Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Either if you are a sales representative you will be happy to learn how to make a simple catalog template using PowerPoint 2010 and other versions of PowerPoint.
Custom PowerPoint layouts can be used to prepare the different pages and slides for a catalog template. The first custom layout that we will create for the product catalog is the product list page.
Tip: You can use the horizontal alignment tool to distribute the products along the entire slide. Finally, we will create a secondary custom layout for the product page in this catalog template. For the product page or product slide we will add the picture placeholder on the left and the description text placeholder on the right.
The catalog template contains a summary layout, an about us layout, a slogan layout page, two column content and three column content page, a section break slide, quick facts, comparison table, as well as other product layouts, including product description, a product page, product list, product review layout, one product page with price, a product showcase plus a Thank you slide template. We will show you here how to insert a custom layout and customize it to show your product catalog, descriptions, photos as well as price and other product information.

This will create a new custom layout in the PowerPoint presentation template or slide template.
Here you can choose to insert any of the following placeholders: Content, Text, Picture, Chart, Table, SmartArt graphics, Media, Clip Art. To use the horizontal distribution you need to select all the shapes that you need to align and then go to Drawing Tools menu -> Format menu and look for Arrange button.
Repeat the process by inserting a new custom layout and this time we will add a bigger picture and a description like the sample below. We have added a simple text placeholder for the price too, and you can increase the text size to make it more visible. You can edit this product catalog template to add your own products in the PowerPoint presentation. You don’t need to know about Photoshop or other catalog tools to edit it, and no additional software is required.
We will prepare a layout to embed our product photos and description, and include a price and any other product meta information. This will help you to create a new layout for your product catalog as well as defining all the styles for the catalog PowerPoint template.

We will add a picture using a placeholder, a description using a text placeholder and a price. Notice that you can duplicate an existing layout by right clicking in the layout thumbnails and clicking Duplicate Layout option. Also we added another text placeholder for the title or product name (or eventually the product SKU used in this catalog) and a product description title, but of course this will depend on your product catalog template needs.
Remember that you need to insert new slides and right click over the thumbnail and then choose Layout.
For this example we have used a simple PowerPoint 2013 product box and the same description that you can find on Amazon, but of course you can edit this placeholder with your own product text.

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