EJ DiMera - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia - EJ DiMera is a fictional character from the original NBC Daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives, portrayed by James Scott. Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ DiMera Recast NOT Adam - Days of Our Lives spoilers and comings and goings recently revealed that All My Children alum Adam Mayfield had been filming scenes for the NBC soap. Chad DiMera - Days Of Our Lives Wiki - Wikia - Billy Flynn As Chad DiMera Days of our Lives; Portrayed by Casey Deidrick (2009–13) Billy Flynn (2014–) Current status Present, Regular Duration. Kate moves into the mansion and though Sami is resistant at first, they end up bonding over their plans for EJ and Stefano. Melanie catches Nicole in Serena's hotel room and nearly tells Daniel when he happens to call. Meanwhile, Melanie returns home, and Daniel questions her about the mysterious package she went to retrieve from Serena's.

Hope and Aiden are surprised when Doug and Julie arrive early for the holidays, and Doug is not happy to learn that Hope is dating a new man. Brady and Theresa return from their trip to Vegas, and Brady passes out from all the drinking and drug use. Will then returns home and learns from Adrienne that Sami has had a major confrontation with Abigail and Jennifer. Abigail goes to EJ, and they lament how foolish they were for believing the truth of their affair would never come out. In private, Ben insists he and Jordan must stand up to Clyde - and suggests they might need Rafe's help. Later, Abigail hears JJ and Jennifer talking about Eve and the lawsuit, and she demands they tell her what's going on.

When JJ reveals he knows the truth, Eve fires back that she knows JJ and Paige were secretly seeing each other. Later, Nicole goes over the old emails between Serena and Eric, and she is incensed to read that Serena thinks Eric is better off without Nicole. Meanwhile, Eric and Serena share a nice moment after their dinner with Daniel - and Eric invites Serena to spend Christmas with him and his family.

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