Gymnastics and dance programs lay the foundation in providing your child with basic classroom behavior like taking turns, taking the lead and working together all while instilling a lifelong love and interest in dance. Peridance offers toddlers to teens the opportunity to learn dance from some of the best professional dance instructors in the city.  They offer accessible classes for every level from toddler movement classes to more stylized classes such as tap, hip-hop, African dance and traditional ballet so that your child is bound to find a class that suits their personality and likes. Considering you would probably be at class anyway, why not take a more active role in helping us make the classes run smoothly.
We offer numerous dance classes in Manhattan and in Queens for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students! YOU CAN CHOOSE TO PAY VIA PAYPAL BY CLICKING ON THE DESIRED PACKAGE BELOW OR IN PERSON WHEN YOU ATTEND THE CLASS.

My seven year-old daughter has taken ballet classes at Peridance since she was four and has loved every minute of it especially the annual concert where she gets to showcase everything she has learned over the course of the class.
There are age appropriate gymnastics programs for ages three and up as well as beginner ballet, hip-hop and break dancing classes.  As an added plus, there are mom and me gym classes for moms with small infants. Duties include assisting the lead instructor by helping her demo the moves at the front of the class, assisting with the check in process, and answering student questions.
Our video lessonsare free to everyone or seeour schedule to join us forlive classes in Manhattan. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton laughs as South African jazz singer Judith Sephuma, left, invites her to dance to African music at a gala dinner at Sefako M.

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