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If the true face of any organization is its customer service people, then nothing is more important than the training of these crucial employees. Whether you're running a traditional training program or working a training component into your daily routine, you'll be able to quickly and easily tailor the material for your specific needs. Customer Service Training 101 saves you the time of creating your own comprehensive training program, and enables you to provide the kind of fun and effective training that results in knowledgeable and confident employees. SDS custom-built training programs take the data from your customer, market research, or employee research projects and apply them to your organization's unique situation. The point of SDS research is to identify leverage points - those key issues that most affect customer and employee loyalty and behavior. SDS training is designed to help employees, supervisors, and managers achieve their full potential. SDS training can be conducted in a wide range of formats, as a one-time event, semi-annual or quarterly checkup, or as a customized ongoing program. SDS offers a variety of training programs that emphasize the practical application of theoretical ideas.
This training programme provides a comprehensive guide to the main issues in customer care as well as the opportunity to review the quality of customer service which you and your organisation currently deliver. We will explore how best to communicate and establish relationships with customers, appreciating how this will always be the essence of great customer service at every step of the way. When you are looking to improve the customer service in your organization, one of the first things you need to do is identify is the specific behaviours that need to be targetted.  What are the performance gaps that need to be closed? Attitude includes being solution-driven, being positive, having energy, etc.  Contrary to popular belief, there are some very effective ways to influence these things.

Interest is being 100% customer-focused, and conveying to customers that they are important. Over 90% of customers consider “taking ownership” as the primary factor in WOW customer experience. Strong communication skills, and attention to positive verbal language strategies create positive experiences, and minimize negative ones. Each of these pillars involve very specific skill sets that you can target, and, of course, not all of the pillars apply equally, or in every work environment.  Take the time to examine what you would like to accomplish, then use the six pillars of customer service to guide your training or coaching initiatives. Shaun Belding is CEO of The Belding Group of Companies, and is recognized as one of the leading global experts on customer service, service recovery and building positive workplaces. Add Your Comment (All comments are reviewed by moderator, no spam permitted!) Click here to cancel reply.
This inspiring, comprehensive training manual offers readers an easy-to-implement approach for equipping their people with the skills they need to excel in this important role.
Customer Service Training 101 is a comprehensive yet easy to read and easy to implement guide that helps you prepare front-line employees for any situation.
The book allows you to instill a sense of pride, caring, teamwork, and cooperation into any service operation, while increasing overall productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Packed with powerful, proven tools, ideas, and techniques, this inspiring training guide will pave the way to outstanding customer service. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. In comparison to general "soft-skill" training programs, SDS training is based on sound research and proven results.
SDS customer service training programs focus on these identified leverage points, and on specific behaviors your employees can use to impact the satisfaction of your customers. Investing in employee development results in increased loyalty from employees, and, ultimately, improved satisfaction for customers.

These upbeat and entertaining sessions are delivered with a strong focus on behavior change as each participant sets specific individual goals for applying the principles that are taught. During the programme we will set out a simple ‘Four Step’ approach you can take, and discuss the tools you can use to remove the mystery out of providing the best possible service to your customers. He has appeared internationally on television and radio and newspaper, and blogs regularly on customer service.
This book addresses important customer service areas including: making a good first impression projecting a positive attitude developing trust, establishing rapport, and making customers feel valued confidently handling 'difficult' customers and situations interacting effectively face-to-face, and via telephone and e-mail. The lessons allow you to get trainees involved by personalizing specific customer scenarios, while handy discussion topics can be used for follow-up sessions.
SDS supervisory and management training use identified leverage points to train your staff on developing trust and commitment in your employees, leading to increased satisfaction and improved performance.
An environment that encourages maximum performance and caring is enhanced when employees have the training and tools they need to reach their objectives.
Every training program is tailored to your specific requirements and uses active group participation to ensure that objectives are focused squarely on the success of your organization. Shaun is author of 5 books, including the customer service international best-seller, Winning with the Customer from Hell – a survival guide.
The ability to listen completely and objectively is the most important component of communication.

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