Our Hostile Environment Learning Program (HELP) is the most dynamic, unique, and effective safety training of this type available.
With kidnappings, terrorism, militia attacks and dangerous organised crime a nasty reality of today's changing world, the amount of organisations and individuals affected by crisis each year is considerable. The often remote unfamiliar and unpredictable nature of many regions, often without trusted law enforcement and Government support can complicate risks further.Our programs are unique in their diversity, intensity and the way they are formulated by our team of experts, and all based around the latest intelligence on your specific region, risks and trends. Every year thousands of people are kidnapped for ransom by organised kidnap gangs or subjected to a terrifying express kidnapping ordeal for fast cash. But when things go wrong and kidnappings do occur understanding the risks, modus operandi of various groups, how to mitigate further risks and manage the complexities of such a crisis to a safe resolution takes specialist expertise and support.Our Crisis Response Kidnap and Ransom Consultants work with our Intelligence and Operational support teams to assist both retained and private clients with understanding the type of incident, the perpetrators and how to implement effective strategies for a safe resolution.
After a free consultation with you to ascertain your details, one of our risk professionals will work with our Intelligence Directorate to fully assess your travel plans or region of operation and the risks.

Do you really understand the threat, its likelihood and potential impact and what can you do to mitigate the risks? At The Cavell Group we specialise in risk awareness and resilience training for organisations and individuals operating or travelling to hostile environments, as well as crucial contingency planning, crisis prevention and risk management for organisations large and small.With a dynamic team of specialist military, intelligence and security expertise, we tailor leading edge training packages and intelligence briefings to suit your requirements, harvest intelligence and mitigate risks internationally through proven management processes. If you have completed blog setup and still see this message please tick the box in Dashboard -- Global Settings -- External Plugin Compatibility. A must for anyone operating in or visiting remote, hostile, or potentially dangerous regions, it is a crucial must attend safety and security policy for mitigating risks, building awareness and increasing confidence.
Kidnap trends in some regions are epidemic, express kidnappings, kidnapping for ransom and merchant kidnappings are all ordeals no organisation, family or individual wants to go through. Visit our Hostile Environment training page to learn more or download our HELP brochure here.

Organisations are often crippled by litigation, reputational damage and the many other related consequences, with families thrown into months or even years of crisis and turmoil and many victims sadly killed or traumatised for life.Of course prevention is the best course of action, with kidnap awareness and hostage survival training crucial for those exposed to the potential risks, along with quality policies, risk management and contingency procedures in place and tested fully, see our training programs. At times like this you need diligence, diplomacy and a delicate discreet approach to resolution. It could be a kidnap or militia risk to staff whilst travelling, social media security risks at home, criminal activity or a natural disaster. Whatever your concerns our teams can assist you in ascertaining the risk level more accurately and formulating strategies to manage the risks more effectively.From risk assessments, policy formulation, contingency planning and training to audits and integrity testing, we can assist you with all your requirements.

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