You can create your own zombie or vampire look right at home with some easy-to-find makeup products. Just a few more hours until Halloween; a night where you’re entitled to transform into whatever scary, heart stopping, jaw dropping, ghoulish creature your heart desires. While a tan may be trendy during a majority of the year, being pale is essential to looking half alive. To add an especially sickly look, you can even add a touch of baby powder to your cheeks to serve multiple purposes – keeping your make up in place and adding to your pale complexion. For a “fresh-out-of-the-ground” look, you may want to add a bit of black eye shadow to your cheeks. If you’d like to have a little more fun with it, be sure to pick up some fake blood at the costume shop and apply where you think it looks best. About Aly Payne (481 Posts)I am a Hockaday alum and recent graduate of Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame, IN, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications.

On Monday, May 2, 2016, all 150 Mattress Firm stores in Dallas-Fort Worth will host a clothing drive, the first of Mattress Firm Foster Kids’ donation drives to benefit local foster youth and families. So, start by washing your face and applying a simple moisturizer, just like you would during your everyday make-up application process! Using a combination of brown, grey and black eye shadow is your best option for your most realistic zombie look. After all, climbing out of your tomb is no easy or smooth task; you’re bound to pick up a little dirt on the way. Apply a dark shade of red, then take a tissue and press your lips against it for your best blood-stained look. I am an aspiring writer and journalist currently working with Davie Brown Entertainment - part of The Marketing Arm - here in Dallas, TX.
Once you’ve applied the moisturizer, apply a white foundation which can be found at most costume shops, such as a Spirit Halloween, or even at your local Target or Wal-Mart.

These specific colors allow for a hollow and Smokey contrast against your deathly skin color. As an avid reader, I constantly exercise my imagination and whet my appetite for creativity. Your goal is to make sure it appears as though not a single ray of sunshine has touched your skin – after all, sunlight is your greatest enemy.
I am outgoing and personable, and I look forward to incorporating my innate enthusiasm for creativity into my work!

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