The Hunter College Dance Program welcomes students and faculty with diverse backgrounds and varied experiences and supports Hunter College’s mission to encourage the fullest possible intellectual and personal growth in each student.
The Dance Major at Hunter College nurtures individual creativity, disciplined practice, and rigorous scholarship in the context of a strong liberal arts education.
Classes at Hunter College include multiple levels of Contemporary Dance Technique, Ballet, Hip Hop, and W. Hunter College Dance Company: Any student enrolled in a Dance Program technique course is eligible to perform as a dancer in the choreographic works of Dance Majors. Students are prepared for RAD and ISTD graded and major examinations in Ballet, Modern and Tap. All classes are open for students to enroll; the only courses requiring audition are the two performance classes Dance 55A (Contemporary Dance Ensemble) and Dance 57A (World Dance Company). This listing is inactive, it has either been cancelled by the operator or the information contained within the listing is inaccurate.
The Australian Performing Arts College (APAC) is situated in Castle Hill, NSW and first opened its doors in 2008. Under the leadership of Principal Katherine Earle (RAD Tech Cert, ARAD, BA Drama, Registered Teacher trbSA) and a team of highly qualified, industry professionals. Dance students are placed according to age and level of experience. During the first three weeks of class, teachers carefully evaluate each student to make sure that the class is the appropriate level. First ballet class, providing a warm and nurturing environment to encourage the child's love for learning ballet. Designed for older students with no previous dance experience who have an interest in studying ballet. Contemporary dance offers a mix of the basic principles of ballet technique and contemporary movement.

While encouraging the child's exploration of ballet, jazz and tap, children develop their motor skills and coordination.
This class introduces students to the hip hop style of dance while developing their rhythm, balance, coordination and strength.
Students work on the individualized dance steps, combinations and improvisational elements that make up urban dance. Designed for children who have never studied tap dancing and are interested in trying it out. Ballet Basics and all other Ballet classes: black or pink leotards, black or pink tights, and pink leather ballet shoes. Contemporary Dance: all-black leotards, footless tights, leggings, shorts, t-shirts or tanks.
Combo Classes, Jump and Move, Hip Hop and Tap: comfortable clothing, sneakers and tap shoes (tap and combo classes only). Take advantage of our two five-week summer sessions for both undergraduate and graduate students. We'll show you around and introduce you to one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. Casting is based on Fall Semester auditions and individual invitations from the choreographers.
Guest teachers might teach anything from Hip Hop to Broadway Jazz Dance to Bellydancing to Tango.
Emphasis is placed upon building the foundation for a sound ballet technique through warm-up exercises and correct body alignment. Students learn proper placement and articulation of the joints in warm-up exercises, along with a sense of balance and centering of the torso.

Through the exploration of ballet, jazz and tap, children develop their motor skills and coordination. This class emphasizes basic tap steps and fundamentals of rhythm, including essential combinations and their importance to the art of tap dance.
Bi-weekly Wednesday afternoon showings of undergraduate choreographic projects bring together student choreographers and their casts for viewings by full-time and select adjunct choreographic advisors.
The program often offers intensive Dance Weeks towards the end of a semester and during winter break with guest teachers providing classes each day in various forms as well as speakers about careers in dance or physical therapy. At the end of the year, teachers write student evaluations including recommendations for the following year's study. Students explore shape, use of space, movement dynamics and structured improvisation in individual group exercises. Student work is presented during a fall Works-in-Progress Studio Concert and spring semester performances at the Sylvia and Danny Kaye Playhouse and Studio Theater.Repertory from local NYC guest choreographers are presented at these concerts as well.
Parents of students who have not studied the previous year at the Prep Center should request an evaluation at the beginning of the year to ensure the correct placement. Auditions for Rep are conducted by the incoming guest choreographers to select participants.

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