You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Use our editable Crisis Management Plan template to effectively plan your action steps in dealing with a sudden crisis situation in your organization.
Insert your text in the space provided and customize by changing color, size and layout of the graphics to suit your needs.
IDEA POOL - This post Crisis in Business - Don't Panic Just Be Prepared shows how you can use this product in your next presentation. The Crisis Management Plan template features well-thought and informative graphics suggesting risk, danger, threat, protection, alternate solutions and overcoming obstacles. We all know what happened when the volcano in Iceland erupted and resulted in utter chaos in the aviation world.
At SimpliFlying, we saw a paradigm shift in the way airlines handle crises management, in the age of social media. Please feel free to share it with your colleagues, print it out or use it in your presentations, as long as full credit is given to SimpliFlying. Special thanks to Steve Frischling for help with the content, and Arno Ghelfi for the design.

Our most popular "All-In-One" download - Guidelines, Tools and Templates - discounted for a limited time. Complete Continuity ToolkitOur most popular download - immediately available in a zipped folder of seventeen Microsoft files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) all easily tailored to meet your needs.
A Model Business Continuity Plan focused on critical functions - suitable for organizations, businesses, buildings or facilities.
These Excel Worksheets support mapping critical functions and ranking risks in a clear and straightforward manner. The risk evaluation tools calculate risk priorities and contains other Worksheets suitable for recording key elements of the plan.
We build a firm foundation by assessing your needs - identifying the gap between where you are and where you need to be. Our framework for assessing your preparedness is built around seven key elements - each underpinned by five assessment criteria. This product has been developed from best practice approaches to emergency planning and risk management.
Our approach is aligned with the globally respected International Risk Management Standard ISO 31000.

Last updated 18 May 2016, the material on this website is provided for general information and as such, should not be relied upon for the purpose of any particular matter.
There are other graphics illustrating process flow to detail the action steps and how different departments coordinate to overcome emergency situations. Canuto has lectured and written widely on economic growth, financial crisis management, and regional development.
We also saw how some airlines and aviation authorities around the world struggled to cope with servicing the customers, while others used the latest social media tools to engage and update them. Instead of writing an article on it, we put together an info-graphic, that details the five key steps for managing crises, in the wake of the volcanic eruption.
His recent published work has dealt with financial crisis and economic growth in Latin America.

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