Caroline "Carrie" Anna Brady Reed is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives, a long-running serial about working class life in the fictional town of Salem. The role has garnered attention for Clark who was nominated for Outstanding Younger Actress at the Daytime Emmy's in 1997, and again nominated in 1998. They remained with the show for less than a year as producers again were re-directing the show. The role has garnered attention for Clark who was nominated for Outstanding Younger Actress at the Daytime Emmy's in 1997, and again in 1998. In December 1992, when Austin fails to throw a fight, Carrie accidentally becomes the victim of an acid attack that was intended for Austin. Although Carrie and Austin are a couple, Sami continues to try to break them up and pursue Austin herself.
In September 2011, Carrie and Austin returned to Salem for the tribute to the Horton Center.
After the lives of Marlena, John, Hope and Bo are threatened by Stefano, Carrie and Rafe are become trapped inside of the safe house, which is alarmed with a bomb. Despite rumors that John was retiring from acting, Aniston, who is the father of Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Aniston, is not leaving the soap. Aniston’s been a staple on “Days” for decades, and knowing he’ll continue to be there makes fans feel better about the direction of the show.
This entry was posted in Cast, Characters, Comings and Goings, Latest News and tagged comings and goings, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, John Aniston, Victor Kiriakis. Created by head writer Margaret DePriest, the role of Carrie is portrayed by Christie Clark, who took over the role in 1986 as a teenager. Her romantic pairing with Austin Reed (Austin Peck; Patrick Muldoon) led them to be labeled a super couple. Austin, played by Austin Peck returned in July 2005 while Clark reprised the role as Carrie on December 2, 2005. Her mother leaves Roman while pregnant with Carrie; Roman doesn't know his daughter exists until Anna returns with a four-year-old Carrie and leaves the girl in her father's and Marlena's care. Lexie Carver and reveals to her that she knows all about the bogus information Lexie was giving her due to Sami's blackmailing. Carrie mentioned that she had become a lawyer after her company Highstyle, which was division of the now defunct Mythic Communications, was forced to close down. While inside, she and Rafe confess their love for each other, nearly having sex, Rafe admits that EJ is the father of Nicole's child, not him. Clark remained with the series off-and-on until leaving in October 2006, however, returned again as a series regular in September 2011 as part of a reboot of the series. She is the daughter of Anna DiMera (Leann Hunley) and Roman Brady (at the time Wayne Northrop, later Josh Taylor), though as a child she was mainly raised by her step-parents, Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) and John Black (Drake Hogestyn).
She was also nominated for Best Young Actress in a Daytime Drama at the Young Artist Awards in 1990, and Nominated for Best Young Actress in a Daytime Drama at the Young Artist Awards in 1989. Clark remained with the serial until January 14, 1991, when producers wanted to age the character. As a child, Carrie is at one point kidnapped and held captive by Stefano DiMera, who has kidnapped many members of the Brady family at various points. Her father Roman, who does not like Austin, tells Carrie that if she would break up with him, he will not pursue any charges against Austin stemming from his involvement with the underworld of boxing.

In March 1995, Sami drugs Austin and in his delusional state, he believes Carrie is there with him (although it's Sami) and Sami sleeps with him. Carrie tells no one she is back in America but she is discovered by Lucas, who was attempting to take over High Style, not knowing it was headed by Carrie. She soon believes she is pregnant thanks to a false pregnancy test, leading her and Lucas to rush their wedding date.
Lexie tries to plead her case and apologize, but Carrie doesn't care and promises to pay Lexie back by reporting her to the hospital board and the AMA, upon which Lexie is subsequently fired. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Days of Our Lives club tagged: cast days of our lives nbc 1998. She went on to appear on other shows such as General Hospital, and appeared in movies such as A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge. He halts his takeover attempt and convinces Carrie to return to Salem as his feelings for her are reignited. During dinner one night, Austin suggests to Carrie that they move to Switzerland, where he can work at the Mythic Communications division there and Carrie can reclaim High Style, her former company. She works with brother-in-law Rafe to help find evidence that can exonerate John from the charges against him. She confesses to Marlena that she was late, which arose suspicions of a possible pregnancy.
She has a long-standing rivalry with her sister Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney); Sami has routinely tried to steal Austin from Carrie. Meanwhile, the show briefly re-cast Carrie with actress Tracy Middendorf from January 10, 1992 to December 14, 1992. The show planned a two week tribute and brought back longtime fan favorites to the show to pay their respects. When Austin Reed moved to Salem in July 1992, Carrie is attracted to him and also becomes the roommate and close friend of Austin's sister, Billie Reed.
Carrie and Austin make love on the roof of their apartment building, although Carrie is engaged to Lucas and Austin is engaged to Sami.
Carrie and Sami started to get along better, but their closeness fell apart when Carrie fell in love with Sami's then-husband, Rafe Hernandez, in 2012. Carrie and Austin begin dating, but Sami's interfering and Austin's career as a prizefighter causes some strain in their relationship.
This gives her sister Sami, who was attracted to Austin, an opportunity to pursue a relationship with him. At the time, Sami believes that Austin was the father, but she later learns that Lucas was the true father. Although things look positive for Austin and Carrie's future, her sister Sami sees otherwise and, once again, schemes to break them apart and keep Austin for herself. The two immediately go to the Justice of the Peace with their signed marriage license and get married, but not before getting briefly interrupted by a drunk Sami; and Carrie disowning her.
In June 1999, it was reported by Soap Opera Digest that Clark would exit that fall, and she left on November 19, 1999. When she finds this out, she continues to conceal the truth from everyone, even Lucas, for several years. First she is able to have Austin and his company buy out Carrie's company High Style, Austin not being aware that Carrie has any association with the small business.

After saying their goodbyes to John, Kate, Marlena and Roman, Austin and Carrie take a plane and leave Salem. In 2011, it was announced that Carrie and Austin (Austin played by Patrick Muldoon) and several other characters would return permanently. Since Austin believes the baby is his, he feels he had no choice but to build a life with Sami and baby Will instead of marrying Carrie. Carrie, feeling betrayed that Austin took over her company, grows closer to Austin's half brother Lucas.
Carrie tells Rafe that she is in love with him and had separated from Austin, only to reunite following Abigail's confession that she did not truly sleep with Austin.
Rafe tells Carrie that she belongs with Austin and her child, and that they won't work out. Carrie decides to return to Switzerland with Austin, and says an emotional farewell to Rafe.
Their return was brought about to please fans and in an attempt to lure old fans of the show back. Sami and Lucas scheme to keep Carrie and Austin from reuniting, so Lucas can be with Carrie and Sami can be with Austin. Unfortunately, the kidnapping of Will by Sami's deranged neighbor caused a situation where Sami and Austin, in order to regain custody of Will from the French couple to whom he had been sold, are forced to marry in France to satisfy the authorities there. After a bitter tirade from Lucas, Carrie is kicked out of the apartment she and Lucas share. But before leaving, Carrie urges Rafe to reconcile with Sami, because Carrie knows that they still love each other deep down. Meanwhile, Carrie has successful plastic surgery on her face and is willing to give her relationship with Austin another chance. To ensure that Carrie will no longer want to be with Austin, Sami threatens to tell Lexie's husband Abe about Tek, unless Lexie helps her. During a romantic ski weekend in February 1994, Carrie loses her virginity to Austin, after almost being raped by Sami's boyfriend Alan, who goes on to rape Sami instead. Doctor Lexie Carver is blackmailed into telling Carrie untrue information: that Austin and Carrie both share very rare genetic markers and if they ever had children, the child will suffer extreme birth defects that could result in the baby's death. However, minutes later, the Gloved Hand slides a note under Sami's apartment door, and Lucas, Carrie, and Austin discover the truth behind Sami's blackmailing of Dr. When Austin and Sami plan to wed in America, this time Carrie is able to interrupt the wedding ceremony by revealing that Lucas, not Austin, is Will's father, and that Sami knew it all along.
The two sisters fight, and afterwards Carrie tells her half-sister that she will tell everyone in Salem what Sami did. Some time later, Austin becomes increasingly concerned about baby Will's well-being as Will's father Lucas has a drinking problem.
Austin begins spending more time around Will, which means more time around Sami; much to Sami's delight and Carrie's dismay. With Austin not being home as much as he spends time with Will, Carrie begins working more hours at the hospital in which she is employed.

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