Innovation Tools - (Digital) tools that will increase the innovation potential of your team or company. Organizations that are successful at innovation naturally develop a strong innovation culture.
Organizations that are successful at innovation naturally develop a strong innovation culture.  Such a culture is much appreciated by customers who say that the company is a genuine innovator, and it’s also known among the people inside the organization as a dynamic and innovation-friendly place to be. But supposing an innovation culture doesn’t yet exist in your organization.  Then how can you nurture it?  How do organizations develop an innovation culture?  Who should be involved in the innovation process?  And what roles should they play? Every culture is an expression of behaviors and attitudes, and every organization’s culture reflects the beliefs and actions of its people, as well as the history that shaped them.  The innovation culture, of course, is likewise an expression of people, their past, and their current beliefs, ideas, behaviors, and actions about innovation.
We have found that the innovation culture comes into being when people throughout the organization actively engage in promoting and supporting innovation, implementing rigorous innovation methods, and filling three essential roles:  Creative Geniuses, Innovation Champions, and Innovation Leaders. Who comes up with the critical ideas that are the beginnings of innovation, and then turns these ideas into insights, and insights into innovations?  They are Creative Geniuses, and they work everywhere, inside and outside.
Innovation Champions are those who promote, encourage, prod, support, and drive innovation in their organizations.  They do this in spontaneous moments of insight, in ad-hoc initiatives, as well as in highly structured innovation programs. While they may work anywhere in the organization, including in senior management positions, line management roles, staff, or front line operations roles, the specific nature of the Innovation Champion’s role is to function in the middle, to provide the bridge between the strategic decisions of senior managers and the day to day focus of front line workers.
An Innovation Leader is someone who shapes or influences the core structures and the basic operations of an organization, all with a clear focus on supporting innovation. Core structures include the design of the organization itself, as well as its policies and their underlying principles.  Metrics and rewards can also be core structures. The actions and attitudes of senior managers are based, ultimately, on their philosophies about management, on their mindset, which we explored earlier in this document. Do leaders believe in a win-win model, or win-lose?  Win-lose organizations usually are not trusting environments, and because trust is so important to innovation, when it’s missing innovation suffers. The table is a slight parody, in that there are no purely status quo organizations, but it does frame the contrast quite clearly. The firm that’s obsessed with the status quo probably won’t last very long, but some managers still seem to believe in this model, and their domineering attitudes and behaviors reinforce it. Innovation doesn’t happen without leaders who embrace it, nor can it happen without people who have ideas and are willing to risk failure to experiment with them. And of course it happens best, and fastest, when all three roles are consciously implemented and mutually supporting. So what is important is not that we classify people into the various categories; in fact, we should avoid doing that. Langdon Morris is a co-founder of InnovationLabs LLC, one of the world’s leading innovation consultancies. Use the power of grid based designs to create a structured and professional page layout in InDesign, which can then be populated with a range of information to produce a polished CV or Resume. I was recently invited to participate in the Steven Stevenson challenge over at Smashing Magazine.
Let’s go back through the process of creating the document, and see how the initial grid layout was produced. Being a design aimed more towards print, and one that concentrates on the fine grid details, we’ll use Adobe InDesign as the application of choice.

Use the Rectangle Frame Tool to draw a box in the top right corner, with the option to Snap to Grid active the shape should fit exactly to the gridlines.
With the title being large in size, any slight inaccuracies will be much more visible, spend a few moments to kern the letters. Repeat the process with the second line of text, but this time make the type smaller in size. Edit the text by setting in the appropriate font, set the size to 10pt and leading to 13pt to match the baseline grid. Change the colour of the text to white and align it to the center of the rectangles, as opposed to the baseline itself. Select the bunch of list items and go to Type > Bulleted & Numbered Lists > Apply Bullets. With the list still selected, go to Type > Bulleted & Numbered Lists > Convert Bullets to Text. We can now go through and select each bullet point, and change the text colour to Cyan, adding a little visual tweak to the page design. When viewed without the guides the design holds itself together well with neatly aligned content and a clean, structured appearance. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files.
Unless you are applying to agencies and know in advance that they will accept PDFs and use a color printer to print out your resume, this wouldn’t work, however great-looking it is. I also recommend having a basic, Microsoft Word version of your resume for less tech-savvy companies who might not have that latest, up-to-date version of Acrobat Reader. Been using grids in Illustrator for some time now and makes life a bit easier when you get to grips with it.
Nice write-up, though I do wonder why you chose to redefine everything individually, rather than just setting paragraph styles for everything.
For example, I’d think that creating a ‘List’ style where you define the form, size, shape, and colour of the bullet to use and simply apply that style to all the list items you have on the page would be much easier than manually selecting and changing the colour of each bullet—no? Or were you perhaps just trying to avoid making a simple tutorial too long by working around the Paragraph Styles palette? I know a lot of time and effort goes into producing any tut, which is why I feel bad for mentioning anything negative. I think a better layout and hierarchy would go a long way toward making this an even better CV. Innovation leaders set expectations, define priorities, celebrate and reward successes, and deal with failures, and all of these factors can be done in a way that makes innovation easier or more difficult, because each can be arranged to favor the status quo or to favor useful and effective change. Nor does it happen without champions to bridge between the strategic and operations questions and the individuals who have ideas and want to explore them. This does not mean that each individual can play only one of these roles; many people are geniuses, and leaders, and champions, and at various times we play all of these roles. We just need make sure that all three roles are being played, and played well, so that defining, developing, and implementing ideas that become innovations becomes the norm.
Langdon is also a Contributing Editor and Writer of Innovation Management, Associate Editor of the International Journal of Innovation Science, a member of the Scientific Committee of Business Digest, Paris, and Editor of the Aerospace Technology Working Group Innovation Series.

The goal was to produce a CV or Resume layout for a fictional character using the details supplied. Being a desktop publishing package InDesign has a bunch of useful tools for creating complex layouts.
With the planned design using a lot of Cyan, it would be handy to change the colour of the gridlines from blue.
Our page is now ready to place elements accurately in relation to the structured gridlines.
Using variations in size and colour gives prominence to these elements, and helps display the various sections of information clearly.
The main titles at the top of the page stand out the most with their size and vibrant background colour.
Draw a blue rectangle behind the text, but shorten it in size to just under the height of the baseline.
Make any final checks to the page elements and ensure all items are aligned to the underlying grid.
Unless you are applying to a creative agency, you’re going to want to go black and white and allow a healthy margin for inkjet printers. Many of them still detect keywords in PDF documents, but any special characters in your document can really screw things up. If you look closely you will see that there is only one line gap before the heading Computer Skills and the rest have two.
I work in InDesign daily and know a lot of the ins and outs, but it’s still nice to see this program get some props.
He is author, co-author, or editor of eight books on innovation and strategy, and a frequent speaker at innovation conferences worldwide. The secondary information is displayed under medium sized titles, which are also displayed in blue. This is where the design skills come handy: designing around limits that are set by HR and corporations and still be able to stand out is a real challenge. We’re not planning on mass-producing the document so no bleed is necessary, but it could be handy if you’re planning on trimming down the final page if doubled up on an A3 printer. Also change the start to 0mm from the Top Margin, Increment them to every 13pt and untick the Grids in Back option.
The next level of information is set is a stronger weight font, but is toned back slightly with an 80% black, and finally the body text uses the standard 10pt black styling.
It also means that your typographic variations for headers and subheads be defined in ways other than color (i.e. As it stands, my eye goes down the right column first without ever looking at the left column.

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