Wait no longer for the updated version of the Google Keyboard app, featuring the much-desired Material themes as seen in Lollipop. I will try this until not having the feature to automatically remove the space behind punctuation (comma, exclamation mark, question mark) drives me back to swiftkey. I want a keyboard as smooth as google keyboard, excellent swipe gestures as swiftkey, multiple predictions like touchpal, autocorrect like fleksy and dictionary importing from whatsapp, fb n hangouts. Side note, I got the Galaxy Note 4 and it seemed to be pre loaded with an early version of Swype that (mercifully) does not have the performance issues that the Swype + Dragon version has, but it has the awesome gestures. There is no doubt Apple has superior hardware (aside from the average battery life, just a millimeter thicker to cram more battery, and LESS BEZELS, but minor gripes to the best hardware out there). Is it just me, or has Hangouts gotten much more sluggish since they integrated Google Voice?
I like the cleaner look much better… You can also speed up the duration of the long press, it’s set at 300 now but I reset to 200, blazing!!
It was always an option but it was removed from the first dev preview version back in July.

This may be an obvious question, but what about using the gesture to swipe from the number key to display the symbols? That helps a bit, but it’s still a bit slower vs quickly holding down on the long press key.
I’ve got several numbers in all my passwords, so the LG Keyboard is 100x more efficient, but google keyboard has better predictions…still no perfect keyboard!! Now once you’ve backed out of the settings you can choose “English (US) (PC)” as an input method and have a dedicated number row.
Just use gesture typing and set your long press delay to 100ms, acts almost like a dedicated number row. About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. SwiftKey has better auto-correct and prediction, but the Google keyboard is so much faster.
I can have it last two days with normal usage but can kill it super fast using gps and spotify.

The whole bending thing along with the fact that it titters when set on its back and that the sides are to small to hold causing it to be slippery, all things that the iPhone 5S did right.
Honestly, I would love to switch from Swype because of its performance issues, but the gestures just keep pulling me back. It’s just so much slower using the long press on period for a select few and then needing to go into ?123 for more.
Like you, it was a deal-breaker for me and I was using SwiftKey because I considered Google Keyboard unusable without the setting.

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