In the customer service world, hard skills (typing, proficiency with software, setting appointments, etc.) are easily enforced, measured and monitored without difficulty. Soft skills (the ability to empathize and remain calm) prove to be more elusive and indefinable. We conduct online employee engagement surveys, IT customer satisfaction surveys, enterprise risk surveys and a wide range of other online employee surveys and online customer surveys for organizations interested in increasing their organizational effectiveness, performance and competitiveness.
Our customers include Fortune 500, middle market and small businesses, universities, associations, not-for-profit and other types of organizations across the U.S.
Quantisoft's total solution approach enables your organization to achieve its objectives quickly and cost-effectively.
Your employees and customers can be confident that their responses are anonymous when you use Quantisoft, an independent company. Using our extensive experience, we analyze your results and provide you with an objective executive summary report summarizing the key findings and including an action plan for achieving results.
We present the executive summary report in a webinar meeting with your leadership team, presenting and explaining the survey findings and our recommended action plan, answering your questions and enabling you to organize for and achieve results.
Our follow-up assessments measure progress and identify new challenges and opportunities since the previous assessment. We gather actionable information and insight that, when acted on, will generate a strong bottom-line payback.
Gather feedback from employees and customers, identifying opportunities for enhancing their satisfaction, loyalty and retention. Validate where your organization is healthy and identify problems and opportunities for achieving business success. Gather timely intelligence for identifying and analyzing internal and external risks and threats.
Quantisoft's solutions identify the important psychological aspects that influence decisions, behavior and actions.
We provide quantifiable information that impacts your company's financial and other measurements, identifying what needs to be done to strengthen these "soft" and "hard" data measurements.
Request a proposal and price quote - Quantisoft is looking forward to talking with you to learn about your requirements and to provide you with a high payback assessment solution. These are the skills which make for good customer service by an employee, as well as by the company as a whole. These skills are sometimes called “soft” skills, because they are not highly technical professional skills. They may not require professional education, but effective customer service is indispensable for good business and requires good interpersonal communication abilities, intelligence and professionalism. Patience – Before any other skill is possible, a company representative must be patient and able to listen attentively. Tact – Customers are easily displeased or disappointed; a company representative should always be tactful, never aggressive or defensive, and never blame the customer. For example, it is better to say that a service or product will be available in the foreseeable future, rather than saying that it is not available now.

There are several ways in which good customer service skills may be a part of your job depending on your position. If you are a cashier, you should make sure you have enough change and that you give back change correctly.
If you work in technical support, you must have the technical knowledge, experience and the background required to serve your clients.
If you are a salesperson for a car dealership, assessing customer needs without embarrassment to the customer is crucial. A frequent mistake of salespersons in different venues is to insist on selling the client something they cannot afford and had no intention to consider in the first place. These examples can help you list key customer service skills that an employer in your area is looking for.
Soft Flex Company has explored the green work environment for some time, one-third of the staff telecommutes. Soft Flex Company strives to use the safest and least polluting materials in producing our printed marketing materials.
If your community doesn’t provide containers for recycling, designate a bin in your garage for recyclables to make it easy for you and your family to recycle.
Recycle your newspaper, glass, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, empty Soft Flex Art Wire spools and as always, Soft Flex® remnant wire and spools!
Installing one CFL, because it lasts longer than a conventional bulb, prevents 10 conventional bulbs from being produced, transported, and discarded in a landfill.
Use reusable water bottles instead made from materials like stainless steel or aluminum that are not likely to degrade over time. Did you know that it takes 26 bottles of water to produce the plastic container for a one-liter bottle of water, and that doing so pollutes 25 liters of groundwater?
If you choose a plastic water bottle, check the number on the bottom first: Plastics numbered 3, 6 and 7 could pose a health threat to you, so look for plastics numbered 1, 2, 4 or 5.
If every household in the United States replaced just one roll of virgin fiber paper towels (70 sheets) with 100 percent recycled ones, we could save 544,000 trees. Soft skills involve the ability to communicate, motivate, listen, solve problems, and manage stressful situations. There is no need for your organization to spend days using Excel to create useful reports and graphs. This report is based on outside, unbiased analysis that pinpoints key problems, strengths, opportunities and solutions. This powerful information does not show directly in your company's financial and other business measurements.
Let’s say a customer expresses feeling cheated or disappointed — a company representative with effective customer skills will respond in a tone and manner that will appease and reassure the customer.
To assess is to ask questions and gather customer-related information through observation to gauge the needs and potential of a customer. What should follow is a deal which satisfies the client financially, while making profit for the company.

This means a strong reduction in vehicle emissions and fuel consumption as the employees are not adding to the congestion on the road. Our marketing materials are printed with soy based ink instead of traditional petroleum-based ink. We recycle all paper, metal, glass, ink cartridges, electronic waste and all packing materials. Buy some reusable microfiber towels instead, then toss the towels in the wash and reuse them again and again. For this reason, hard skills are often used as a measurement of a customer service representative’s success; but the truth is, a customer service representative can only go so far with hard skills alone and is usually the differentiator between a typical customer service experience or a memorable one. What many customer service education programs fail to recognize is that encompassing a blend of hard and soft skills is the recipe for success. Questions are customized to meet your company's special needs, providing more pertinent and comprehensive information and insight. Companies are always on the lookout for such naturals but often also provide special training to improve every employee’s customer skills.
You need to be able to make quick and shrewd decisions regarding customer needs and company policy to satisfy both ends.
Our spools show the recycled logo on the underside, they can be recycled along with the clips. The home-based offices are typically paperless as the majority of the work is performed online.
Soy ink is safe and environmentally friendly because the simple process to make the ink consumes very little energy. To take something that-on the surface, to first look at it-seems obsolete and useless, and to turn it into a piece of art, is very exciting.
This may mean trouble or simply a customer who will not return and will not promote the company by word of mouth. Just tear off the label as you would with any recyclable item in your very own kitchen and put the empty spool into your recycling bin. Home-based employees also add to the conservation aspect by not packing lunches or eating out, waste incurred here includes: food containers, plastic baggies, cups, plastic eating utensils, and paper waste, such as napkins.
I'm inspired to do more with ordinary objects I find around the house, in the junk drawer, the studio or workshop.
We love this planet and want to leave it a better place for our children and future generations of beaders.
Textile waste is also reduced as the telecommuting employees are not required to wear a uniform. The majority of our employees also choose to live environmentally conscious lives away from work - composting, recycling, crafting with antiques, and shopping second hand.

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