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CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS TRAINING MATERIALSFree tools for trainers the materials you need tobuy customer .
CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAMME Programmes can be bespoke to increase awareness.
Demanding Customers: Customer Care Made PERFECT - DVD - Free Video Preview Available Online! Making Customer Service Work - Complete Workshop on CD-ROM & DVD - Free Preview Available Online! My Name is Not Gramps - Customer Service for Seniors - DVD - Free Video Preview Available Online! Person-to-Person Skills: Excellence in Customer Service - Series - DVD - Free Preview Available Online! Video Guide for Customer Service and Sales (episode 1) - DVD Style Course Free Preview Available Online!
Video Guide for Customer Service and Sales (episode 2) - DVD Style Course Free Preview Available Online! Building Employee Morale - Missed Opportunities - DVD Style Course Free Preview Available Online!
The good news about receiving a call from any angry customer is that it provides an opportunity to rectify the situation.
This program shows you how to deal with angry customers and increase the effectiveness of your call. This video production has a free downloadable online preview, which runs approximately 3 minutes. You may rent Angry Customers and Call Effectiveness on DVD for $200.00 (Please, call with your training dates - 1-253-759-6639). Travel to Shelburne, Vermont and take an inside look at what makes the Vermont Teddy Bear Company one of the nation’s most famous and successful companies.
Getting people to see the multiple opportunities for improving customer service and retention is an important step in any quality-minded organization. Five categories of excellent customer service have been identified based on current theories of customer service, as well as the author's personal experience in consulting with customer service personnel. The newly expanded Facilitator Guide includes suggested training designs, theoretical background, transparency masters, and more in a convenient 3-ring binder format. A sales and customer service training video featuring leading body language expert Jan Hargrave.
Hargrave, considered the leading expert on body language, is a college professor, has written 4 books, and has provided body language consulting for many high profile court cases including the Scott Peterson case. In this 2-part video series, you will learn how to go BEYOND WORDS and communicate more effectively with every customer by having deeper understanding of nonverbal communication. In Part One (11 Minutes) you'll learn the following basic body language skills as they relate to Business to Business Customer Service and Sales. This video was not produced with the intention that customers would purchase it and teach a class on body language; after all, where will a company find a subject matter expert on this topic within their own organization that would feel confident enough to TEACH it? Add Excitement to Your Training Programs If your training programs lack interest and participant involvement, you may be sending the wrong message.
Encourage your customer service representatives to answer, learn about, and reflect on the key questions that will help them to deliver exceptional service. Generic enough to use with any type of industry and successful with all types of customer service personnel, the exercises are automatically and completely relevant because participants use their own examples and experiences. Demanding Customers is an amusing video that demonstrates the techniques for making demanding customers satisfied.
In a wrong-way scenario, the video shows how easy it is to enrage and frustrate these demanding customers.
You may rent Ed Buys a Hat on DVD for $100.00 (Please, call with your training dates - 1-253-759-6639). To ensure front-line staff learn how their behavior can be used to improve customers' attitudes, and create new sales opportunities. How people behave when dealing with customers or colleagues can determine the success or failure of each interaction. This light-hearted video raises some simple, but key issues, and expresses them in a professional, down-to-earth manner.

To demonstrate why and how people across a customer-facing organization must put internal customer care into practice. Everyone in an organization forms part of a 'customer-service chain', which leads from dealing with customers right through the business. As the focus on excellent customer service continues to be a popular trend, there is a growing expectation that employees should receive the same level of service from internal service providers as they would elsewhere.
Unlike any other assessment available on the market today, the Internal Customer Service Assessment recognizes the differences between internal and external service.
The Employee Version, intended for customer service employees, focuses on your employees' perceptions of their abilities - and those of the organization - to deliver KYSOS.
The comprehensive Facilitator Guide covers both the Manager Version and the Employee Version. The Knock Your Socks Off Service® Readiness Assessment Series will guarantee your organization is ready to deliver superior service to every customer, every day!
This is a complete turnkey workshop with facilitator's guide, participant guide, overhead slides, and video included. My Name is Not Gramps takes complaints by real people and shows how sales can be affected by offending and ignoring a U.S. To ensure people learn how to handle complaints and help prevent them from recurring in the future. Set within a retail outlet, front-line staff are facing complaints from internal and external customers.
The conclusion is that all staff, whether in the front line or not, should be aware of how to deal with the emotions and practicalities of dealing with complaints. This series of workshops-on-video is designed to improve employees’ success and work satisfaction while improving employers’ profitability and competitive edge by taking advantage of a company’s most costly investment—getting a customer—in the most obvious but most often neglected way—satisfying that customer. Program consultant and narrator is Pat Coleman, former executive at Honeywell, Munsingwear, and Norwest Bancorporation and president of The Training Company; clients of his highly rated presentations include 3M, General Mills, Honeywell, Control Data.
Providing a service is different from producing a product because service is produced at the moment of delivery—a one-time opportunity to satisfy the customer which, once lost, is often lost forever. To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Becoming a Customer Service Star has been proven equally effective with people at all levels, executives and employees alike, because each person is able to identify his or her own service action plan. In order to provide excellent service to customers, you must know what your customers need and want. Making every effort to respond to customer's problems is an essential part of good customer service. Long-term customer relationships pay the largest dividends because the value of a customer increases over time.
The greatest opportunity to satisfy and retain customers is to find ways to exceed their expectations. A CD-ROM containing a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations and other reproducible materials is also included. Neatly organized in a 3-ring binder, each activity includes detailed, easy-to-follow instructions, checklists, worksheets, reproducible participant handouts, and discussion points. Several realistic scenarios draw on the everyday experiences of front-line staff and the different characters they face up to: Mr Snappy, Mrs Picky, Mr Yappy, and Ms Flash.
When the staff adopt the PERFECT technique by being polite, efficient, respectful, friendly, enthusiastic, cheerful, and tactful, they manage to change the outcome.
They are put into practice at all levels across any organization that deals with customers.
Any staff seeing this video will learn how to deal with customers by being professional and choosing their behavior.
In a hotel scenario, an investigator is called in to investigate mis-management, and identifies how people in departments, not dealing with customers, are actually letting external customer service down.
But internal service providers have a bond with their customers that external vendors simply do not share.
This 30-item assessment is designed to help internal service providers evaluate how well they are practicing the behaviors that constitute excellent internal service - and then assists them through action planning to improve those behaviors. Based on the extraordinarily popular Knock Your Socks Off Service® (KYSOS) book series, this comprehensive tool will provides customer service managers and employees with valuable insight into their organization's ability to deliver world-class service - and helps them create an action plan for improvement. The seventy-nine item Manager Version, intended for customer service managers and other organizational leaders, pinpoints developmental areas and helps customer service managers plan for improvement. It includes administration guidelines, descriptions of each dimension, a complete technical section including five research studies on the customer service practices measured by the assessment, sample training designs, overhead transparency masters, and more!
One day she received a call from the hair dresser just two days before her next appointment. The existing solution is a complaints form, but a member of staff soon realizes that customers need to let off steam, not fill in forms.

One staff member handles a complaint, but realizes he must ask questions if he is to be capable of solving a problem. This program shows what the customer expects in the way of service, and how he or she reacts to both good and bad service.
From customer service games and customer service assessments to customer service videos and DVDs we have a wide variety of products to improve your customer serivce actitivities and relationships. Becoming a Customer Service Star is designed to give individuals a profile of their customer service strengths and weaknesses. Individuals who enjoy dealing with customers exhibit this attitude in their customer interactions.
Encouraging customers to provide you with both positive and negative feedback is crucial to fulfilling their needs.
In order to develop repeat relationships, individuals should take positive actions, such as remembering customers' names and keeping records of customers' personal needs. Doing more than a customer expects makes that customer's experience a memorable one, which can spark future business. At the doctor's, at the shoe shop, in the post office, and at the station, a customer was driven to distraction by careless behavior.
Personal problems and prejudices should be hidden, and customers should be welcomed and put at their ease. Because of the complexity of this relationship, internal service providers need to judge their behavior by a new standard. Used together, there isn't a more powerful tool to diagnose your organization's readiness to deliver KYSOS!
Yet, there are proven links between the level of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and an organisation’s market share and profitability.
No one would consciously set out to alienate a demographic that controls 2.3 Trillion Dollars, but it's being done every day. She had her hair done and then realized that she had no cash (the hair dresser isn't set up for credit cards), so she said she would drop off a check.
The staff learns that they must take complaints seriously and show sympathy, since it is difficult to remain angry with someone who is sympathetic. When an accounts clerk comes up with an innovative solution for one of her supplier's payment problems, she agrees on a course of action, but fails to check that it can be carried out.
It can be used as an individual analysis, a measure for personal development, a picture for building a service team, or an opportunity to identify changes needed in policies or operating procedures. A detective must piece together a customer's movements to see how several suspects' behavior led to his demise.
Thea Foster will guide yout to better customer service and show you why every business needs effective customers service to survive. You can easily customize the game to teach content or techniques unique to your organization. The hair dresser called Sophia Rose and demanded that she come down to the bank and sign the check immediately.
She was a little embarrassed but paid for that visit and then slipped an envelope under the door the next time she drove by the salon.
We should treat senior customers with respect by helping them, not embarrassing them and certainly not over-stepping their rights and boundaries. Ed's wants are ignored along with his comments until he becomes so irritated he blows up at them and starts to leave. This was bad customer service made worse because it really hurt the feelings of Sophia Rose who was truly embarrassed about not signing.
Try to think what it might be like to be in their shoes and go the extra mile to make your encounter a good experience for all. After considering Ed's needs first, the saleman chooses a hat that he thinks will work for Ed. It requires minimal supervision and can be structured to be conducted entirely by the participants.
Ed has been made comfortable, the salesman has been attentive, a good fit has been made between Ed and his new hat. This is the best of all retail results: A customer has been satisfied and a sale has been made.

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