Earlier, Nicole realizes Eric has confided in Daniel something regarding her and Eric getting married.
Will and Sonny speak about how many people before them fought for their right to marry and show their appreciation by displaying pictures of historic moments of the gay rights movement. When Eric and Jennifer surprise them at Club TBD, Nicole gets Eric alone to confront him, and he admits there's something he needs to tell her.
He gives him information about the companies Victor acquired from Kate in exchange for some shady contacts. Abigail wonders if it's possible Clyde is really trying with Ben, but Ben doesn't trust him.

In a bedroom upstairs, Brady privately "comforts" Theresa with a kiss just as Roman walks in - and expresses his disapproval.
Liam listens in as Daniel and Nicole talk about Jennifer's refusal to let him balance her unorganized checkbook. After hearing her testimony, the cardinal asks Nicole to leave, then tells Eric his decision: he's allowing Eric to return to the priesthood.
Rafe is incredulous and finally reveals he came to ask if Kate told her about his indiscretion.
Liam then takes the checkbook, breaks into Daniel's apartment and puts it in the box of toys - where Jennifer later finds it.

Abigail unsuccessfully tries to stop Rafe from interrupting the brother and sister, and Ben ends up punching him.
Kate goes home and observes to Sami that people don't stray if the relationship they have is solid.

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