The Change Management Iceberg deals with the both the apparent and unseen barriers to change in an organization.
The Change Management Iceberg is best implemented by leaders who accept that the most obvious barriers to change such as cost, quality and time are only the tip of the iceberg and stronger, more influential barriers lie beneath. The basis of change management theory lies in the fact that most managers tend to only focus on the apparent barriers such as cost, quality and time instead of giving attention to more powerful issues such as perception, beliefs, power and politics. Another dimension to this theory is the people involved in the change and to what level they may promote or oppose it.
To overcome the barriers presented by the Change Management Iceberg there are three types of management types which must be implemented.
Issue Management: The top of the iceberg which includes cost, quality and time are factors of Issue Management. Management of Perceptions and Beliefs: Understanding both the outward and hidden perceptions and beliefs of people must be considered to overcome change barriers.
Power and Politics Management: For those who are involved in the change and need slight convincing, power and politics can play a valuable role. The Kind of Change: Changes which affect ‘Hard Things’ are comparatively superficial, such as information system and processes.
The Applied Change Strategy: Strategies may be revolutionary and dramatic such as business process reengineering or evolutionary and incremental such as in Kaizen.
Promoters have a positive attitude towards change and expect to gain benefits from it and will thus support it.
Potential Promoters have a positive attitude towards the change but are not entirely convinced of its benefits; they can be converted to Promoters by management of power and politics. Hidden Opponents may seem to support change but internally have a negative attitude towards it. Many of you won’t implement change management in your environment, but you do desire to have the ability to track what changes are being made in systems like Active Directory, Exchange, and your Windows-based file servers. Whether you implement change management audit abiding by a formal strategy or just want to be able to know what has changed in your environment, Scott’s idea of individual accounts and auditing changes are critical. Chroma key - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A chroma key subject avoid wearing clothes similar color chroma key color() ( intentional wearing green top . Agile project management software agile - yodiz, Web-based agile project management software scaling agile devops .
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MDT Software, based in Atlanta, is the worlds foremost and trusted provider of automation change management solutions. AutoSave is an enterprise source management solution to protect, save, restore, discover, and track changes in industrial programmable devices and documents.
MDT AutoSave Change Management Software allows you to “undo” the change and restore program data.
Do you manage remote assets? Are off-site contractors making program changes? Do you make changes to non-networked devices in the plant? AutoSave supports non-networked devices by allowing you to make changes to programs in the field then analyze and sync all changes to the server back at the office. In only three steps, users can ensure that program changes are tracked, saved and protected. Identify the programs to be managed.In the office, the Field Technician identifies programs of interest and AutoSave downloads copies to the engineer's laptop using the AutoSave Program Manager tool.
Make changes.Use the AutoSave Client for Non-Networked Devices to make changes to the program. The key to rapid recovery is the ability to access and download the correct automation program to the device.
MDT AutoSave change management software supports any PC-based application and the greatest breadth of automation devices in the industry.

AutoSave’s modules are fully integrated with your programming editors to offer both an interactive environment and background monitoring. If you have an urgent requirement please look at our webstore to see the products available for online purchases.
Installation of the AutoSave software is simple, with an automated export of data from the Wonderware Galaxy Repository into the AutoSave system.
A re-architecting change requires putting the whole architecture through the architecture development cycle again.
One of the critical success factors for building a successful online analytics culture is having processes in place.
It usually starts with nothing in place until someone on the business side starts requesting data. At this point, a sound reaction should be to put in place some process to make sure measurements are correctly implemented. The process should ensure that whenever there is a new project, someone gets in charge of defining business objectives, translating these into measurement requirements and coordinating the implementation.The process would make sure that measurements are tested, rolled out and reports are set-up before being delivered to the business.
The challenge is to make analysis and decision-making systematic – not something you do just once here and there (as it is too often the case).
Some Web analytics experts refer to process excellence and Six Sigma for creating a data-driven culture. This process can be applied to any type of initiative – from small to large - and by any type of business function.
Web analytics is supposed to be a continuous activity aiming at constantly bringing improvements to your online initiatives and business. The challenge is to implement such principle in practice, to make it something systematic and that can be repeated. Understand the business objectives of the online initiative and from there, define the corresponding KPI’s and metrics.
Plan not only the measurement implementation but also the checkpoints – already set dates where results will be reviewed and analysed (very important!). Analyse the results against the objectives & targets and then identify area of improvements and successes. In my opinion the PDCA approach have several key strengths and there is no reason why Web Analytics could not benefit from them. It is very simple - It is very basic in its principle and it can be adapted to any kind of business and organization, whatever their size.Here's an example in the context of Paid Search.
It is a very powerful approach that has made its proofs – just look at what Toyota achieved.
So that's the approach I am using to instill an online analytics culture - maybe it can work for you. If there is nothing you can possibly reuse then look for inspiration in proven process, be it PDCA, Six-Sigma or others. Finally, it takes time to have a new process adopted, to change people habits but it can go away very quickly.
It was developed by Wilfried Kruger and attempts to force management to look at the hidden challenges required to implement change. The theory also derives types of implementation based on the kind of change to occur and the strategy which is to be applied. Thus, Kruger believed that the foundation of change is directly related to management of perception, beliefs, power and politics.
Change which affects “SoftThings” go deeper in the organization, such as values and mindsets.
Management of perceptions and beliefs along with issue management can be used to change their outlook of change.
Management of perception and beliefs must be used to change their attitude as much as possible. MAC Solutions have been a strategic partner for over 15 years providing our deep industry knowledge to help protect and secure the automation software assets of the largest manufacturers in UK and Europe.

AutoSave reduces errors and minimizes downtime of plant floor automation with the ability to protect, restore, discover and track changes in Industrial programmable devices and documents.
In providing a common central repository of all program changes, MDT AutoSave can ensure that if a device fails, the most current copies of program logic and documentation are available so plant operations can be restored quickly and correctly. When physical access to the devices is possible, AutoSave periodically compares the program running in each device with the program copy on file in AutoSave and identifies any differences. AutoSave's electronic approval and audit trail support ensures manufacturers that processes have not been altered without approval or documentation. The AutoSave system is updated via a trigger when changes occur in the Wonderware Galaxy Repository. This usually happens after the project has be launched (otherwise where would be the "fun").
Because implementation is more a technical aspect, you may be lucky to have someone in IT helping you define such process.
In my case, I looked into another approach that is part of the culture of my previous employer: the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) management process.
PDCA is how Toyota applies Kaizen principle within its organization in all areas – from manufacturing plants to dealerships. You will transform your fancy Excel dashboards (built in the DO phase) into business insights and you will also look at the project execution. By beginning simply, it will make it more likely to be adopted – less reluctance to change. Anyway, a good way to get started with your Web analytics process is to see if there is already a well-accepted process in place in your company. But whatever you decide, don't forget that having a process is not a nice-to-have, it's a must. I completely agree that the PDCA approach has application across industries and disciplines within specialties. I am Web Analytics Lead consultant & managing partner at the Uptimizers and Web Analytics Specialist at the Deutsche Bank Belgium.
By understanding how all these link together to create barriers leaders will be able to better implement the change they wish to bring about. Scott’s approach even includes the mandated use of individual accounts to perform changes so that Auditing of system changes can easily be tied back to a specific person.
Many of the world's largest manufacturers rely on MDT AutoSave to overcome automation challenges by decreasing downtime and errors, maintaining security and increasing productivity. AutoSave’s unique change control features, including internal security capabilities, have long been beneficial to regulated industry sites in meeting the requirements of the FDA, including compliance with 21 CFR 11.
Before you start inventing your own process from scratch, it worth having a look at some existing successful approaches used in other areas. Instead it is better to look for small enhancements that - put together - will increase the global results on the long run. You will have to be the process guardian, pushing it until it becomes not a process anymore but a way of thinking.
In the meantime, I would be really curious to have your feedback on this approach or share your own. In this post I would to share some of my experience on processes and to talk about the approach I use.
Reusing an existing process will give you more chances to have it adopted as people will be familiar with the main concepts behind it. If you reach that point then you will have made a huge step towards creating a data-driven decision making culture. It is therefore critical that change management software can aid the rapid recovery of programmable devices, allowing production to continue unhindered.

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