar op deze manier heb je mensen om je heen die precies begrijpen wat er gebeurd en er samen voor gaan.
It does mean always considering their thoughts and opinions and doing all you can to make them feel loved and respected.

By shedding your "mask," you let your partner know that you trust them fully to accept you as you are.
Whenever you have doubts, fears or concerns about your relationship, communicate them openly with your partner. They should be empowered to say "Yes," or "No." While they may not always answer with a "Yes," they will at least respect your honesty and wants. If your partner is sending you conflicting messages, do not assume that they have bad intentions. Healthy personal boundaries require taking responsibility for your own actions and emotions, while NOT taking responsibility for the actions or emotions of others. When partners are not willing to share their power with their spouse, it leads to unhappiness and instability in marriage. Your partner can realize that you are as human as he or she is and it is okay to be "not perfect." If you want a happy life, you must be authentic. Lack of friendship and emotional connection may lead one of the partners to seek intimacy in other places, resulting in emotional and even physical adultery.

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