Gabriella Josephina "Gabi" Hernandez (formerly Fallon) is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. Originally described as a sweet, innocent and loving girl, a number of events since Gabi's arrival on the series have altered her personality.
Explaining her being hired by Days of our Lives, Banus said that two months after her initial audition she was again offered the role of Gabi by its casting director due to the character being aged, but rejected them because of other career projects.
Banus loves playing the "evil bitch"-type character, and had that opportunity when Gabi underwent a personality change in 2012. Of Gabi's transformation from a "sweet girl" to doing terrible things, Banus said "things I think are going on in Gabi’s head that nobody gets to see".
While the role was still being portrayed by Rodriguez, Gabi had a brief romance with Chad DiMera (Casey Jon Deidrick). In January 2012, the romance was re-visited in a storyline which Deidrick felt that the writers dropped their brief past, and "You'd never know that happened if you were tuning into Days for the first time now." Gabi and Chad became "superstar models" as the new faces of Countess Wilhelmina Cosmetics.
Following Arianna's tragic death, Gabi leaned on her sister-in-law Sami Brady's (Alison Sweeney) son, Will Horton (Chandler Massey) for support.
Banus said that Gabi knew things weren't "completely 100 percent" during their relationship despite the fact that she loves and cares for him. In August 2012, Will and Gabi both ended up having "a bad week" and have sex, despite him previously announcing he was gay. When Nick plots to remove Will from Arianna's life and become her primary guardian, Gabi and Nick have a physical altercation in which Gabi strikes him with a rock to keep him from raping her, "killing" him (or so she believes). In September 2015, Gabi is released from prison in and shares a happy reunion with Rafe, Will and her daughter Arianna, thanks to the help of Aiden Jennings (Daniel Cosgrove), who discovers an error made in her sentencing. While Adam Mayfield and Days of Our Lives are keeping the role under wraps as of right now, rumors are flying that the soap opera alum may have been hired to portray the role of James Scott’s former character, fan favorite EJ DiMera.
We Love Soaps reports that Mayfield is best known for playing the role of Scott Chandler on All My Children, a role which was later taken over by Adam’s new co-star, Daniel Cosgrove. Both Mayfield and Cosgrove portrayed Scott Chandler on AMC, and are now working side by side as Salem residents on Days of Our Lives. It only seems right that Adam Mayfield would be cast on Days of Our Lives, as he’s previously spoken out about his former love for the show.
This raises a ton of questions with Days of Our Lives viewers such as if EJ comes back to Salem and returns from the dead what will this mean for his wife Sami Brady, who has moved to California. As previously reported by Days of Our Lives News, the soap is making a habit of bringing back characters. This entry was posted in Cast, Characters, Comings and Goings, Latest News, Spoilers and tagged Adam Mayfield, Days of Our Lives, Days of Our Lives News, Days of Our Lives spoilers, EJ Dimera.
The role was introduced by the show's then head writers Dena Higley and Christopher Whitesell on November 20, 2009.
The news of Rodriguez' departure came straight after Lindsay Hartley, who played Gabi's on-screen sister Arianna Hernandez, was killed off. During an interview with TV Source magazine, Rodriguez described Gabi as "very loving", and said "even though sometimes she can come off like loudmouth and just like I guess bratty, but she's not. The actress who enjoys playing the "dark side of Gabi" credited Ariana's death as the reasoning for Gabi's life going downhill. This included a "steamy ad campaign", which Banus described as them having "no clothes and they're dripping wet. She explained that "when they do break up and he comes out to her, she always honestly feels like everything is her fault. Sami and Kate help Gabi dump him in the river in which he wakes up before believing he drowned. I’m proud be a Latina, and I’m really proud to represent for all the Latinas out there; especially the young Latina women. She gets another visitor, but it's Melanie, instead of Will and Sonny, who forgave Gabi her past decisions. As Gabi struggles to re-establish herself in Salem as a free woman, she is devastated by the murder of Will by the Necktie Killer, and ultimately meets her father, Eduardo (A. According to Soap Opera Network, former All My Children actor, Adam Mayfield, is coming to the NBC soap, and he may have some big shoes to fill. Nothing else was ever mentioned about what the injection was all about, but it seems fans may get to find out the details in the near future if Adam Mayfield has been cast as the new EJ DiMera. In recent months the characters of Chad DiMera, Kristen DiMera, and Melanie Jonas have all returned to their hometown.
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In 2012, the character experienced a huge personality shift, which would reveal her manipulative side that was called "crazy" and obsessive. Jillian Bowe of Zap2it noted that Banus would play a "slightly older version of the role." Banus was previously best known for her role as Lola Montez on One Life to Live. Rodriguez said that Gabi was still into him, but was "heartbroken because they really didn't have a chance at a real relationship. It's pretty intense." However, Chad was in a committed relationship with Melanie Jonas (Molly Burnett) at the time. It's a move viewers saw coming, after a down-and-out Gabi shared a night of passion with her gay ex, Will." Gabi nearly had an abortion but decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. However, he returns continues to blackmail Gabi until the character was killed in a whodunit murder mystery.
Rafe and Arianna felt that they were being stalked while at the Brady pub, but were shocked to find out that Gabi had come to Salem and was spying on them.
Her storylines have included the death of her sister Arianna Hernandez (Lindsay Hartley), finding out that her first love was gay, and romances with Chad DiMera (Casey Jon Deidrick, Billy Flynn) and Nick Fallon (Blake Berris). Banus, who first aired as Gabi on October 4, 2010, said that the transition was "super easy" and she was welcomed onto the set with "lots of love". Her announcement followed the news that her costars Casey Deidrick and Chandler Massey were also leaving.
She loves her brother and sister and would do anything for them." Rodriguez said that she is sensitive, has a strong personality and shows her soft side with people she's "comfortable with", and believed these were all traits Gabi has. The girl they once knew will come back." The new Gabi was described as "obsessive and crazy" and also "manipulative" and "psycho", which received flack from fans. At the point where they are at, I think she would do a lot to get that, and that is where she is at right now." However, she noted that "Melanie, deep down, is really her friend. Despite Will being the unborn baby's biological father, Gabi and Nick convinced Will to let them raise the baby as their own. I feel really empowered to be the young Latina on the show, and I have no problem carrying all of the responsibility on my back." Banus' portrayal of Gabi earned her a nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series at the 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards in 2015. Initially for her winter break, Gabi decided to permanently move to Salem, and moved into a vacant room at the Brady Pub. She also begins to pursue a budding relationship with Abigail's younger brother, JJ Deveraux (Casey Moss). Before long doing chores evolved into folding laundry every day between twelve to one watching Days of our Lives and getting really sucked into the story.
In July 2010, it was announced that Rodriguez was replaced by former One Life to Live actress Camila Banus. Gabi is of Latin descent, and Banus has expressed her pride to represent the Hispanic community through her portrayal. On April 24, 2015, it was confirmed that Banus will be reprising the role of Gabi to take part in the soap's fiftieth anniversary celebrations; Banus returned on September 17, 2015.
Banus feels that she is like Gabi in the sense that she's "very, very sassy", stating "When Gabi has that kind of fiery thing, that’s totally Camila. She was just starting to like him and she didn't know where it was going." She felt that the relationship had potential, as Gabi still "might have a little thing for him".
If so, Melanie better watch out, given that we have seen Banus play man-crazy when she went off the rails as One Life to Live's Lola Montez." Banus felt that it wasn't love, but an infatuation, "[Gabi] is obsessed with having the ideal boyfriend because she has never had an ideal boyfriend.
And honestly, she really does care about Melanie a whole lot and never wants to see her get hurt.
I think that would be fun, and I think the audience would like that." Both virgins, the couple had sex. Banus had previously auditioned for the role but was turned down, and rejected her first offer to return before finally accepting. Banus' portrayal of Gabi earned her a Daytime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2015. Gabi is very motherly and likes helping the people that she loves, which is very much like me as well." She said that Gabi is sensitive when people say things about her. The person she thought was the ideal boyfriend turned out to be gay." She also noted during an interview with TV Guide that "Gabi is attracted to Chad and she sees this modeling thing as a way to be near him." Everyone at the photoshoot felt that they made a good couple, while Deidrick said "Meanwhile, Chad's like, "Huh?
Gabi knew Melanie being kidnapped by her stalker, Andrew but didn't do anything because Andrew blackmailed her. However, Will soon lost all interest in sleeping with her again which was unsettling to Gabi. It needs to be somebody that she doesn’t choose, but they choose her." It was announced that Blake Berris would return as former "braniac" Nick Fallon who was just let out of prison.

She befriended other local teens including Chad Peterson-Woods (later revealed to be Chad DiMera).
The first audition then the second audition, then I went in again to meet the casting director and the producer. Gabi has three siblings: Rafe (Galen Gering), Arianna (Lindsay Hartley) and Dario Hernandez (Francisco San Martin).
Banus said "To be completely denied by him in this way is definitely going to make her feel like something is wrong with her." She also stated "Gabi loves Will.
Additionally, the actor felt that the show "didn't drop the dynamic" of the couple after he came out, but it became "more powerful". She and Nick get married in March 2013 and she gave birth to her daughter, Arianna Grace Horton in May 2013.
Rodriguez said that although they get into "little bickering fights every once in a while", the siblings love each other. She noted that her previous role, Lola Montez on One Life to Live, was worse, stating "When I was on One Life to Live I was worse than Gabi is right now.
Before they were ever boyfriend and girlfriend, they were best friends, who were there for each other." It was then announced by Days of our Lives that Will would come out as gay. Banus said that compared to her three siblings, Gabi "is extremely independent, responsible and she has been on her own for a little bit", but noted that "She is a family girl and loves taking care of family." She enjoys working with Galen, having stated "I love working with him. The couple's romance deepened as they were there for one another during mutual times of crisis.
She is going to go through all those occasions where she felt something weird between them and know what it was. Gabi earned a job at Quinn Hudson's (Bren Foster) Intensity Day Spa and developed another crush on Chad, and began scheming to break him and his girlfriend Melanie Jonas (Molly Burnett) up. Obviously she will feel hurt because she's invested a lot." The couple eventually parted ways. To make Chad worry over her, she pretended to have a stalker, writing fake threatening notes. Feeling down, she ended up having a one night stand with Will, but agreed that it was a mistake. She then began a relationship with Nick, who was released from jail after serving time because he kidnapped Melanie. Chad assaulted Nick, who promised not to press charges if Chad dropped his threats towards Gabi, which he did.
Gabi and Nick began planning their happy future, but she realized that she was pregnant with Will's child.
Eventually, Gabi, Nick and Will decided that they would pretend that Nick is the father, and Gabi and Nick decided to get married.
But when Gabi accidentally let it slip that she is further along than she originally said, Nick covered for her, saying that the two had a one-night stand the day they met. Despite there being some anger at this, everyone has accepted the duo as a couple, except for Chad, who wants Gabi to pay for her misdeeds. On May 20, 2013, Gabi gave birth to a daughter, Arianna Grace Horton, after Gabi's sister and Rafe's deceased goddaughter. Nick briefly woke up before sinking into the water, and Gabi was haunted by the fact that they had let him die.
On the day of Arianna's christening, Nick showed up at the ceremony alive, and lied about the events that happened that night. He tried to get Gabi to take Arianna away from Will, but was eventually shot and killed with Gabi revealed to be the shooter. Gabi explained that she was scared of Nick's influence over her and felt she had to kill him to stop him from being a threat to Arianna.
She also admitted her role in Melanie's kidnapping and told Marlena about her, Kate and Sami throwing Nick in the river. EJ, who served as Gabi's lawyer, thought it would be better for her to have a plea deal than go to trial and have the truth about Melanie's kidnapping come out.

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