This tutorial is the second step in a series of tutorial showing you how to make a realistic cd player. Now, make a new layer above all of your previous layers and select a small portion of the top of your shape. Now duplicate the layer you just made and add a blur to it, you should now have an image like the one below. Many people are discovering that memory books are a fun and creative way to scrapbook about the topics they're passionate about. Think of it this way: A memory book, like the one below, is a no stress, easy way to look at scrapbooking.

If you include envelopes in your mini album to hold extra photos and memorabilia, remember that you can decorate the outside of the envelope and use it as an extra page in your album, complete with journaling, photos, titles, and more. For additional ideas on how you can use memory books to scrapbook your life, check out the October 2011 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine.
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You might want to cut down a little bit on the rounded corners to more of an oval shape if you prefer, or just leave it how it is. If you are looking for a unique way to record and highlight the important things in your life, consider using the ideas below to record your memories.

This approach is a quick and creative way to mishmash your photos, thoughts, and all of the wonderful things you want to remember without any of the design rules that may hinder your creativity. Simply compile items like favorite photos, memorabilia, and handwritten notes within the pages of your book, in no particular order. And in addition to holding photos, you can fill them with patterned paper, journaling blocks or flat memorabilia.

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