According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, the latest "Days of Our Lives" spoilers will reveal a week of drama packed episodes during the week of 27th October.
According to Monday 27th Oct spoilers, Sami Brady would share some heartfelt moment with her brother Lucas as she was informing him of her future plans about her leaving Salem for good.
The Wednesday 29th spoilers indicate that Will informs Sonny that he will be leaving town in order to pursue his writing career, and as anybody can expect, it will not go well.
On Friday, Brady will feel foolish but she will have no choice but to admit to Kristen DiMera that she has been right all along. While Adam Mayfield and Days of Our Lives are keeping the role under wraps as of right now, rumors are flying that the soap opera alum may have been hired to portray the role of James Scott’s former character, fan favorite EJ DiMera.
We Love Soaps reports that Mayfield is best known for playing the role of Scott Chandler on All My Children, a role which was later taken over by Adam’s new co-star, Daniel Cosgrove. Both Mayfield and Cosgrove portrayed Scott Chandler on AMC, and are now working side by side as Salem residents on Days of Our Lives.
It only seems right that Adam Mayfield would be cast on Days of Our Lives, as he’s previously spoken out about his former love for the show. This raises a ton of questions with Days of Our Lives viewers such as if EJ comes back to Salem and returns from the dead what will this mean for his wife Sami Brady, who has moved to California.
As previously reported by Days of Our Lives News, the soap is making a habit of bringing back characters.

This entry was posted in Cast, Characters, Comings and Goings, Latest News, Spoilers and tagged Adam Mayfield, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Days of Our Lives spoilers, EJ Dimera. NO memorabilia or additional items will be permitted for the signing including posters, clothing, other books, DVDs, CDs or any other item. Raincoast Books offers full-service sales, marketing and logistics for publishers needing Canadian book distribution. In the final week of October, there will be many comings and goings and a new cast member will make her debut as another iconic character will be bidding the soap good bye. Across the town, meanwhile, the future soap opera couple, Chad DiMera and Jordan will share their first kiss.
Meanwhile, John and Theresa have a heated argument about her assaulting him in the hospital. Meanwhile, across the town, Eve and Kayla will have a very heated confrontation over Jack Deveraux and Eve will be actually disgusted that Kayla is defending him. To get the best possible experience on our website we recommend that you upgrade your browser. According to Soap Opera Network, former All My Children actor, Adam Mayfield, is coming to the NBC soap, and he may have some big shoes to fill.
Nothing else was ever mentioned about what the injection was all about, but it seems fans may get to find out the details in the near future if Adam Mayfield has been cast as the new EJ DiMera.

In recent months the characters of Chad DiMera, Kristen DiMera, and Melanie Jonas have all returned to their hometown. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Days of Our Lives club tagged: 1993 cast days of our lives nbc. Wallpaper and background images in the Days of Our Lives club tagged: couples bope jennifer jack marlena john stefano lumi shimi shelle. On Tuesday 28th October, the spoilers revealed that Kristen DiMera continues her crusade against Theresa and informs Brady that he was actually framed by his wife and that Theresa is the one who put John in a coma.
It was speculated that Paige will corner the prostitute that her mother had hired to seduce J.J.
The Thursday spoilers reveal that it will be Alison Sweeny's official last air date as Sami Brady as she will be picking her kids heading to Hollywood. Before long doing chores evolved into folding laundry every day between twelve to one watching Days of our Lives and getting really sucked into the story.
While Sami will be saying her goodbyes preparing to leave, a new face arrives in Salem, Marie Wilson who will take the role of Bree in the soap.

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