The documentaries cover each of the band’s studio albums, their legendary world tours of the 70’s and 80’s as they conquered South and North America and Asia, Live Aid and their enduring success since the passing of Freddie leading up to the present day and a popularity that continues to grow yearly. The final attempt at serial anthology to date was Confidential for Women, which stuck it out a few months on ABC. CBS, which hadn't premiered a soap in seven years, enlisted Irna Phillips in adapting a serial very loosely from a famous novel and movie. This was the year that the CBS Television network leased Love of Life and The Secret Storm from American Home Products, abruptly forcing out Roy Winsor. NBC and Bing Crosby Productions in Hollywood came up with a daytime vehicle for Dana Andrews entitled Bright Promise, created by Frank and Doris (General Hospital) Hursley and directed originally by Gloria Monty (Secret Storm, General Hospital). After a one-week hiatus, our Soap of the Week reader poll is back, and running one again Friday thought Monday.
Family background: Daughter of Xenophilius Lovegood and Polly Crouch, who died when Luna was nine. Political Views: Not terribly happy at paying extortionate taxes because she's a pureblood, but currently willing to go along with the status quo. Description: Luna has a delicate body but large facial features, which sometimes make her look a bit alien.
Sexuality: Luna believes in true love, but she thinks you have to look for it, and that it could be hidden anywhere. Strengths and Weaknesses: Luna is a classic case of having a mind so open her brains might well fall out. Financial Status: Struggling to keep up with paying for the taxes levied on her through DPRES, as a pureblood who is inheriting wealth.

History from student days at Hogwarts to the present time: Luna never went back to Hogwarts as a student after the final battle, choosing instead to start working at her father's newspaper. Luna had never had very much contact with her mother's family, not only because they considered Xenophilius silly, but also because Luna's grandfather was always busy at the Ministry and her grandmother was perpetually in mourning for her lost son. Her hair darkened as she passed puberty, so it's only if she's been in the sun a lot that she can really be deemed a blonde rather than having sandy brown hair.
She doesn't have sex with anyone and everyone, but she's open to feeling a romantic and sexual bond with anyone, whatever their shape, gender, color, or creed. They grew close while imprisoned together in the basement of Malfoy Manor, and she gradually overcame his resistance and convinced him to take a chance on a girl young enough to be his granddaughter. She's dated since then – an Australian witch, a vampire in Nova Scotia, and various men and women closer to home – but perhaps out of habit has kept up a measure of discretion, helped by professional courtesy from other journalists.
It might be based on sources the rest of the world deems questionable, but a story has to check out to her satisfaction before it goes in. The wealth is tied up in the newspaper's working capital, so her actual lifestyle is somewhat austere.
Catchpole, although the inside has been rearranged to provide both private and shared living areas for her and her father. She worked her way up quickly from general gopher to lead reporter, with the progression from the bottom being her own idea.
It wasn't until after her third year at Hogwarts that she learned he had been in jail, not dead.
Always too skinny, she experimented with gaining weight through a trial sample of Madame Prince's potion, but since she still wouldn't gain a respectably sized bosom, and there'd been a snorkack sighting, she decided it was too much trouble to think about it any more.

The relationship resumed after the Battle of Hogwarts, although he insisted on absolute secrecy so as to safeguard her reputation.
She's not currently attached to anyone, but she's still keeping her mind, and her heart, open. She and her father (now retired) are not quite poor, but there's some weeks they subsist on ramen and being taken out to dinner. She also frequently sleeps on a cot in a small living space behind her office at the newspaper.
She's kept up the fruits of her captivity, a working knowledge of wandmaking (although she's nowhere near the level of a master) and a friendship of sorts with Draco Malfoy, who would sneak down extra food and very occasionally a copy of the Quibbler while she was locked in his basement.
Every once in a while, Luna goes to stay with one of the Aunties, her maternal grandfather's two sisters, although not too often as it's a trial for both sides.
It's rare for Luna to dress up, and even when she does there's always something not quite right that makes it seem eccentric rather than flawless.
This continued until he died, leaving his shop to a cousin who was also a master wandmaker and agreed to take the name of Ollivander so as to continue the tradition.
Her father is a cousin of Minerva McGonagall's, although neither of them talks about it much.
She might not keep up with all of them on a daily or even necessarily yearly basis, but every one is precious.

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